LIFASA is a brand which started its activities in 1949. Located in Barcelona, Spain, LIFASA is a leading player in the domestic market and a very active and well-known brand around the world, exporting more than 60% of the production. As an organization, they cover all the parts of the product chain, Research, Development, Marketing, Production, Verification, Technical Assistance Service and After-Sales of Electrical Equipment and Components. 

LIFASA’s main mission is the development and innovation of technological and comprehensive solutions in Power Quality & Energy Efficiency for the electrical market.

LIFASA’s activities are implanted in the generation, transmission and consumption of energy. In medium and low voltage industrial areas, and in the service sector.

Improve network quality and energy efficiency are the main goals of their products. One of the latest product introductions is devoted to the power quality for power factor correction and harmonic elimination for the low voltage sector.

To position LIFASA as a reference in the energy efficiency market by offering customized solutions in the field of electrical capacitors and quality power, LIFASA offers: 

  • Lighting, motor and power electronics capacitors in low voltage solutions.
  • High and Low Voltage capacitors, as well as complete solutions such as capacitor banks. 
  • Active filters, static var generators and passive filters in low voltage solutions.

As a result of the complicated energy situation, at the moment the trend in the market is for solutions that make it possible to lower infrastructure and consumption costs, obtaining maximum quality and comfort for customers. Oriented for new projects or to renew the solutions already installed specially in grids with presence of reactive energy and harmonics.

The trend is the generation of green energy, photovoltaic or wind farms, investing in large projects in which the company is actively contributing with their solutions, especially capacitor banks in medium voltage up to 38KVA and reactors and filters. 

Currently, at the level of innovation, the equipment clearly oriented to Power Quality solutions such as SINAFM active filters and SVG-L static var generators for low voltage would be our most innovative options.

It is a quite uncertain situation due to current global issues, however LIFASA is quite optimistic as now better than ever is necessary to improve and lower the costs of energy production, and here their products help specially when it comes into green and renewable energies.