Mixer S.p.A. provides quality solutions for cable manufacturers with the aim to grow their productivity of top notch, cost-effective and safe power cables, transferring added value to the whole sector. The company has been producing rubber compounds in pellet form exclusively for the cable industry for over 25 years.

Since its foundation, Mixer S.p.A. consolidated its business constantly, investing in research and development, with an approach strongly oriented towards the technology and the innovation. As a result of this vision, their compounds are based on proprietary technology from the formulation to the production: this entails that Mixer’s product is unique, both in terms of concept and processing.

Along with the development of original recipes, the company invested in its compounding facility, designing and assembling custom machinery. A state-of-the-art software called MES – Manufacturing Execution System – controls the equipment, allowing a real-time control and optimization of the production process.

Interview with Dr. Greta Faccani, Communication and Marketing Manager at Mixer S.p.A.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Greta Faccani: For Mixer, the key factors are the development of new products with high technological and innovative potential, the constant support to its customers all over the world and the ongoing scientific research, providing optimal solutions for the development of its clients’ business.

The latest evidence of this is the noteworthy paper investigating the relationship between the ultimate properties of materials and their microscopic structure for application in medium voltage cables: Ciardelli, F, Dossi, S, Galanti, A, Magri, A, Riolo, S. Molecular evolution during dynamic vulcanization of polyolefin mixtures for lead‐free thermoplastic vulcanized. The study was appreciated by the scientific community, being selected as a key contribution to research excellence by the committee of Advances in Engineering. Mixer S.p.A. reaffirms its commitment to the scientific advancement with regard to the processing, the properties, and the structure of rubber-based compounds.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

G.F: Mixer’s product brand is EKOPREN®, a complete portfolio of cable rubber compounds, either for continuous vulcanization or electron beam cable production lines. The offer includes also thermoplastic bedding compounds with enhanced fire performance and flexibility.

These tailored rubber-based solutions are designed to support the customers and meet stringent international requirements for several applications: from industrial and building cables to automotive and offshore sectors, not forgetting windmills and marine industry.

Mixer S.p.A. entrusts a Technical Customer Support team to maximize the synergy between EKOPREN® compounds and customers’ equipment. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

G.F: Mixer is strongly committed to developing and optimizing products, anticipating market needs and meeting the highest global standards. Renewable energy, wind power generators and photovoltaics are the current and future trending topics. 

Producing safe cables is also essential. Mixer provides high flame-retardant cable compounds compliant with CPR, the Construction Products Regulation and supports customers in achieving the highest classes of fire resistance offering safe, efficient and innovative products. Speaking of innovation, Mixer offers also electron beam and UV crosslinkable products.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

G.F: In recent times, the world scenario changed quickly and today it is difficult to foresee the future concretely. Regarding its market, Mixer definitely will continue to provide innovative solutions, transmitting added value to its customers and to the whole cable industry.