GoGaS is providing sustainable solutions for IR, UV and UV-C applications since more than 70 years, hence, they are not jumping into this market with an opportunistic mindset, they simply expand their established and sustainable product offer to their customers, providing them a sort of FIREWALL protecting their business against all pathogen threats, not just Covid-19, but also bacteria, germs, mold and any other virus, as well as MRSA.

You can see this from the overall Firewall slide and how we put our various solutions in a modular way across the entire company and building structure, reducing the risk of infection and reducing the risk of shutdown, which would mean a big loss of business and revenue for our customers every single day.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

GoGaS: We provide:

  • A complete, modular and environment friendly portfolio building a complete system, depending on the individual needs for every customer;
  • All our solutions are validated according to medical standards in different countries and regions;
  • All our solutions are also validated using digital technology and methods, proving every single day and during every single application and usage the reliable performance.

GoGaS operates 3 business divisions, which all overlap adding value to its customers business:

Building solutions, where we provide modular building blocks for B2B buildings, heating, cooling, aircon, ventilation and managing ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership in invest, operation, maintenance and lifetime. We aim supporting our customers to develop and operate their buildings 100% CO2 neutral and we have an excellent track record in this, also with new buildings in 2020. Our solutions provide the broadest fossil free portfolio, lowest total energy consumption and longest life time, hence, the best for invester, constructor and tenant over the whole life time of the building.

The second division is providing our customers with process solutions for their production lines, same model as above, but integrating our technology in process specific applications.

The third division combines the expertise of division 1 and 2 and provides a unique complete modular portfolio operating the building in a save way, providing both UV-C solutions, Air filtering solutions and the entire range of personal protection equipment. All this can be digitally integrated into the customers Health & Safety Compliance system, allowing to have full transparency and proof of quality and performance of every single protection item. This makes our Firewall a UNIQUE OFFER in the market, hence we protect the business, revenue and income model of our customers, we go far beyond just selling products.

In a nutshell, we have our own research, development, design, production, installation and service, providing our customers modular and sustainable turnkey solutions as – ONE STOP SHOP.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

GoGaS: Beside new products and technology in the building solution and process division, we have added key products to our Health & Safety Division such as: UV-C Disinfection robot to disinfect buildings of all types, structures and sizes.

PROsens Family, our UV-C product family ranging from small boxes and cassette type of products, disinfection personal belonging or smaller items such as frames and glasses (one of our biggest customer across all Europe is APOLLO/GRAND VISION) up to portable boxes, disinfecting, helmets and safety equipment, to PROsens S for Food and beverage in restaurants and hotels up to PROsens GO for conferences, exhibitions, museums, disinfecting all equipment such as audio and multimedia guides and players, headsets, microphones and others, making the usage save, reducing the risk and providing better confidence to the people.

We have also added our new INTERsens, LIFTsens and PARKsens family, used to combine UV-C disinfection (medically validated and proven) with filtering and cleaning of ambient air. One USP is we do not need any filter; we can provide the units from 30m³ up to 1000m³ per hours and we disinfect and clean the ambient air in a controlled speed and according to medical standards. Again, this is USP and we can do ceiling, wall, floor versions for all different sizes and applications – no one else can offer this combination and broad application at this point in time

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

GoGaS: With our Building and processing solutions, GoGaS is one of the innovator and market leaders since many years. Basically, every time an investor and developer of a building takes sustainability, energy management and life time cost serious, he is more than just interested in talking to GoGaS and more and more investors and developers are advising their General Contractor to talk and work with GoGaS, ensuring their investment is GREEN, efficient and guarantees the return of invest and rent over the calculated life time of the building. With Covid-19, GoGaS has also been perfectly positioned to provide the customers the FIREWALL, already available but not always considered by many customers as their focus was not really in Health and Safety. This has now changed and customers are really happy that GoGaS does not need to start from scratch but has an existing portfolio and can ship today, not in one year. We experience this over and over, that customers are told many things, but when it comes down to validation and shipping, most suppliers still fail. GoGaS on the other hand delivers, every single day and everything GoGaS delivers is proven and validated and meets the medical standards.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

GoGaS: While in H&S initially many customers had no clear plan and many of them had been waiting, how things develop, today, the customers in simple words, understood, that they need to have a strategy, plan and executed solution for INFECTION PREVENTION and this includes 2 challenges. One is the disinfection itself, in an environment friendly way, such as UV-C the other is involving staff, customers, people so they trust and feel confident. With that said, most of our customers are no longer just asking for a product. They are seeking for proven and failsafe technologies and a system that can be implemented across their operation and which people trust. This said, Health & Safety will become a strategic pillar in many companies such as Finance, IT, R&D and others. Moreover, GoGas provides exactly this pillar.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

GoGaS: With regards to Infection prevention it clearly is UV-C and the combination of UV-C with air cleaning, fighting the aerosol challenge, not just for Covid-19 but all pathogen enemies. All this in a clear medical validated way and, key to everybody, the ability to integrate everything in a digital way into the building management system. Customers need and require these solutions to be transparent and being able to report what they do. Without transparency and the digital integration, people don´t trust and people do not want to be poisoned by chemicals in disinfection. Hence another clear trend is, NO CHEMICALS!

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

GoGaS: While the pandemic is a challenge for everybody, we are pleased that we had been prepared assisting and serving our customers with solutions available right now and as per today. This helps them today and now and in the future. We also enjoy a rapid increase of request for turnkey solutions, including the consulting as well as a request from international local companies, partnering with GoGaS becoming our spearhead in the region, serving and protecting our customers together.