Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and activities.

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK: We are a family-owned medium sized business with 130 employees. The main focus are Auxiliary Steering Systems and “Steer By Wire” Systems for almost all kind of vehicles and industries. We supply big OEM truck manufacturers as well as special modification companies which have to design a special vehicle for only 1 end user.

The systems fulfil ECE-79 R regulations and therefore can be used in On-Highway applications.

Due to a new generation of Safety Steering Computers, we are able to fulfil safety levels up to ASIL-D, Pl e or AgPl e.

E.E: Which were the best-selling products this year?

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK: Our EHLA systems for On-Highway applications. Even during Corona, we have realized a very high demand of these system within the agriculture vehicle industry.

E.E: Which are the most significant projects in 2020?

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK: We have created new solutions for the agriculture vehicle industry as ISOBUS and a special, easy-to use connection between tractor and trailer which makes life easier for the farmer.

Another important project is a new generation of Safety Steering computers for automatic guided vehicles which can fulfil safety standards up to PL e and will have the possibility to connect external scanners via PROFISAFE.

E.E: Which solutions / products were used in the projects?

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK: Let us talk about the tools which we are using in order to execute the projects. We are working with an ISO 26262-related development process which is unusual for a medium sized company as we are.

One important software tool is POLARION which was important for the success of these complex projects.

E.E: What are your forecasts for 2021?

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK: Covid-19 will still have an impact on our business as we are quite close to automotive industry and GSE (Ground support equipment). As a medium sized business, we are quite flexible and can adapt ourselves to these circumstances.

Other industries as intralogistics vehicles and agriculture vehicles will compensate a part of this Covid 19 impact. So, we look positively into the future.