GOLDBECK SOLAR is an international company specialized in the turnkey construction of industrial, commercial, and large-scale photovoltaic plants for free fields or rooftops. The team of engineers specialized in photovoltaics has more than 20 years of experience in the construction of solar power plants with optimal yields and enjoys an excellent reputation in the market for the professionalism of its products and services. GOLDBECK SOLAR has already received several awards for its technical quality. This year with the “Intersolar Award 2021” for the introduction of the MarcS (Modular Arc System).

Sustainable growth and the search for a better balance between technology, nature, and man is the vision of the company led by Joachim Goldbeck. Another aspect that distinguishes this global company is its financial strength. Through the construction of technologically and economically optimized solar power plants, customers are supported in achieving a CO2-neutral balance sheet. In addition, various innovative options are offered for the purchase of energy for self-consumption or grid feed-in. Its sustainable nature as well as its high degree of innovation and several international references distinguish GOLDBECK SOLAR and make it one the most valuable solar company in Europe.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? / What are the ranges of products?

GOLDBECK SOLAR: GOLDBECK SOLAR offers its customers all areas of the value chain, from project development, engineering, and planning of the solar project to turnkey construction and subsequent operation and maintenance. It also offers selective project financing. For clean energy investors, we offer a portfolio of solar power plants. 

In terms of products, we offer large solar power plants with high technical and economic efficiency, including solar landfills that allow hybrid land use. As a hybrid option, we also develop solutions for Agri-PV, i.e. the combination of agriculture and photovoltaics. 


Another product is industrial and commercial solar roofs from 500 kWp upwards. Here we are the market leader for flat roofs in Germany. A novelty in this area is that we now offer our customers a package that includes batteries as a standard to achieve higher energy efficiency.

The sale of energy via PPA is also an important product. We build the solar power plant and our customers simply get the clean energy they need.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

GOLDBECK SOLAR: The company maintains a constant development process based on innovation and digitalization.  As a result, new products and tools are developed to offer the best solar solutions to customers. The search in the area of hybrid use is very much on our agenda. We are developing in the area of Agri PV the combination of agriculture with photovoltaics new solutions with different partners. In this respect, we have an important innovation under development in the Beta phase. With which we won the Intersolar Award this year, our MarcS (Modular Arc System).

Another aspect under development is the Battery storage offer. We will make our plants much more efficient with the integration of batteries. From this month we will offer batteries as a standard package on our solar roofs. This service will also be extended to free-standing solar power plants. For this purpose, GOLDBECK SOLAR has just concluded an agreement with the company Intilion. 

We are developing new models of PPA’s. In this way, we will offer new options to customers for their consumption.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

GOLDBECK SOLAR: Due to the current global warming situation and the need to act immediately to stimulate the generation of clean energy, the maturity processes in almost all European markets are advancing very fast.  Starting with Germany, which is in an advanced maturity process, through the Netherlands, where we are also noticing an advanced maturity process. In Poland, we are experiencing a process of expansion in which we will actively participate.  

In all the countries in which we are participating, we have noticed a strong demand activation, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium. Outside Europe Kazakhstan, Thailand and Chile. In Mexico, on the other hand, there is a regression towards the Experiment phase due to the changes made by the current government.

In general, GOLDBECK SOLAR’s strategy is to have a mix of mature and emerging markets in our portfolio. In addition, we focus on becoming a major player in all our markets before entering new (additional) markets.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

GOLDBECK SOLAR: The current market trends lead to an increasing share of photovoltaic projects outside of government subsidies which are financed via PPAs. Additionally, there is a diversification of PV plants to open up new potential sites and applications, while additionally increasing returns as well as tailor-made solutions for building-integrated PV, Agri-PV, Floating PV, landfill covers, carports, etc. The inclusion of amending technologies to PV projects such as battery storage, hydrogen production, e-fuel production is another market trend. 

Generally, the market trends lead to new thinking about PV projects in a more energy systematic approach rather than an individual, stand-alone PV plant.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

GOLDBECK SOLAR: Hybrid projects, so PV plants with storage options such as batteries or hydrogen production on-site are one of the most innovative products marketed. Storing electricity and decoupling the production of PV energy – in times when the sun is shining – and the feed-in to the electricity grid will be a key trait for future solar projects.

Furthermore, dual-use PV plants such as Agri-PV, floating PV, or carport solutions must be named. Agri-PV is the dual-use application of farming and solar energy production on the same field. Solar panels can help crop growth e.g. as protection from hail.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

GOLDBECK SOLAR: We estimate that the global PV market will continue to grow strongly. This growth will be challenged by the high logistic costs and the shortage of materials for the production of solar cells. However, innovative solutions will be found to drive this technology that will lead the energy transition. As GOLDBECK SOLAR – we expect to complete and connect the largest photovoltaic plant in Central Europe in Poland with 290MWp a very sunny future.