Hydraloop’s mission is crystal clear: they want to enable people and organizations to save water without losing any comfort. That’s why they developed the Hydraloop, a first of its kind, compact, smart, self-cleaning, low maintenance range of water recycle products.

Hydraloop water recycle systems can be installed in new or existing buildings. The Hydraloop collects water from shower, bath and washing machine and treats it without the use of chemicals, filters or membranes. The treatment system combines five technologies; Sedimentation, Flotation, Dissolved Air Flotation, Foam Fractionation and an Aerobic Bioreactor. The sixth technology, which is the final treatment, is disinfection using UV light. The result is clean, clear, safe and disinfected water that can immediately and safely be re-used for the flushing of toilets, for the washing machine, for irrigating the garden or topping up the swimming pool.

With a Hydraloop system, people can recycle 85% of the mains water in their household or business, which results in a much lower water consumption. Hydraloop clients recycle so much water that they save 45% on their water bill and send 45% less water to the sewer. In cooler climates, they also save 400 annually on their energy bill, because they need less indoor heating. And they reduce their carbon footprint by more than 6 %.

Easy Engineerig: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Hydraloop: Hydraloop Systems sells domestic water recycle systems all over the world. Amongst its clients are private homeowners, vacation lodges and boutique hotels, sports clubs, office buildings, student housing developments and many more.

Hydraloop is closely working with architects and contractors, housing development organizations and water utilities, as well as local and national governments to enable people and organizations with their sustainable transformation.

Hydraloop founder and CEO Arthur Valkieser is an expert member of the European Working Group that created the new European Standard for Grey Water, which will be published by the end of 2020. The quality of Hydraloop’s recycled water falls well within the standards of this new European standard and also other, more stringent international standards.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

Hydraloop: The Hydraloop H300 range: Hydraloop offers three different smart home solutions for houses and apartments: Hydraloop home, Hydraloop garden and Hydraloop pool. The H300 systems clean and disinfect up to 180 liters of water per 6 hour treatment cycle, which is ideal for households up to 5 people and for small businesses.

Hydraloop Cascade

Centrally collected water from hand basins and showers in commercial buildings, but also fitness centres, sports clubs, student houses etc. can be recycled and reused for toilet flushing, washing machine and garden irrigation. With a Hydraloop Cascade, the required capacity can easily be configured by the amount of Hydraloop units that are interconnected into one Hydraloop Cascade recycling plant. We offer made-to-measure solutions for projects of any size.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

Hydraloop: 2020 is the year of the global launch of the H300 range and the introduction of the Hydraloop Cascade. In 2021, Hydraloop will introduce two new products. The H600 (Q1 2021) models will treat up to 360 liter water per six hour cycle, catering the needs of larger households and businesses, like Bed & Breakfasts. The H150 (Q3 2021) is a smaller treatment system, specifically designed for apartments with limited floor space and 2-3 person households.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Hydraloop: The global market for domestic water recycle products is developing at record speed. Hydraloop clients are often based in – but not limited to – areas where water is scarce and/or expensive. By cleaning and disinfecting greywater at the source, Hydraloop enables its clients to save water, energy and money, as well as to reduce their carbon footprint. Thus, Hydraloop empowers consumers and businesses to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Clients can buy the water recycle systems through local Hydraloop partners or order them online. The production site is at the smart factory Technologies Added in The Netherlands, which can easily scale up its production in order to meet the growing demand. For the installation and after sales service, Hydraloop works with local partners all over the world.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Hydraloop: Water is a precious resource; we all should start recognizing it’s true cost and real value. Water is our Blue Gold – and if we continue to treat our world’s water as we do today, we won’t be able to ensure a secure supply of water for future generations. The availability of fresh water is already under increasing pressure in various regions of the world. And we can’t go without it; all living beings rely on water for survival. 

Ever since the UN formulated its Global Sustainability Goals and most world leaders signed the Paris Climate Agreements, countries around the world have been focussing on reaching these goals and ensuring that coming generations will inherit a world with sufficient resources to guarantee a lasting balance between humans and nature.

In the wake of the global health crisis caused by the new corona virus, politicians and decision makers are realising with even more need to invest in sustainability and circular economies. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, is promoting the ‘New Green Deal’ as part of the ‘new normal’.

We envision a future in which all people, regardless of where they live, have access to clean water – and have the means to use that water at least twice. We are committed to reach the situation in which no new home or building around the globe is built that is not ‘recycle ready’. It hardly takes work to prepare the plumbing in such a way that a water recycle system can be installed easily. Decentralized water recycling can play a vital part in ending the water crises we are facing in the coming decades and contributes towards the UNSDGs.

The future of water recycling is becoming reality much quicker than people envisioned. Due to climate change and growing water scarcity, housing developers in many regions are already planning and building projects that are ‘recycle ready’. By preparing for a future in which domestic water recycle systems are the new standard, consumers and businesses are increasing the value of their houses and buildings today.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Hydraloop: All Hydraloop products are fit and forget turnkey products. They combine a stylish design with innovative technology. Hydraloop systems are fully automatic, affordable, self cleaning devices with exceptionally low maintenance. Their online performance is monitored 24/7 by the online server and the smartphone app assists Hydraloop users with individual advice to further reduce their water consumption.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

Hydraloop: After its global launch at the CES2020 Consumer Fair in Las Vegas, Hydraloop won several awards, including ‘Best of the Best’ for the overall most validated product. This ensured worldwide media attention, enabling us to share our message that it is possible for anyone to recycle and re-use water right at the source. Now, Hydraloop is growing as fast as the demand for its products, scaling up its production, its team and building its international partner network.