Inospray is a French company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of packaging solutions. The company offers Dityspray, an alternative packaging system to aerosols, cartridges or sprays, for professional markets.

Dityspray is composed of a reusable and refillable box where the user put a bag of product (liquid, thick, fatty or viscous). It is the user who puts the product under pressure using compressed air.

Thus, unlike aerosols, Dityspray does not carry any flammable or explosive propellant gas, is not constantly under pressure and allows better waste management.

The reuse of the Ditybox offers a diversification of the diffusion mode, while keeping the same equipment. In this way the solution differs from the “single use” model of aerosol, for example. Dityspray reduces the volume of consumables to be transported, stored and disposed of, and therefore adopts a more virtuous behavior towards the planet.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

INOSPRAY: This solution is mainly aimed at formulators of technical products for industry and maintenance. 

These industrialists can choose to package their technical products themselves in Dityspray packaging; for this, we provide them with all the elements allowing them to create their own alternative packaging to aerosols. We can even rent or sell them the machines for filling and sealing the bags.

If they wish, Inospray can also take care of the packaging of their products.

In both situations, we support them in defining their Dityspray, especially through a test offer. For this, we determine together the best valve/nozzle combination to get as close as possible to the desired product dispensing.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

INOSPRAY: Dityspray Classic offer was created for industry professionals.

Adapted to the uses and needs of the industry, Ditybox is the box that holds 250 ml of product, the volume traditionally used for packaging technical products in aerosol. Box is reusable.

Ditybag is the bag in which technical and maintenance products are packaged, whether they are liquid or thick.

Ditybase is a pressurization station, connected directly to the compressed air network of professionals. It allows the system to be pressurized quickly in an industrial environment.

Ditypump is designed to bring compressed air into environments where it is not available, thanks to its portable compressor. The Dityspray system can therefore be operational anywhere.

Thanks to its technology and functioning, Dityspray can be used to package all types of products, such as greases, oils, lubricants, etc.

In this way, we address professionals in the maintenance, automotive and industrial cleaning sectors.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

INOSPRAY: The packaging market is constantly reinventing itself, driven by consumer trends, environmental impact and regulations (such as single-use plastic packaging).

On the professional side, packaging is also a challenge for companies: in particular, it is a question of reducing waste production and therefore removal costs. This is especially true with aerosols.

Also, supervised by a specific regulation, the production, transport, storage, use and end of life of aerosols is still very supervised. 

Dityspray provides answers to the requirements of professionals in a constantly evolving market.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

INOSPRAY: Dityspray is positioned as an alternative to traditional packaging, particularly as a replacement for aerosol cans, which represent a huge market, 5.4 billion units in Europe in 2019.

The French aerosol market is decreasing slightly overall, notably because of the COVID crisis.

However, hygiene or “sanitary” aerosols have seen a spectacular increase!

In 2021, the market is expected to grow again, especially for technical and personal care products.

From a general packaging point of view, studies highlight consumer demand for more sustainable packaging, especially among young people.

A large proportion of them are even prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly packaging.

In view of these trends, the Dityspray solution is an alternative that makes sense.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

INOSPRAY: The Dityspray solution is a set of innovative components.

We can mention two mains: the Ditybox and the Ditybag.

The Ditybox has been designed in a material that allows it to stand up to the 8 bar operating pressure recommended to supply the system and allow the dispensing of a bag. It is also drop resistant.

The nut that closes the box, once the bag has been inserted, ensures that the system is leakproof, but also provides security for the user.

After 11 bar, excessive air leaks through the nut and prevents the system from overpressurising.

Ditybag is also the result of technical thinking: the materials chosen are pressure resistant, drop resistant and above all compatible with many technical products, more or less chemical. The technology developed allows the process to be used to package both liquid products and thick products such as grease.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

INOSPRAY: The COVID 19 crisis has considerably increased the demand for cleaning and disinfection products. As some of these products are offered as sprays, this is a new application possible with Dityspray. Reconciling safe packaging and product formulation for human protection is now on the minds of many.

This crisis has also reminded us of the importance of taking care of people and employees, especially in the workplace.

Safe, propellant-free and reusable packaging can now be used in many sectors of activity.

Finally, the return of industrial professionals to workshops and factories is once again stimulating the consumption of technical products!