Since 1977 Kasco is a leading manufacturer of respiratory devices. The company is mainly specialized in powered respirators with helmets and full masks, airline systems, gas and dust filters. Their range protects users during industrial works, agricultural treatments, spraying pesticides, asbestos, waste handling, chemicals treatments, sandblasting, grinding, painting.

Kasco products are certified CE for the European market and NIOSH approved for Nafta area.

Kasco is focused on customer satisfaction, fast service and a wide distribution around the world. The company guarantees high-quality and reliable items. After sales process and technical assistance are the main selling points.

The quality and reliability of the Kasco product is the result of a specialized experience capable of guaranteeing regular distribution of the product all over the world and efficient and timely assistance. The wide range of applications of Kasco respirators guarantees protection, safety and comfort for the operator in multiple sectors of activity.

Interview with Cristian Di Chiara, Sales Manager at Kasco.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Cristian Di Chiara: Kasco are used mainly in Construction; Asbestos, Grinding and Foundries, Blasting, Pest Control, Foundries, Shotcrete, Agricultural and Gardening, Chemical and Pharma. During pandemic period Kasco supplied healthcare sectors and many hospitals to fight against Covid-19.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

C.D.C: In 2020 Kasco has launched a new powered respirator with hood called K20 T8X. This is a powered respirator in class TH3 and combined an eye protection certified EN 166. The system is also IP65, so approved against dust and liquids.

The long-running battery in lithium is a very important feature. The unit also contain an acoustic alarm in case the powered respirator does not work or the filter are exhausted. 

This year the company made an investment in new products. A new line-up of respirators come into the safety market. A new technology called brushless and an electronic board inside the blower are the main innovation.

The company put into the market a new range of helmets. A scientific study permitted new shapes of slim and full helmets. The airflow is higher and comfort is excellent. Zero fog and better breathing resistance to avoid stress.

The helmets are also certified EN 397 against impact and EN 166 against particles and liquids. This is a must in industrial sector.

KAIO e-T5 is the second revolutionary item. The new motor assures a long life and high performances. Silent and only with one filter, KAIO e-T5 can reduce the maintenance cost for the user.

All our systems are with lithium battery and guarantee 8 hours. All chargers take only 3 hours for a fully battery charge.

We also invested a lot on powered respirators with full face mask (EN 12942).

New coreless motor: the working life is three times longer than previous models, resulting in less power consumption, environmental impact and maintenance costs. The new systems e-T5 and e-M3 are equipped with low battery and filter clogging alarms. The user can monitor the operating level thanks to a visual LED and acoustic alarm positioned on the blower unit.

The e-M3 system is a battery-powered APR with TM3 approval and ingress protection rating IP65 against particles and liquid splashes. It can be combined with either Venus1 or Zenith1. A single filter with thread connection (EN 148-1 standard) is included. The compact, lightweight design is particularly suitable for asbestos removal and decontamination operations in tight and narrow spaces, plant maintenance, spray painting, wood working. The system provides a constant airflow of minimum 160 l/min. for 8 consecutive hours. Finally, it is easy to clean and decontaminate.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

C.D.C: Kasco supplied 5 range of products: gas and dust filters, full face masks, powered respirators with full masks, powered respirators with helmets or hoods, airline respirators. Kasco also distribute a range of half masks to support the business. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

C.D.C: Currently the market is quite flat in terms of innovation and research. Lots of competitors and new players are working in safety sector. Industrial is the main active market, but also oil & gas and chemical sector are performing.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

C.D.C: After pandemic and Covid period the people are more conscious about safety and risk management. Respiratory protection is a niche of the market but year by year it is becoming more important and the share is getting bigger. Respiratory diseases are long-lasting diseases and for this reason training and information are essential.

The user is increasingly informed and is looking for products with higher protection. HSE managers are more attentive and competent than years ago, this is an excellent sign.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

C.D.C: Our new KAIOS e-TA as main innovative and premium model in its range. 

The power pack in the back, lightweight and no accessories at waist guarantee a maximum experience of work and high protection. Easy to wear and all-in-one concept is required by the final user.

E.E: What estimations do you have for the rest of 2022?

C.D.C: The estimates are very positive. Certainly, the years 2020-21 were tough years but at the same time very profitable for the security market. There is a large amount of imported and non-imported goods on the market but we as manufacturers have value and know-how.

2022 will close on a positive note with good margins and new markets and sales channels.

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