innoFAB is focusing on unique designs “inspired by nature” for furniture and natural stone products – and nature is never just rectangular… 

Their shelves, cabinets, countertops, tabletops or bath tops might be freely shaped using innovative online 3D-design tool. As everybody is a designer, everybody might use innoFAB’s configurator – from private customers to professional interior architects and designers – and create individual and unique masterpieces of art. 

innoFAB’s designers might be asked for assistance or even design for the client.

Such uniquely created designs are then transformed into numerical data and transmitted to highly specialized boutique workshops for production. innoFAB’s workshop partners then start producing using high quality materials like Finnish plywood and Italian marble. Their craftsmanship is the company’s guarantee to a perfect product.

Easy Engineering: Which are the special features of your product?

innoFAB: Two things – one is the 3D model of the final piece you are designing. You might zoom and turn it in any way you like while modifying size, appearance, shapes, and materials. 

Second is the final price including VAT which is displayed on screen and updated in real time, each and every modification is instantly reflected.

E.E: How important are these features for people using your platform?

innoFAB: To “see what you get” is vital, but the final cost of the library for your living room or the countertop for your kitchen is imperative for everybody. For a customer who is creating his unique piece – he wants to know what he has to pay. For an architect designing for his client this functionality is even more important – imaging the time it takes asking workshops for an offer. And whenever the client requests changes, the turn-around time starts again.

E.E: How important is innovation in your field?

innoFAB: Looking at online shops for furniture or natural stone – as these are the two areas we cover – we mostly have standard pieces on sale. Some furniture shops provide the possibility to combine standard pieces to an ensemble. Most natural stone shops provide for standard sizes or rectangular made-to-measure pieces.

None of such shops in Romania allow the user to freely define natural shapes – non-linear and organic forms. This innovation is unique to any online shop in Romania.

E.E: Who would use your products and services? And how would they profit?

innoFAB: First of all, everybody can use the innoFAB platform for free – create a piece of art and shop for that. We provide for mailing the design to others – your spouse or your interior designer / architect – who might give the final check and / or modify the design…

As already mentioned, architects and designers working on client projects will benefit most, as the turn-around time asking for and receiving bids between modifications is reduced to zero.

E.E: How do your products / services differ from other types on the market?

innoFAB: Again, we provide online design and cost calculation functionality for furniture- and natural stone products – this is unique in the Romanian market. There is no other online shop to compare with (

Comparing with design tools available for furniture and natural stone workshops – yes, they have similar functionality but without real time cost calculation. Comparing with 3D design tools for architects and interior designers – again yes, they have similar functionality which even goes further like preparing renderings, but again without calculation of cost…

E.E: How do your products help solve users’ problems?

innoFAB: Imagine the interior designer is developing his idea of the reception area in a to-be-built hotel. Imagine he wants to create an iconic piece of art for the reception desk. Imagine he thinks of an organically formed surface – and uses innoFAB’s design tool to create such piece. 

Once done, he is sitting side-by-side with his client who asks for modifications (and the related cost). We have immediate answers to that – who else can do that?

E.E: What solutions are you going to launch in the future?

innoFAB: innoFAB is actively working to better integrate our 3D design tool into interior designer’s toolset – this would then allow for easier rendering design drafts including our products. 

We also strive to develop compound furniture products – combining plywood and natural stone materials.