inevvo solutions was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of the GEMÜ Group. The company is an interdisciplinary team of software developers, mechanical engineers and industrial engineers and specialize in complete identification system solutions in the industrial environment. inevvo sees great potential in this technology, even beyond the valve market, and as an independent organizational unit they want to react quickly and agilely to the high demands in the market.

Easy Engineering: What are the company’s main areas of activity?

INEVVO: The main areas of activity of inevvo solutions are the digital maintenance and identification tool CONEXO, which we are continuously developing and marketing. Our agile development team works very closely with our customers to quickly implement the latest customer requirements and wishes in our software.

E.E: What are the new products for 2021?

INEVVO: With CONEXO Lite and CONEXO WebView, we have created two tools that make it very easy for manufacturers to equip their products with an electronic type plate in accordance with DIN SPEC 91406. Manufacturers have the choice of offering their customers their own app in their design with CONEXO Lite or a simple browser view of their product data with CONEXO WebView. Both solutions include a complete system that enables implementation in the shortest possible time. Manufacturers have the choice between RFID tags (UHF or NFC) or QR codes for the unique identification of their products.

In addition, the new release CONEXO V2 will appear on the market in Q3/2021, which differs both visually and technically from the previous version and offers customers even more functions in the area of digital maintenance.

E.E: What are the product areas?

INEVVO: The core product areas of inevvo solutions include the development and marketing of the CONEXO system, which consists of a web-based portal and the associated apps (CONEXO full version and CONEXO Lite) in iOS and Android, and customer-specific tools and adaptations that are developed individually on a service basis.

E.E: What stage is the market at which you are currently active?

INEVVO: We are currently active with the CONEXO full version primarily in the pharmaceutical sector and with CONEXO Lite and CONEXO WebView in the area of fittings and valve manufacturers. Due to the current situation, the pharmaceutical market is experiencing strong growth. In the area of fittings and valve manufacturers, we are taking the first step towards digitalization directly to the fittings with our solution. As CONEXO is designed as a platform, both the valve manufacturers, the plant constructors and the plant operators benefit from CONEXO, as they all access a common data standard. The more valve manufacturers equip their products with CONEXO, the easier it is for the plant manufacturers and ultimately for the plant operators to carry out digital maintenance. Furthermore, valves equipped with CONEXO comply with DIN SPEC 91406 and thus open up new markets for manufacturers in the international environment of chemical, industrial and pharmaceutical plants.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

INEVVO: The topic of digitalization is a process that can no longer be stopped. Companies or providers who oversleep or do not take the trend seriously will lose market share sooner or later. With our solution, however, we offer a cost-effective solution for digitalizing your own products in the shortest possible time.

E.E: What are the most innovative products that are marketed?

INEVVO: The entire CONEXO system with all its features offers enormous innovation potential due to the following points:

  • Worldwide unique identification of the products;
  • RFID tags with minimal dimensions for easy integration;
  • Plug and Play solution for manufacturers to digitalize their products;
  • Currently approx. 500000 CONEXO products in the field worldwide.

In addition, with our starter kit, we offer a package solution that enables manufacturers in the industrial sector in particular to equip their valves and pumps with a QR code or NFC tag within a very short time, upload the product data to the CONEXO platform and thus offer a digital solution.

E.E: What are your estimates for 2021?

INEVVO: The digitalization trend will continue. The topic of digital identification and maintenance will take hold very strongly, especially in the industrial sector, and will soon become a standard. Industrial products that sooner or later do not have electronic identification and globally unique labelling will have a very difficult time on the global market, since only digital solutions can implement the topics of identification and documentation. CONEXO offers the ideal solution