Since 2007 Bas Gravendeel and Edwin van der Heide have been developing and promoting different magnet applications, out of a passion for the “magical” effect of magnets. In 2014 they founded McNetiq B.V. to market the Controlock® magnet technology. Controlock technology is patented because of its unique ability to measure the sliding force and the pulling force of a magnet before using it. Since the surface determines the capacity of the magnet, it is the primary condition to measure every positioning of a magnet in the industry. In January 2018, McNetiq and Rotterdam Port Fund forged cooperation, and RPF took an interest in McNetiq.

The company’s mission is to use Controlock® technology to create the safest, most sustainable, and cost-efficient temporary steel connection. The strategy is to develop and deliver magnetic applications, where magnetic forces can be instantly tested using the patented Controlock® technology.

Following the proven benefits of the mentioned scaffolding anchor, the organization focuses on specific markets where potential users are indicating to be seeing a definite need. The company connects internationally directly with users, distributors, and agents that passionately share McNetiq’s vision.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

MCNETIQ: McNetiq operates in the field of Oil & Energy, including onshore, offshore, ship decks, storage tanks, and industrial scaffolding.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

MCNETIQ: McNetiq launched three new products in 2020: the Pipe Support, the Fall Arrest, and the Temporary Handrail.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

MCNETIQ: At the moment, McNetiq has four products: The Scaffold Anchor, the Pipe Support and the Fall Arrest, and Temporary Handrail.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

MCNETIQ: Regarding the Controlock® magnet anchor, it is already implemented in the market since 2013. Some of our customers are Shell, Dow, BP, Exxon Mobile, Vopak, and Bilfinger.

Regarding the Pipe Support, it is new in the market, which indicates to the early stages. However, we already have customers served with this product, such as Shell and Koole.

Concerning the Fall Arrest and handrail systems, they are not implemented yet by any of our customers since it is very new. Nonetheless, we are working on pilot projects and trial periods with several potential buyers and distributors.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

MCNETIQ: Regarding scaffolding methods, the market is still operating in the traditional way of building and erecting scaffolds. It takes time to convince the market that a magnetic scaffold anchor saves hours working at height and a lot of materials. Instead of pyramid-shaped scaffolds, one can build much more slender scaffolds. So in the end, safety will win.

Concerning Pipe Supports, in the process industries and among tank storage companies, there is an urge to save time and money and to increase safety. Until now, for every maintenance task, installing pipes, or even for some periodical inspections, operations must stop until the work on the storage tank is finished. This is where McNetiq Pipe Support comes: this product prevents welding supports, which increases the safety factor. Also, there is no need to stop operations while installing or removing structures and pipes. So, on an operational storage tank, magnetic supports achieved all three of these benefits.

In relation to the Fall Arrest system, safety regulations are getting more and more stricter. In a market that demands higher safety standards, companies are required to use a certified anchor point to secure workers at heights. In some cases, welding or using mechanical connections cannot be implemented. Therefore, a certified magnetic anchor can be a safe and reliable alternative. This prevents operators and field workers from endangering their own safety by using unauthorized or risky anchor points.

In respect to Temporary Handrail, regulations state that in a situation where collective fall protection is not (yet) placed, it is not allowed to work. Hence, one can choose for personal fall protection or a handrail placed using magnetic anchor points. Again, it is a matter of increasing awareness about safety.

What are the most innovative products marketed? What kind of innovative products you offer if any, and what makes them innovative, how do they differ from other products and how do they help users.

All our products, which are mentioned under Q6, are innovative, and I can say even disruptive. Our technology is changing the way companies operate for a long time. Controlock® is unique because it is the first in the market with the ability to test and determine the exact load capacity of the magnet. The results certainty is 100%. Other anchor points cannot be tested to establish the allowable load capacity. Furthermore, our anchors have been tested and proven effective under extreme weather conditions, corrosions, lightning, and frost. Also, the anchors are certified by DIBT, Dekra and Lloyd’s register.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

MCNETIQ: 2020 was the year of developing new products. Sales were suffering under Corona. And, since we are at the end of the year, the expectations are focused on 2021. Hopefully, the pandemic measures will be decreased, and the effect of the Corona crises on the economy will decline. We are very confident that our products will be highly demanded due to the ability to test the capacity of the magnet instantly on-site.