[LND] or Landa Illuminotecnica, was founded in 1987 in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, specializing in residential and public outdoor lighting. Constantly careful research, impeccable quality control and, as a result, excellent luminaire performance led the company to distinguish itself in the sector nationally and, above all, internationally.

Lighting design signed [LND] means, above all, the continuous dialogue between light and Nature. The symbiosis of the same with the artificial one gives life to sophisticated aesthetic games and luminous nuances. Filling and embellishing spaces, they interact, at the same time, with the environment.

Interview with Andrea Bugatti, Managing Director of Landa Lighting.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Andrea Bugatti: [LND] is in the business of designing, developing and manufacturing outdoor lighting products for residential, hospitality and public use at an international level. The company boasts a highly qualified in-house design team that not only succeeds in meeting the needs presented by customers, but is also careful to anticipate new needs and trends in taste, and then supports the customer even in the post-installation phase.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

A.B: The most recent introduction in [LND]’s range is an important range extension in its general catalogue. More specifically, we added new linear-shaped with their characteristic linear shape. A wide range of products created to express the best of technical and functional lighting according to Landa. With [LND]’s new linear modules, the brand’s aesthetics and precision are expressed in the most direct format possible: pure and simple lines of light ready to illuminate darkness with power, elegance, and reliability. The new formats enrich the eye, fog, and car-go families, elevating their installation versatility to unprecedented scenarios. With the same product is now possible to illuminate more areas, also thanks to different power options. This, of course, without giving up the maximum resistance, since all products are at least IP65 in order to be entitled to perform in the outdoor. To complete its offer of fresh novelties, in the past few months Landa as launched the &CO/LLECTION (a complete range of eco-friendly outdoor luminaires made with a sustainable sourced and especially treated pine wood) as well as new interesting products in the Unexpected Collection, the perfect synthesis of the brand’s ability to combine technology with decorative design.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

A.B: The [LND] range comes in a wide variety of applications: tech and decorative lights, wall and floor, wall or ceiling mounted. Starting in 2020, with the introduction of the unexpected collection, [LND]’s decorative lighting is dedicated to a new essence, emphasizing its creative flair without neglecting the utility, efficiency, and final luminous output of its lighting products. Unexpected is an ode to Nature, which becomes the main source of inspiration in terms of aesthetics and language. The result is products with a high poetic rate, capable of creating evocative pathways that fit seamlessly into the greenery. Defining outdoor architecture and enhancing it with intelligent lighting. It is not just a matter of aesthetics: performance that meets design requirements is paramount. Outdoor luminaires [LND], with IP65/67 protection indices that make them immune to weather and shocks given by outdoor conditions, guarantee high light quality. This applies to our entire product lineup, from the most technical range to more decorative products, and those in sustainable materials. Different families cover virtually any applications, since each product is provided with multiple shapes (as, for example, in our eye, fog and car-go families which exist in round, square and, most recently, linear form) for ceiling/wall, recessed and spotlight needs.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

A.B: The lighting market is looking for convenient solutions in terms of shape optimization, from a production perspective but also from an order perspective. Flexibility is increasingly required and with our versatile general range we at [LND] are already prepared to meet and often even anticipate market demands. Then we can talk about sustainability, a theme which is fully shared by the entire Bugatti Group (Landa’s parent company): with the &CO/LLECTION, the choice of the Landa R&D division turned to a solution with a low environmental impact in both production and lifecycle. Thanks to a special chemical process, the wood used by [LND] for its new range of outdoor luminaires delivers durability, stability and versatility unknown to any other wood.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

A.B: Definitely, one of them is the entire &CO/LLECTION. With this product, [LND] takes another step toward defining new paths of outdoor light. A range in which high luminous efficiency, maximum visual comfort and high weather resistance coexist in total harmony with the environment. Thanks to the already mentioned acetylation process, in fact, the Accoya® wood used for the products bodyshell significantly extends its useful life: it does not swell, does not shrink, does not visibly distort, and is paintable, withstanding the test of any climate as evidenced by its 25-year warranty underground and in fresh water and its IP 65 certification. In addition, it is also non-toxic, thus proving safe for people, pets and the planet itself. The new &CO/LLECTION is a further expression of the link between the made-in-Italy manufacturing industry and the natural world that Landa Illuminotecnica is committed to developing in an innovative way, proposing outdoor lighting with a strong “narrative” impact and firmly connected with the natural world. A symbiosis that gives rise to sophisticated aesthetic plays and luminous nuances that give each luminaire a great aesthetic identity and, at the same time, respond flexibly to any design requirement by virtue of the engineering intelligence typical of each of the company’s creations. Speaking of this, I cannot fail to mention our Unexpected Collection of poetics, pseudo-decorative luminaires which are designed to perfectly blend with the natural environment. Nest is probably the most iconic lamp in the range: the luminaire is made from woven willow branches and treated with a special nanoparticle coating that can make Nest virtually indestructible and resistant to any weathering, without altering its appearance or preventing its natural base from transpiring.