KENO is a Polish producer and distributor of the world’s largest brands for components of photovoltaic and HVAC systems. Last year, KENO generated a turnover only on the Polish market of PLN 1.8 billion (EUR 410 million). Over 22000 m2 of warehouse space guaranteed the availability of components for photovoltaic systems, enabling the sale of 833 MW of photovoltaic modules, 808 MW of inverters and almost 830 MW of assembly structures exclusively for Polish recipients.

According to the report “Najwięksi 2021” realized by financial and business web portal we are in the 290th place among the top 2500 largest companies in Poland.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

KENO: The main business segments are production, distribution, education (training center accredited by the office of technical inspection, product trainings and webinars) and research&development (cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology, PV associations membership PSME, SBF, PORT PC). In the last few months, we have opened the German company KENO GmbH, Hungarian KENO Kft and Norwegian KENO AS, as well as the KENO-HOME company dealing in the construction of wooden modular houses in CLT technology. KENO Energia is another brand that includes to the KENO Group. The energy trading company is working only in Poland, whose aim is to maintain the profitability of installing photovoltaic installations in the light of the new net-billing regulations and to provide end customers in Poland with access to cheaper, 100% from renewable electricity. We have our own production of structures and electric boxes. For almost a year now, Emiter Sp. z o.o. with almost 30 years of experience in low-voltage installations, including mainly structured copper cabling, as well as optical fibers.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

KENO: Among the new products, we place great emphasis on the availability of energy storage, hybrid inverters, car chargers and energy management systems.

Information about new products is available to all of our registered customers on the B2B sales platform, in mailing, newsletters and on the social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The introduction of new systems to the product portfolio is carefully thought out and corresponds to the current market trends, the needs of the market in a given country and the KENO company’s philosophy of introducing innovative products in a package with full technical and training support for our customers.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

KENO: The systems we manufacture include mounting systems and distribution boards. We are also a producer of Kensol photovoltaic modules in Shingled technology with a 25-year quality guarantee and Kentherm heat pumps. From distribution systems, we can distinguish photovoltaics modules and inverters, energy storage, solar heating and electromobility).

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

KENO: The markets in which we are present are mostly well-developed markets for photovoltaics. We are seeing a significant acceleration in the development of electromobility and energy storage systems.

Each of the currently served markets is specific, but customer expectations are always at the same high level. We want to be a safe, honest partner for them, guaranteeing not only product availability but full after-sales support. Our presence on European markets enables us to diversify our activities, which should translate into even greater availability and professional logistics for all our business partners from all over Europe.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

KENO: Each market in which we currently participate is characterized by different trends. However, it can be observed here that a given country has a certain trend behind it, a different one is at the beginning of the road and another in the middle of it. Not only are the habits and expectations of individual customers, but also installers, e.g. in the field of assembly systems or attachment to specific brands, different. However, market trends are primarily determined by the co-financing systems, their scope of support, but also by energy prices that differ in different countries. Therefore, we approach each market individually with great respect and respect for the expectations of installers and beneficiaries.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

KENO: As I have already mentioned, innovations in such a dynamically developing industry appear practically every day. This is related to the rapid development of electromobility and energy self-sufficiency, which is now becoming a priority for many. I also think that innovation does not depend on the characteristics of the product, but on the added value that the manufacturer or distributor adds to it for its customers. The success of KENO in Poland was built on a comprehensive approach to customer service with a strong emphasis on technical competence and responsibility. Each product introduced to the offer is surrounded by a special package of additional services such as training, technical marketing, logistics planning to ensure the best possible product availability and pre- and after-sales support. In the extremely dynamic PV market, stability, availability and logistics are key ingredients for success.

The innovation of the product is not only distinguishing itself from the rest, but also finding its features in the contemporary market needs. We also perceive innovation in the approach to sales, in which KENO does not want to be only a distributor, and with its technical and training competence, as well as responsibility, wants to build a long-term relationship of partnership.

Innovation is also reflected in the company’s development branches, including the direction of the current expansion from the Polish market to foreign markets, tokenization of energy trading or the construction of modular houses.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

KENO: Due to the strong growth in sales on the domestic market reported annually by KENO and the presence in other European markets from this year, we expect further significant increases in sales.

KENO’s strategy for the near future is Organic Development (PV&ESS systems distribution, Electric switchboards production, Heat pump sales, KENO Home sales and full availability for EPC companies), Product Development (CLT modular houses own production, energy trading as own energy trading companies, tokenizing energy, heat pump and energy storage system), territorial development and through acquisitions.

In 2022, we plan to introduce an innovative, new B2B platform 2022. On the day we met in Poland with full pages at our 500m2 stand at the ENEX Kielce fair, on 11-13.05.2022 we will be present at Intersolar for all of you.

The year 2022 is for us, we have what we are dealing with and so the events which we now have that we can, as a European company, participate in them.