kasasi GmbH is a medium-sized software company from the Allgäu region in the south of Germany that creates innovative solutions for the entire European logistics industry. The company optimizes transport processes via rail, road and sea and make them visible. Since the founding in 2009, they have been growing constantly. Today, approximately 50 committed employs are working to further expand kasasi’s position as one of the leading software service providers in the transport and logistics industry.

kasasi is specialized in the implementation of individual needs and customer-specific requirements. Their solutions are based on their deep expertise in the transport and logistics industry and the careful consideration of the processes in the everyday work of customers. 

The company has long-term business relationships with large and well-known customers from the pharmaceutical, food and temperature-controlled logistics, as well as the chemical and petroleum industries.

Interview with Markus Lechner, CEO kasasi GmbH.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Markus Lechner: We are the single, full-service engineer service provider of NIC-place and bundle all of our engineering effort within the technical environment of NIC-place.

Big Data and Iot Experts

Our focus is the intelligent, manufacturer-independent processing of telematics data and its combination with planning data from various sources. We visualize transports along the supply chain and allow for it to be monitored for various critical parameters, such as arrival times (ETA) and quality parameters.

Optimization of logistics processes

We help make the logistics business on road, rail or at sea more efficient overall. To do so, we build web-based applications that create transport visibility for all parties involved, automate logistics processes and simplify monitoring and analysis.

Customized solutions for companies

In our projects and engineering services, we adapt our core functionality to meet customer specific needs, perfectly tailoring our solutions to your company’s internal processes, technical requirements and individual ideas

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

M.L: Our latest innovation is our Data Lake, which includes all historical logistics data from various sources, i. e. telematics hardware, transport planning systems, ETA algorithms, for easy and advanced BI analyses – done by the customers via interface access. The Data Lake is also our archive system for our more than 10 billion of data sets. The Data Lake offers various use cases. 

Also, our core feature “Tourboard” is now able to monitor transport on shipment level (LTL). For more than two years we combine live data with planning data to optimize logistics processes and make them transparent as well as to automate them, until our LTL improvement we just focused on FTL transports. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

M.L: All of our solutions are for the logistics and transport market. 

Traditionally we offer an asset-based model, which includes the visualization of telematics hardware from different systems / manufacturers / transport modes. With the help of these solutions, it is possible to track and analyze telematics data and technical values of mobile assets, i. e. position, temperatures, set points, loading status. 

In addition, we offer a tour-based model, which combines the live data from assets with planning data from TMS (transport management systems) to visualize mobile assets in the context of logistics processes, in particular transports from A to B. Our innovative tour solutions allow to monitor and analyze those processes with deep quality, i. e. temperature deviations, estimated time of arrivals, to improve the quality and reliability of transports. 

A core competency of our product is our advances alarm and event management, which can be defined independently by the users in form of multi-level alarm profiles to guarantee transport quality. 

Beside our standard functionalities, individual software components complete customer requirements. Solutions for 

•        master data management, 

•        contract management, 

•        management for rental assets by the rental company 

•        onboarding solutions for subcontractor integration

can be listed. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

The market becomes more and more digital. The amount of digital assets is growing enourmosly. The challenge is bringing all this “new” information in the correct context to create new value und additional and helpful information. The real values can just be created when digital information is used to improve and make the existing processes more efficient.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

M.L: One lasting trend is digitalization of logistics processes to automate and optimize them. To generate additional information and visibility within the transport process, there will develop multiple new strategies and possibilities not just in the operational business.  

Another important One other trend is the growing understand of data privacy and security. Especially in the generation of telematics data from assets included in the transport process, there is a possibility for a complete new market approach. This is more and more recognized ty the “owner” of the data who are getting more and more sensible what happens with this information. Some years ago, this was just a necessary technical information provided, today the understanding is more in a direction which is necessary for their own business. Who works with the data, who else knows about my / data protection of company / logistics data. More and more companies want to know where data is proceed / stored / forwarded.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

M.L: Our Data Control Center (DCC) which enables full control of the administration of data processing from various sources, i. e. Integration of telematics hardware, data forwarding to other data platforms in the field of supply chain visibility, secure data sharing between transport participants.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

M.L: The logistics market is still in change due to digitalization but absolutely willed to move on straight forward. Corona will be a big topic in the operational business of our customers, but will not affect our business with them, because of the leading need to digitalize logistics processes. The according projects and transformation efforts will proceed over the year 2021 into the next year and the market players will continue their straight growth strategy. We expect to move on with our customers and potential new projects optimizing their logistics and their processes.