Logic Swiss is a solar energy company based out of Hergiswil, Switzerland driven by a common vision – to make renewable energy affordable for everyone. In order to address this issue, they invented the patented hero. solutions. The company’s main focus is research & development as well as the production of the hero. solutions. The modules are sold through subsidiaries and partners throughout Europe.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Logic Swiss: We are primarily focused on the development and optimization of hero. solutions, which are sold through subsidiaries and partnerships within Europe. 

The subsidiaries work with different local partners from a variety of trades. Some of which include architects, electricians, solar installers, carpenters, HVAC installers, and etc. The hero. system is easy to plan, install and maintain. Through this business model we create new business opportunities for companies involved in the construction and renewable energy field. 

The quick and easy installation allows anyone to install the hero. system. For our installation partners this means that little experience is required and it is easy to mount. This gives installation partners great business opportunities in selling, planning, installing and maintenance of our products. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

Logic Swiss: Logic Swiss invented the hero. family. With our hero. modules we successfully combined multiple energy sources in one compact module. 

The hero.flat module produces electrical and thermal energy from PV (electricity) and heat due to the patented cooling unit. which increases the efficiency and life span of the solar cells. 

The hero.wind module produces electrical and thermal energy as hero.flat through PV and heat. Additionally, each hero.wind module includes two wind generators that produces electrical energy through wind. It is a combination of PV, heat and wind energy. This enables energy production around the clock, even at night and in the winter.

One benefit is the compact size of the modules. Standard solar panels are large and cannot be applied to all surfaces, particularly if the roof is complex. Our module size is smaller, which gives it the ability to cover an entire roof. Windows and other obstructions are no longer a problem for installation. Through this, the whole roof can be covered which increases the design approach.  

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Logic Swiss: Renewable energy in general is a huge topic throughout Europe. Digitalization and e-mobility require enormous amounts of energy, and there is an overall shortage of supply in most countries. Renewable energy sources such as the sun and wind are the only sustainable way to meet the growing demands. The current crisis shows how dependent we are on traditional energy sources. For example, Switzerland has set a goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions, making solar a preferred choice in our home market. Only a fraction of heat is produced using renewable resources compared to electricity, so we must produce both to reduce our dependence.

This is why we developed our hero. modules, which combine both, electricity and heat. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Logic Swiss: The hero.wind is an absolute world novelty, combining PV, wind, and heat in a compact module. As in hero.flat, The cooling unit absorbs heat from the solar panel and converts it into thermal energy that can be used as needed. This increases both the efficiency and the life span of the panel and roof. hero.wind also includes a chassis, which uses an aerodynamic design to direct the wind towards the two wind generators. As a result, hero.wind can generate sustainable energy around the clock.