Holitech is a stock listed technology-driven company headed by Fujian Electronics & Information (Group) Co., Ltd. focusing on innovative products with excellent quality and outstanding customer service. The R&D professionals support global customers to create superior intelligent end products.

The company was founded in 2003 and currently employ more than 24000 people worldwide.

Holitech Europe is a subsidiary of Holitech Technology CO., LTD in China and is the exclusive sales and supports channel for customers in Europe

Easy Engineerign: A brief description of the company and its activities.

HOLITECH: Holitechs product portfolio includes new display technologies, e-paper, photoelectric sensing products, flexible printed circuit board, new 5G materials, which are widely applied in market segments such as consumer electronics, smart wear, smart retail, smart car, and smart industrial control. We have mastered a variety of product core technologies and applied for more than 1,800 patents in total. Our market share ranks among the highest in the industry, and its products are highly competitive. Holitech has been listed in Fortune China’s Top 500 and Top 100 Enterprises in electronic information competitiveness for many years.

We are very honored to receive the award as “Supplier of the Year Award 2022” for displays and camera modules from our long-time partner Honeywell International Inc. 

E.E: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

HOLITECH: Holitech is a leading manufacturer and solution provider for complete development of Human Interface Products and Applications offering display modules, touch solutions, compact camera modules and biometric recognition solutions.

Beside Passive Displays and TFT Displays, Holitech also offers a wide range of Electronic Paper Displays. Holitech’s HINK ePaper displays unit has a strategic partnership with E-ink® providing state-of-the-art technologies to our customers

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

HOLITECH: At electronica 2022 we are introducing our latest technology, which makes it very easy to add content to ePaper displays via NFC (Near Field Communication). The basis for this is an existing App from EINK which converts any content and transfers data and images to the displays via NFC technology.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

HOLITECH: We produce wide range display modules such as monochrome LCD/LCM, TFT display modules, AMOLED including touch panels, backlight modules and cover glasses.

In addition, Holitech provides one-stop service for camera module R&D and manufacturing, with products involving CSP, COB, Flipchip and other processes. These products can be customized and developed according to customer requirements. We also provide one-stop service for R&D and manufacturing of capacitive and optical fingerprint modules. We continue focusing on manufacturing of FPC (flexible print circuit) and 5G products.

Our E-paper product ranging from two color, three color, four color to N-color widely apply to smart retail, smart office, smart wear, smart education and other field 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

HOLITECH: Displays as well as camera modules are more and more used in a wide range of applications.

Whether it is a coffee machine, a dish washer or an outside vending machine, people are expecting the same “look & feel” as they are experiencing with their Smart Phones. Touch displays are peoples’ interface to any kind of application.

You can see a similar trend with camera modules which are introduced in smart appliances such as oven, fridge or microwave but also in security applications like door opener, room/area monitoring or even in your car for Driver Management Systems or parking control. Also, the industry is using cameras for production control to ensure a stable quality of their products.

In one sentence – the world is becoming “smart” and that is what people are expecting when they buy a new product. 

The market is very interesting and overall expandable. Digitization is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. For ePaper, we see more and more electronic price tags at the grocery. We can well imagine that our E-Paper will replace the conventional labels in the future esp. in the fashion industry. Besides that, ePaper will used in many smart home applications and it will replace many paper signs, e.g. bus timetables, which will help to make our world more “environmental friendly”.

So, we are living in exciting times where a lot of changes will happen – let us surprise.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

HOLITECH: We empower the new digital life and expands the opportunity of smart home. 

People want connecting home appliances for tracking, monitoring and positioning with the internet. 

So, we can attach a wireless camera as our digital eye to the inside of the fridge, connect the fridge to a smartphone via an app. With the app, you can check the contents of the fridge wherever you are. 

The smart camera recognizes food using image recognition and learns new things by entering it in the app or using food databases and the barcode on the goods. The software should know typical expired date so that it can issue a warning if the fresh milk in the refrigerator has still not been moved after a week or has been replaced with a new bag. These expiration date notifications should work for any type of food – in case of doubt by manually entering something when you put something in the fridge.

The software can also send replenishment notifications for groceries that are needed regularly, for example if the butter is noticeably running low.

We provide overall solutions to support the convenient daily life.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

HOLITECH: Actually, Holitech is supporting customers to bring their innovative products to the market.

Our product is one part of customers’ smart products. We are designing our display or camera solutions together with the customer so that it perfectly fits to the product.

Having the idea to combine available new technologies and introduce them in existing products makes an innovative product.

For example, adding NFC to a touch display will open the user more HMI capabilities and might be a game changer for some applications.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

HOLITECH: We are committed to providing excellent intelligent products and solution to all customers in Europe.

Our display and camera solutions and design-in activities are well known in finance, consumer, industrial, communications and retail segments. We are committed to providing excellent intelligent solution to all customers in Europe. And this year we will expand and focus our business in industrial applications.