An international company with fifty years of history, LEDS C4 is at the forefront of the lighting industry. The firm’s lighting solutions adapt to a wide range of projects, which are marketed in more than 140 countries across five continents.

LEDS C4 has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as design, production and logistics sites (45,000 m2) in Lleida, in which it has invested more than 10 million euros over the last three years. The company has extensive expertise in fashioning architectural spaces through lighting design, with a team of more than 330 professionals providing clients with an impeccable service.

LEDS C4 has continued to expand international operations by establishing new branches in South Africa and Peru, in addition to the already established branches in Germany, UK, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Hong Kong, China, Colombia, and Singapore.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

LEDS C4: LEDS C4 offers a wide range of decorative and technical indoor and outdoor lights and is specialised in offering solutions based on control and connectivity through the IoT (Internet of Things). With this portfolio, we can develop all projects in the tertiary sector, illuminating everything from the central spaces of a hotel or restaurant to offering emergency lighting solutions.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

LEDS C4: In 2021, LEDS C4 is continuing to expand its portfolio of light fixtures and lighting services based on the following pillars: first, fostering people’s well-being; second, integrating light into architecture and the environment; and last, with constant innovation as a guiding principle, applying it in many different areas such as light modulation, quality controls or the use of materials and finishes (for example, its outdoor light fixtures are “seaside suitable”, in other words, capable of withstanding humidity levels as high as on the seafront).

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

LEDS C4: LED lighting is progressing fast, offering opportunities that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. 

Thanks to LED technology, a wide range of possibilities and lighting solutions is available for our clients. And here at LEDS C4, we want to make the most of these technologies, investing 3% of our turnover in R&D on a recurring basis.

The remote controls that are already becoming a part of our daily lives are one of the sector’s great breakthroughs, enabling lighting control both at home or in the workplace using tablets or smartphones. Solutions of this type provide greater comfort to society and improve concentration, relaxation and activity, as well as energy savings when managing the lighting in our spaces.

In a nutshell, and thanks to technological changes such as connectivity, the Internet of Things and smart control, our industry is changing and moving towards more complex solutions. At LEDS C4, we pride ourselves on being specialist manufacturers in connective solutions.

In 2021, we will continue innovating with all our contemporary designs, which are based on simple yet stylish lines, to bring personality to the interior of restaurants, hotels and residences. All our new creations stand out for their flexibility and quality, with special care paid to their finishes and light quality.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

LEDS C4: New ways of working and the ever-changing requirements of spaces are the new design paradigm. Correct lighting not only has a positive effect on people’s well-being and performance, but also has a major influence on space management.

Through a control system, the lighting of one or more luminaires can be adapted within the same space. So, for example, we can adapt the lighting to our circadian cycle, picking a colour temperature that stimulates us in the morning and calms us at night. Or, create groups of luminaires to achieve higher energy savings, settings for a specific ambience or regulated profiles by operating conditions. With sensors, we can receive information about what is happening in our environment and act accordingly.

Through connectivity technology, we cross over the physical boundaries of spaces, controlling any installation from any point. In addition, it allows us to collect data and obtain detailed information, and make strategic decisions.

Digital services stem from the opportunity to offer new tools beyond comfort and energy savings, which have always been associated with lighting.

E.E: What role will lighting have in the future?

LEDS C4: Good lighting is a cornerstone for people’s activities. LEDS C4 design and develop light fixtures with people and their well-being in mind, creating projects both in living spaces, such as residential buildings, as well as in offices, retail premises, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Through control and connectivity, fixed spaces can be transformed into dynamic, flexible and more efficient environments.

Using a control system, the lighting in a single space can be adapted to one or several lights, taking into account factors like changes in natural light, the presence or absence of people, or the specific preferences of the user.

With connectivity technology, we can cross the physical boundaries of spaces, allowing for all lighting installations to be controlled remotely. Useful data and detailed information is collected on energy consumption, the occupancy of multiple areas, and how these are being used. Consequently, we can detect opportunities and pro-actively make strategic, efficient decisions.

Another benefit of smart lighting is the affect it can have on health. Here at LEDS C4, we channel this concept through the Human Centric Lighting approach, which uses lights with tunable white technology, equipped with connective systems, to preserve natural biorhythms. This means that the light can be adapted to the circadian cycle, choosing a colour temperature with a stimulating effect in the morning and a calming one at night, generating scenes for a specific ambience or regulating profiles according to operating conditions.