GOGAS: GoGaS` commitment has always been to provide the most efficient and sustainable solutions to its customers. The more efficient and sustainable the easier the operation and usage for every customer. Commiting to this protects customers’ investments in many ways, such as lower total invests, longer life time and less maintenance costs. In a nutshell, our solutions help our customers saving money, reducing costs and contribute to their bottom line profit.

E.E: Can you provide an example?

GOGAS: We have just launched the 2020/21 range of our latest Tube Heater family. This new family (DSX/DSF), combined with our latest and patented innovation TRIGOMAX is defining a new standard in the industry. And operate well above the latest industry standards. Their unique and state of the art design, using a 10fold full aluminum reflection structure, jet pipe and calorified steel tubes ensure the best overall emission. Integrated Blue Rad Technology and the quick mount design, provide the ideal tube heating system guaranteeing the total lowest cost of ownership (TCO) for all stakeholders, bringing this new technology even faster into operation, helping customers reducing their energy consumption and saving costs. For applications where silicon is not permitted, all systems are available silicon free as well.

E.E: How does the user benefit from these new systems?

GOGAS: The efficiency and design benefit the users in multiple ways, making his life easier and saving costs. With the highest energy efficiency in its class, the user can easily save up to 25% in energy spend, compared to standard available solutions. This saving no only eases his energy spend budget, it also reduces his tax or, let’s say, CO2 bill. 25% less energy consumption means 25% less in tax on his CO2 Bill. Money he can well use for his real business. Describe sustainability is also achieved by the designed life time, which makes the DSX/DSX family the Tube Heaters with the longest expected life time in the market, allowing the customer operating this high efficiency system longer than any equivalent product in the market, protecting his investment budget. Easy to install construction, makes the system to be installed fast and easy at the same time. Last not least, the High Spec. Material Design (HSMD) ensures the least maintenance and service cost overall, making valuable resources available for the core of our customers businesses.

E.E: What are typical buildings that would benefit most from these systems

GOGAS: Tube heaters are typically used in buildings where the ceiling height is above normal. Examples are Production- and Logistic Buildings, Hangars, Exhibition Centers, Train Stations and many others. In very tall buildings the DSX/DSF family is also often used in combination with our HVLS fans. This HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans are a great tool to significantly and further reduce the total energy spend. They circulate the entire air in a laminar way throughout the whole building, activating so called heat nests and use every degree of generated heat to its utmost limit.

E.E: How about social facts, such as feeling good

GOGAS: A very key question, as energy saving is very key in the total equation, but not the only one. The 10folded shielding structure, as can see from the picture in fact has two functions. One is the homogenous and even distribution of the generated heat which relates direct to the efficiency. The second key function is to distribute the heat in such a way that it is spread in a sort of laminare way. This then ensures people in the building feel comfortable and there are no hot/cold zones in the served area. People feeling comfortable are more productive and enjoy their work better.