Harpaceas was founded in 1990 in Milan, and after more than 30 years of activity they are an extremely dynamic and constantly changing reality. The company wants to continue to be the point of reference for the digitization of processes and tools in the Construction (Building, Infrastructure and Real Estate) and Energy sectors, supporting on the one hand technical operators in the adoption of innovative tools and on the other hand managers in the optimization of decision-making processes thanks to a whole suite of services, technologies and management methods to help companies and professionals operate in a more sustainable, safe and digital way.

In recent months Harpaceas has developed a research, development and innovation activity in the company that is managed with a dynamic typical of a start-up. In addition, through dialogue with an ecosystem of innovative companies, they have created a network of strategic partners. People’s well-being is at the center of any of their business initiatives, both with respect to team members and to all market players involved in each individual project.

Interview with Fabrizio Ferraris, Head of Marketing and Communication at Harpaceas.

Easy Enngineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Fabrizio Ferraris: Harpaceas is the ideal partner for the digital transformation of the construction world, contributing to the digitization of the construction supply chain, offering the market specialized technologies and services, support and training. Over the years, the sale and support of BIM modeling and structural and geotechnical calculation software has been joined by strategic consulting, training and system integration services to Harpaceas’ offerings. All this has been made possible through skills and experience gained by working alongside clients in their daily activities and also through participation in digitization regulatory tables, national and international research projects, and the activation of strategic partnerships.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

F.F: Instead of talking about new products, we can talk about new market trends. Our company has always stood out for its ability to innovate, to foresee the needs of operators in the relevant sector. Today, Harpaceas’ proposal is the result of this continuous research and is able to concretely meet the demands of operators in the Construction, Infrastructure and Energy sectors, introducing methodologies and processes at the technical and managerial level, with particular attention to the issues of security and sustainability and technological evolution through IoT, Blockchain, AI and Metaverse solutions.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

F.F: Harpaceas’ portfolio is unique because it covers the entire construction supply chain. For years, Harpaceas has been involved in Structural and Geotechnical Calculation software and BIM software for structural, construction, architectural, plant and infrastructure design. As well as Model&Code Checking software, LCA/LCC Management and advanced technology for Mixed Reality, Planning&Data Management, Collaboration, Road&Rail Planning, Information and Standards Management for the entire supply chain.

Harpaceas was the first in Italy to believe in BIM. We contribute, thanks to our experience, to the evolution of BIM-related regulations at national and European level.

This methodological expertise today invests all sectors of the construction, infrastructure and energy markets.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

F.F: There is a big gap between actual and expected digitization of the construction market. This sector, the one in which we operate, is not developed in terms of innovation and digitalization compared to other sectors…think for example of the Finance and Assurance sector.

We can therefore speak of a Digital gap that needs to be bridged, and in this sense the progressive compulsory digitization of public procurement imposes a path of no return.

In fact, I recall the Decree No. 312 of August 2, 2021, issued pursuant to the PNRR Simplification-bis and Governance Decree, amends the previous MIT Decree No. 560 of December 1, 2017, on BIM and introduces a different timeline for the introduction of electronic modeling methods and tools for construction and infrastructure in public procurement and, in particular, reward scores for the use of BIM in public procurement financed by the PNRR and PNC.

Fabrizio Ferraris, Head of Marketing and Communication at Harpaceas

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

F.F: Digital transformation, safety and sustainability are the new market trends. Harpaceas has partnered with leading experts in Italy on these issues. We can mention that Harpaceas is among the founders of the Sustainable Infrastructure Association, in which our C.E.O. Luca Ferrari holds the position of Vice-President. This association aims to establish, also in Italy, a new approach with respect to the design and construction and management of an infrastructure, putting sustainability in all its main meanings: environmental, economic and social.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

F.F: Our entire portfolio consists of highly innovative technologies and services. I want to give a significant example in terms of innovation: 

TRIMBLE XR10 with HOLOLENS 2 is the most advanced Mixed Reality device for the construction industry. Proposed by the U.S. multinational Trimble and distributed in Italy by Harpaceas, it allows virtual BIM models to be viewed in the real world; with this device it is possible to detect interferences, visualize changes, and use BIM models in the real world as an “instruction manual” for actual production and maintenance.

Trimble Connect for HoloLens is the software that uses mixed reality to increase worksite productivity by providing precise alignment of holographic data on the job site and allowing operators to review their overlaid models in the context of the physical environment.

E.E: What estimations do you have for the future?

F.F: The future will be characterized by Digital Transition with the introduction of new technologies, offering an important aid for companies and professionals with a corresponding radical change in processes. Harpaceas is a reliable partner and the ideal advisor capable of listening to specific needs and transforming them into useful solutions to control data to support strategic business decisions, actively contributing to the digital transformation of the entire AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation) sector in Italy, continuing to create value through research and proposal of innovative solutions.

We want all stakeholders to think of Harpaceas as the partner with whom and for whom everyone would like to work. A universe made of people, values and expertise.