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James Instruments Inc. specialises in Non-Destructive Testing equipment for concrete and other construction materials. Central to the improvement of the construction infrastructure are tools that evaluate the condition of existing construction. Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques are applied. Destructive tests can provide direct information, but are relatively expensive, time-consuming and cause damage to the structure.Destructive test results often cannot be evaluated using statistical approaches because the number of locations in the structure that can be tested without damage to the structure is limited.

On the other hand, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques are relatively inexpensive to apply, and they can detect, localize, and characterize flaws and damage in concrete, wood and other construction material structures without leaving any undesirable discontinuities or causing damage to concrete members.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

James Instruments: Specifically we design, manufacture and sell the most advanced equipment to test concrete, ceramic, wood, masonry, mortar, gypsum and other coarse grained materials. We supply the instruments that: measure strength, both compressive and tensile, locate rebar and other objects in concrete and masonry, determine density and analyze materials ultrasonically, analyze corrosion and, finally, determine moisture in concrete and other construction materials. And more. James Instruments Inc. — rugged, quality equipment for field use — backed by factory service and an ongoing program of research and development.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

James Instruments: The Windsor® Probe Test System™ for determining concrete compressive strength has had majors changes to the ASTM standard specification covering use and utility. This standard now includes details of the type of probe used as well as addressing safety concerns.

The clarification of the probe design is one of the features of the revision. Drawings are included which detail not only size and shape, but also tolerance values of the probes. These clarifications encompass the detailed knowledge that has been amassed from use of the test system for the last fifty years. Thereby assuring the end user that a system made to this standard will be reliable and accurate.

Safety features have also been incorporated into the standard. These are important as the amount of force used to drive a probe into concrete to test it is hazardous. These features include a larger single probe firing template than was previously part of the system to protect the user from debris. It also includes a provision stopping the probe from completely leaving the system without disassembly.This makes the entire operation intrinsically safer, even if there is a failure in the material being tested.

James Instruments

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

James Instruments: Windsor Probe Test System: A Non Destructive Test System for Concrete Compressive Strength in the field. Safe, Quick, and Simple to use it is the most effective method of Concrete Compressive Strength Testing on Site. The System performs equally well on standard and high performance concrete. Conforms to ASTM C-805 and other International Standards.

Windsor Pin Test System: A unique instrument for measuring the strength of new or existing concrete, mortar and other construction materials in the field utilizing the established principle of resistance to penetration. A unique chuck allows testing of mortar joints compressive strength in the field. Conforms to ASTM C-803.

James Bond Test System Measures the Bonding Strength between two layers of existing materials, determine the adhesion strength of shotcrete, epoxies, paint and other repair materials or coatings. Includes 10 – 2″ Discs & 10 – 3″ Discs for testing.

Rebarscope Built for the professional this is the most Advanced System for finding the location, depth, and size of reinforcement bar, post tension cables, copper and conduit w/ Cover mapping feature, Storage, and upload to PC!

Mini R-Meter Ruggedized for tough field use, this economical hand held unit is used for finding the location, estimates either depth, or size of reinforced rebar, post tension cables, copper and conduit!