Industrial Manufacturing Machines’ deep-rooted experience gives them the confidence and perseverance to be considered a pioneer of their sector, pushing the company towards an innovative perspective with a vision on the future. Their new idea of doing business relies on the reinvestment of passion and energy with the aim of determining a change both on a technological and decisional level.

For this reason, they expand and diversify constantly their target application fields where high-technology is in demand. Industrial Manufacturing Machines is a reliable and dynamic organization employing human resources ready to offer their whole know-how with passion and competence within every department. A close-knit team with a high level of professionalism.

Easy Engineering: How was 2022 for your business, a short summary?

Industrial Manufacturing Machines: The ever-increasing response from both long-standing and new customers has confirmed that we are competitive as a machine manufacturer in the metal tube processing sector.

In 2022, we focused on ensuring the consolidation of our core products as manufacturer of tube forming machines, i.e. tube sizing and cutting equipment. Our participation at the Tube trade fair in Düsseldorf allowed us to further increase our visibility, also thanks to the machine on show with a cobot managing parts to be formed.

E.E: What new products/services will be launched this year?

Industrial Manufacturing Machines: We will be launching a new line of machines for expanding, reducing and notching the tube diameter, which is simpler to use, but at the same time highly performing and versatile. In addition, given the number of requests we are receiving, we will divert part of our R&D activities to the construction of custom-made special flexible and automatic systems, for collateral productions to those of tubes. 

We are well aware that the application of the general concept of sustainability requires a major change in mentality. With this in mind, our company designs and manufactures machines with Energy Saving innovation for various application sectors: manufacturing processes consuming less energy but still guaranteeing the same efficiency as always. The result is better equipment, enabling the company to achieve operational excellence, without forgetting its customers’ concern to invest in safety.

E.E: How did the market change in the last year?

Industrial Manufacturing Machines: The recurrence of international crises has undermined certainties in various markets. Investment expectations on the part of customers have in some cases decreased, in others merely been postponed.

On another topic, Industrial Manufacturing Machines has anticipated the demands of a market that is increasingly attentive to climate change and is constantly committed to finding the best balance between operation and environmental response. We achieve this balance by adopting a Lean & Green approach, a methodology that requires the full involvement of everyone along the value chain, from employees to suppliers to end customers, to create a robust agile production system. 

E.E: What were the best-selling products of 2022?

Industrial Manufacturing Machines: Our sales regularly include standard models for tube expansion, reduction and I/O sizing. The elliptical cutting machine also remains one of our best-selling catalogue products. Last year we have added new models of vertical sizing machines and small perforating presses. 

By combining traditional production processes with our in-house Additive Manufacturing technology, we have been able to optimise several workflows, find the right solution for each application and leverage the advantages of both production methods

E.E: What sector of business do you think is expected to grow this year?

Industrial Manufacturing Machines: We are sure that all sectors related to energy production and recovery are in the spotlight. Well aware that the application of the general concept of sustainability requires a major change in mentality, which must necessarily start at the top and then spread to every level of the organisation, Industrial Manufacturing Machines has improved its R&D department in a systematic, gradual and continuous way: the company proposes circular economy solutions for the machines and equipment it produces, extending the life cycle of its products, limiting the use of non-renewable resources as much as possible, moderating and maximising consumption efficiency, and reusing and recycling materials. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

Industrial Manufacturing Machines: The fact that the automotive market, to which we are very committed, could change the assumptions in the coexistence of new technologies alongside the traditional ones, encourages us to explore traditionally little-trodden sectors, such as energy and e-mobility.

We believe that we will consolidate our turnover with traditional customers and slowly gain presence in new markets. We will therefore work to open ourselves up more and more to new opportunities.

Our presence at the Hannover Messe this year will allow us to measure the response of visitors from very different sectors.

E.E: A short message for collaborators for the beginning of the year.

Industrial Manufacturing Machines: We draw on the experience of our engineers every day to help our customers work smarter. We care that our employees believe in what the management believes in. We work every day to align our experiences with each other and grow together.


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