Inpro has recognized as a reliable business partner for more than 25 years in process improvements for the screen and large format digital printing companies. The company is globally known for its innovative automatic screen cleaning, reclaiming and developing solutions within all fields of screen printing. Inpro strives for taking process bottlenecks away, and develops more (cost) efficient, safer, greener, high quality machines as well as chemicals, which must be simple in use and will lower your overall costs.

INPRO stands for ‘Simplicity in performance’, which means delivering solutions that give an excellent performance and are simple in use for everyone. 

Interview with Coen Hoppener, Account Manager International at INPRO SILKSCREEN SOLUTIONS.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Coen Hoppener: INPRO has two industries were its operating and providing excellent solutions/products:

First of all, INPRO has developed and launched the large format guillotine cutters. The perfect companion product for all high-production large format special Cutters for wide-format and XXL printers including HPTM, AgfaTM, FujiTM, EFI VutekTM, DurstTM and many others. The INPRO large format guillotine cutters can easily keep pace with large format printers that print in high production speed and the INPRO special cutters will take away the bottleneck in finishing.

Secondly, INPRO developed and launched a wide range of solutions to automate the process of screen cleaning, reclaiming and developing. In more detail INPRO delivers excellent in-line automation solutions for fully automatic developing, ink removal, degreasing, decoating, highpressure rinse and drying within all fields of screen printing; from textile printers to industrial screen printers. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

Coen Hoppener: At INPRO, we are currently focusing on all kind of screen printers. We strive to taking away the process bottleneck of screen cleaning, reclaiming and developing for screen printers; from small to large. With our modular solutions which will fit the wide variety of different customer needs, we can provide the perfect solution. 

INPRO recently introduced two new standard machines focusing on the screen-printing industry. 

We are proud to introduce you to the 4th generation of the INPRO Tigerclean automatic screen cleaning and reclaiming systems after over 25 years of manufacturing INPRO high-quality machine solutions. The TC132-3 is the new in-line automation solution for fully automatic ink removal, degreasing, decoating, high-pressure rinse and drying. 

In this regard, we also introduced our new Combi-Eco, which is a fully automatic screen developing due to the option of low pressure-rinse as well as high-pressure rinse system for washing/cleaning the screens. Next to this stand-alone version the Combi-Eco can also be connected with the optional UV-LED exposure system. Which means the customer is able to ultra-fast expose and developing their screens. This is a disruptive market innovation for automatically screen exposure and developing. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

Coen Hoppener: At INPRO we deliver the best-in-class solutions for automatic screen cleaning, reclaiming and developing solutions. As well as the best large format guillotine solutions for cutting large format and volumes of POS/POP materials.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Coen Hoppener: Looking at the screen -market were INPRO is active for more than 25 years and established a well-known name for its quality, reliability and disruptive innovative products, which are easy to operate and in maintenance, is still growing. We see that the textile market in which screen printing is the main activity is rapidly growing and shifts to other countries. In this case, more textile screen printers are shifting to countries closer to their market of sales, due to the carbon footprint and environmental trends experienced in the screen-printing market. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Coen Hoppener: We see that screen printing is till applied a lot in a wide variety in screen printing applications. Due to the high quality in screen printing it can provide and the large volumes it can produces this still is one of the most important and applied methods of printing. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Coen Hoppener: At INPRO in addition to our large format guillotine cutters. The perfect companion product for all high-production large format special Cutters for wide-format and XXL printers. We have to say our most innovative products, which we recently introduced in the market are the Combi-eco and the new Tigerclean 132-3. These two machines offer a wide coverage for an integrated automated solution for cleaning, reclaiming, and even developing the screens. The Tigerclean 132-3 is an integrated solution to automize the work of screen cleaning and reclaiming, with the best in class results. 

The Combi-eco is the perfect solution for automating the screen developing after exposure, which can be even combined with the automated UV-LED exposure unit. In this case we automize the complete process of screen exposure and developing. Furthermore, the Combi-Eco offers the perfect solution to take away the most dangerous process in screen cleaning, namely the high pressure rinsing. The Combi-Eco offers the possibility and a save solution to automize the high pressure rinsing. 

Furthermore, we recently introduced the INPRO washout booth, which is the perfect solution for manual ink removal. You first manually remove the ink from the screen in the INPRO washout booth. This is an easy to use and maintain stainless steel washout booth with includes an automatic filter and recycle system for longer lasting high quality of the safest INPRO ink remover, without having to use volatile substances.  

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

Coen Hoppener: We expect that the market of screen printing will still experience a growth due to the high quality and volumes that can be generated with screen printing. With the unique machines we offer as INPRO we are convinced that we can have a good market share.