Kolzer designs and produces Vacuum Coating Machines in Milan, since 1952. From the beginning we had a strong connection with the industrial world that has laid the foundation for continuous business development.

Kolzer is an Italian company with a strong growth and predisposition to the global market with 95% of foreign customers. Today, the company occupies a strong and consolidated leadership in the European and world market, proven by the presence of over 1200 installed machines.

Kolzer is the most recognized PVD brand on the market due to the longstanding story and excellent expertise in PVD coatings machines.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

KOLZER: Kolzer does not just supply PVD machines, but much more: the quality in the design, construction, installation, transfer technology, after-sales service and R&D development creating complete and integrated systems, all made on measure! We are focusing on reliable and strategical partnerships with customers, suppliers and prestigious R&D Centers alike to guarantee competitive advantage through the implementation of our systems.

Our machines offer PVD Sputtering, HIPIMS, Metallization, Co-Evaporation, Plasma and PECVD processes to respond to the great range treatments request and requirements on rapidly changed market.

The machines are designed and built to last over the time and guarantee high productivity. Low operating costs and production cycles certified as the fastest on the global market, ensure to the Kolzer machines the highest industrial standards, at the most competitive costs.

Kolzer uses machines to create new surfaces and offers to the customers the opportunity to innovate their products, achieving a significant and competitive advantage in economic and ecological terms.

Advanced technology and processes that safeguard the environment have been implemented to achieve on an industrial level, materials with nanostructured surfaced with innovate features and decorative properties that contribute to improving the quality of life.

Please find below only some of the advantages of our technology:

  • Low temperature and eco-friendly treatments;
  • Fast process at convenient prices;
  • No production of harmful waste;
  • Uniform deposition, perfectly repeatable and adjustable thicknesses;
  • Fully digitalized machine;
  • User-fiendly management software;
  • Decorative and functional applications;
  • Clean chrome;
  • Reduced production spaces;
  • Low consumption of material;
  • Deposition of metal and alloys on any surface (plastic materials, glass, metal, leather, wood, etc.);
  • 3D Coatings (design freedom), flexibility of the pieces.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

KOLZER: There are several pillars we are following which are incredibly interesting and requested from market:

  • PVD Sputtering as a clean alternative to the electroplating chrome following new legislation of UE;
  • The best of PVD Sputtering and Arc: KOLZER HIPIMS Sputtering
  • KOLZER HIPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering);
  • New Kolzer Coating Machines with Permanent Antibacterial and Antiviral Surface.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

KOLZER: Kolzer to meet different kind of request on market and to follow client’s production culture, offers vertical and horizontal configuration of the machine.


  • Machine MK is a symbol of innovation, practicality and design;
  • Vertical system MK offers HIPIMS and all other integrable technologies;
  • MK63” diameter 1600 mm.


  • The DGK series allows to have an excellent result with very short cycle times with a lower price entry;
  • DGK36” diameter 1000 mm;
  • DGK48” diameter 1200 mm;
  • DGK63” diameter 1600 mm.

Advantages of Kolzer’s machines

  • All systems can be assisted by loading systems, including automatic ones, developed to maximize production capacity.


Fast and flexible cycles as well as flexible and multi-purpose production systems able to operate in the fastest cycles on the market, with an automatic control system which eliminates human errors.


Plasma treatment allows the removal of surface material of volatile products and can be used for the micro-cleaning of surfaces contaminated.


Kolzer machines integrate different types of processes in combination in one single system to satisfy the future demands of a constantly evolving market, from beginning or as a future upgrade.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

KOLZER: The market is changing rapidly, the challenges of the 21st century constantly require new solutions and adaptation to the new business environments.

There are many market areas where our technology is well consolidated and introduced in large industrial scale, just to give briefly an idea:

  • AUTOMOTIVE – The major OEM industrial groups in the automotive sector entrust to our machines the PVD treatments of components and accessories as front panels, mirrors, wheels, …
  • FASHION – Fashion industry is in continuous research of new effects, and it implements PVD treatments for a highly requested chrome effect on buttons, accessories, shoes and textiles.
  • DESIGN – From packaging to lighting, every component of furniture and accessories can improve its appearance thanks to the PVD treatments.

We also noticed rapidly increasing new request and needs from new markets where the necessity to bring ecological and convenient processes, as well as deco-functional solutions which are not feasible/too expensive in other technologies. Kolzer offers in this case custom solutions thanks to the team of engineers and internal R&D Lab it is possible to approach new challenges and provide tailor-made solutions.

Kolzer creates complete and integrated PVD systems made on measure to respond to any kind of request. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

KOLZER: The market trends are to provide sustainability and ecological solutions at the economical advantageous price, and this is the essence of KOLZER proposal: machine with multiple technologies, compact with complete transfer technology and clean nano structural coatings: all from one single partner KOLZER.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

KOLZER: We are moving fast from deco-functional applications to provide more and more machines for intelligent coatings with smart functionality that offers huge advantage in terms of solutions and price.

That is why we distinguished ourself and our machines on the market, providing:

  • Quality and experience;
  • Expertise in machines, materials and coatings;
  • Wide reange of machine products;
  • Multiple technologies;
  • Assistance and punctual Kolzer after-sales service increase the added value aspect of the machines;
  • Know-how: transfer technology, big data base of recipes to guarantee the project’s success – the real 360° support.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

KOLZER: Our market is incredible growing, the estimation says that within next few years it will grow up to 85%, and we are ready to follow and provide solutions at the same speed!