Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG is an international battery solution-provider based in Rainbach, Austria. The company was founded in 2014 by the three brothers Johann, Markus and Philipp Kreisel and is one of the pioneers of a new era of e-mobility and electrification. Originally driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive into all areas of mobility, Kreisel Electric develops the world’s most efficient immersion-cooled high-performance batteries. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Kreisel Electric: Kreisel Electric produces the most innovative battery technology for e-mobility, e-motorsports, marine and stationary storage systems. Its core competences include battery development and production, integration and testing, prototyping and serial production, as well as software development. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

Kreisel Electric: In Q1 2022 Kreisel Electric will launch the latest generation of its high tech HPC Charging Infrastructure. The so called CHIMERO HPC allows to save 50% annual ongoing costs, shorten deployment time by 85% and reduce grid installation costs by 60%. This represents a major milestone in the transformation of the charging landscape. 

With the integrated 92 kWh battery storage and a grid connection of only 60 kW (for 180 kW) or 120 kW (for 240 kW), electric cars can be fast charged without straining the grid. The infrastructure is specifically designed for areas with low power supply. It can also be fed from renewable energy sources such as wind power, hydro power or PV, making the Kreisel CHIMERO a flexible plug & play solution. In terms of payment choices, the CHIMERO allows full flexibility through direct payment and e-mobility card options right at the terminal. This innovation allows Kreisel to solve tomorrow’s issues, today!

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

Kreisel Electric: Kreisel Electric offers customers standardized and tailor-made battery packs including integration support. The battery solution is based on a modular design, made to fit in a wide field of applications. Kreisel Electric developed a multifunctional module, which provides about 2000 combinations of voltages, energy densities and power. For new applications (PHEV, BEV, mild), different module and stack variants can be generated flexibly and easily by new configurations. The in series-produced battery solution named KBP63 is expandable and adaptable depending on the area of application. Thus, the same technology can be found in our e-Rally Car (SKODA Kreisel RE-X1) as well as in our HPC charging infrastructure solution. 

Special features of our solution are the high safety in relation to energy density with integrated safety features preventing propagation. Our patented immersion cooling technology powered by Shell E-Fluids ensures that the cells always operate in the ideal temperature range. This provides significant maximum lifetime benefits and exceptional performance. The technology is proven in many applications on the road, on the water as well as on the racetrack.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Kreisel Electric: The demand for battery solutions can be perfectly seen by the new registrations of electric vehicles. It is estimated that the biggest markets worldwide will become fully electric by 2035. ( This is currently resulting in a shift in the market of automotive suppliers as components such as battery solutions become increasingly into demand and make for a big part of the market share. 

Kreisel Electric aims for the market of busses and small trucks. Especially the logistics sector becomes increasingly important, such as the last mile concept. Due to COVID-19 the last mile delivery is playing a more significant role for businesses in delivering excellent customer service. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Kreisel Electric: With the increase of new registrations for EVs, a higher amount of Charging Infrastructure is required. Especially car models that enter the market now are technically equipped to allow High Power Charging which makes an electric car much more attractive for the customer. Thus, High Power Charging Infrastructure becomes increasingly important in all kinds of areas, especially at places with a varying grid power. 

Furthermore, the marine industry is a key driver of the lithium battery packs market. Marine vessels run on bunker fuel, which causes high level of pollution. Governments of various countries are implementing rules and regulations to reduce pollution. Adoption of full electric systems in ships have been rising since the past few years due to these stringent norms. Full electric marine vessels reduce air pollution as well as the operational cost of vessel in the long-run. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Kreisel Electric: Together with Shell, Kreisel has developed a solution where less energy is spent regulating the battery temperature because a specialized fluid with strong thermal management properties and direct contact to the surface of the battery cells is used.

This allows a better battery performance that results in improved range relative to battery size as well as a longer lifetime and superior safety when compared to other current battery solutions. The Kreisel and Shell solution also delivers improved energy efficiency of up to 28% for the battery cooling when compared to conventional side wall cooling as commonly used in the automotive industry. 

Shell’s thermal management fluid is an integral part of Kreisel Electric’s battery modules. It effectively dissipates the temperature of each individual battery cell, even during fast-charging or other events that require a high C-Rate. This minimizes the temperature spread on module level, which in turn offers a superior safety environment and extended lifetime. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

Kreisel Electric: In 2021 E1 series and Kreisel Electric have joined forces to bring the world’s first electric powerboat championship to the water. Kreisel Electric will supply the battery for each electric RaceBird powerboat. Racing athletes from different fields, will take part in this championship, set to begin in early 2023. Due to the patented immersion cooling technology, Kreisel modules were chosen to set a new benchmark for delivering the required continuous high-power output for the RaceBird. 

In addition, Kreisel’s industry-leading immersion cooling technology has applications in electric motorsport. Kreisel has pioneered innovations in electrification that secured us the tender as the exclusive powertrain provider of the FIA World RX1e Racing Kits.

The same battery technology is also found in the 4th generation of our CHIMERO HPC infrastructure, which will be launched in the beginning of 2022.