Keil Anlagenbau designs, builds and maintains process engineering, storage, production and recycling plants. 

For over 45 years, Keil Anlagenbau has been creating efficiency in the chemical production process of the polyurethane, paint & coatings and adhesives industries. The development of our plants is customer-specific and we always think beyond the standard. 

The company is always looking for the most efficient solutions for their customers in every project. Innovative ideas and individual designs by Keil Anlagenbau help keep their customers position as market leaders and top of their branch. 

In 2023 Keil Anlagenbau will celebrate its 50th company anniversary. What started in 1973 as a heating installation company is now a solution-oriented partner for the industry with more than 140 employees. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? 

Keil Anlagenbau: Our clientele covers various industries. The chemical industry, automotive, paint and varnish, PUR recycling, film manufacturers, building material manufacturers, insulation foam, adhesives, rigid and flexible foam are just some of the industrial sectors that we have been working in for years. 

We are offering efficient solutions, tailor-made for complex systems, which enable particularly economic production. To achieve this, we offer complete solutions all under one roof, developed by our own engineers and implemented by our in-house specialists. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

Keil Anlagenbau: Our plants serve an extremely large range of applications. Since individual and industry-specific solutions are often required, these are almost without exception unique products that we tailor to the needs of our customers. We have been working with a wide variety of industries for decades and develop systems that meet all application requirements down to the last detail. In doing so, we pay particular attention to ensuring that all components are optimally equipped in terms of efficiency, not only today but also in the future. 

Process Systems 

Keil Anlagenbau has been a recognized producer of process systems for a number of years. This includes special installations for PUR systems, prepolymer systems, reaction systems, pigging systems, distillation systems, mixing plants and dosing systems. 

Tanks farms 

Building industrial tank farms has been a key component of our business for decades. Over this period, we have constantly incorporated a growing wealth of experience into optimizing our solutions. This is why tailor-made systems for customers with special requirements can be easily implemented at any time. 

Tank farms from Keil take care of secure underground and over ground storage and discharge of liquid materials, such as a polyol, isocyanate, pentane, adhesives, solvents and binders, paints and varnishes, acids, lyes and resins. 


Gravitube is a world debut product developed by Keil in the field of dosing systems. Gravitube effortlessly doses even the smallest amounts – and much more precisely than many other dosing systems. The calibration phase is not necessary with this system. The product mix is available immediately at the start of production, which means that valuable time is saved in the process and efficiency is increased. Gravitube is extremely durable thanks to its robust design and best suited to the raw environment of industrial production facilities. 

Discharging Units 

Our discharging units come into play when a tank would be oversized. They also provide a good interim solution in the event of a tank conversion, so that our clients are able to continue operating during building work. 

One important advantage of our discharging stations is their quick availability. When it comes down to it, the station is available within a few weeks. In emergency cases, it can also be delivered within just 10 days. The flexibility, low space requirement and minimal purchasing costs are further arguments in favour of Keil discharging stations. 

After Sales 

Our service does not end with the commissioning of the customers plant. We also offer service and maintenance work and consulting as a reliable partner for the industry. With Keil Anlagenbau as Service Partner the customer gets the full package – from necessary maintenance work to expert advice on optimization and modernization. 

E.E: What new products do you have? 

Keil Anlagenbau: One of our hot projects recently is the Recycling of PUR production waste. 

KEIL Anlagenbau has developed a new chemical recycling process in cooperation with its partner Nitroil Performance Chemicals GmbH. 

The aim of the cooperation is to return accumulating production waste locally to the value-added cycle. After the recycling process, raw materials are once again available for use in industry. It is both a demand and a challenge to make the recycling process energy-efficient, as the effort behind this method is enormous. This is the starting point for the completely new Syn Solve process for flexible foam, rigid foam and TPUs. Syn-Solve, which was developed for the process, is a liquid mixture of several reactive components. 

Keil recycling plants can be modularly segmented, flexibly expanded and customized. This applies to mechanical and electrical plant design, but also explicitly to the chemical formulation of the reactive components. This means that the recycling process can be adapted to any individual need. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active 

Keil Anlagenbau: All three target sectors that we are working in are cautious concerning new investments because of the energy crisis and the restrained economic situation. New investments are thoughtfully made. 

Many companies focus on refitting and modernization of their plants instead of production expansion. Modernizations are especially made in regard to energy efficiency, cost savings and efficiency of production. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed and what can you tell us about market trends? 

Keil Anlagenbau: Innovation is one of our core elements as we are always looking for the best individual solution with the customer. We are not only building the plants but also work on the specific concept to meet the expectations and requirements of the client and his production process. 

Major current market trends are the topics sustainability, energy efficiency, safety and protection of employees and environmental awareness. 

The companies are cautious with new investments and prefer to refit and modernize their existing plants. So, the existing plants can be adjusted to current standards and new technologies which bring the production process on a new level in terms of efficiency, environment and regulatory compliance. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for the coming year? 

Keil Anlagenbau: Customers will continue to act with caution and retrofits and modernization, especially in the area of efficiency, will be preferred over new investments. 

However, we expect that there will be growth especially in the production of insulation and insulating materials.