Mosmatic AG is a family owned manufacturer based in Switzerland. For more than 40 years, the company successfully supply quality products for car wash and high pressure industries as well as the rotary unions market. At the main location of the business they manufacture the entire range of products and also handle a big part of the distribution of Mosmatic’s global network. Mosmatic has four locations around the world, in the USA, Canada, Australia and, of course, the company’s main location, in Switzerland.

Mosmatic is proud to process premium materials by using the latest technology machinery to produce high quality components and products. The company market ready-made products for reselling and also offer customized solutions in state-of-the-art design. Reliability and the positive experience of using Mosmatic products are due to continued improvements towards design, efficiency and durability.

Patrick Rieben (Managing Director): “For us quality is not just a slogan, but the benchmark for our efforts, priorities and goals.”

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Mosmatic: We are mainly active in three areas, Car Wash, High Pressure Cleaning and Rotary Unions. In the area of car wash we offer a complete range of products needed to equip a self-serve car wash bay. We also offer the largest selection of ceiling booms and wall booms worldwide. Mosmatic products are well known for various applications. Whether it is cleaning in your car wash, truck wash, or undercarriage or complete cleaning, we assist you with the matching products.

In the area of High Pressure Cleaning we provide efficient cleaning equipment for various operations. We set our standards high when it comes to the best quality, ergonomic design and sustainable products that are made for daily use.

In the area of Mosmatic Rotary Unions we give you the performance you can count on. Adapted to your needs with high or low rotation, flow and pressure. The wide range of Mosmatic Rotary Union product lines offers a reliable solution for all of your requirements. In addition, customer-specific solutions are always a topic for the swivels, which we are happy to include.

E.E: What‘s the news for 2020 about new products?

Mosmatic: We designed a new Hurricane series. With our mobile undercarriage cleaning devices cleaning of all kinds of vehicles like cars, construction machines, fire engines or trucks is possible. The new Hurricane series differentiates in cleaning height and the swiveling head. In the following we give you some more information about our two biggest Hurricane models.
The Undercarriage Cleaner Hurricane Pro (HURp-520) is built for the cleaning task. Thanks to the adjustable cleaning head users can also wash the sides of their vehicles. The HURp comes equipped with stabilizer nozzles. By adding air to the water stream this special feature creates a compact and strong water stream over a wide distance.  It enables the cleaning of vehicles with big chassis clearance without pressure loss.

Three big 360° casters make the HURp easy to maneuver, even on uneven surfaces. The undercarriage cleaner can be used up to 275bar with a hot or cold water high pressure pump.

The model Hurricane Pro (HURpz-520) is also equipped with a low pressure option. This way different chemicals can be applied to achieve an even better cleaning result. You can also use disinfectant with it to keep surroundings free of germs, like bacteria and viruses. This low pressure option can be added to all of our Hurricane models

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

Mosmatic: We offer a wide range of products in the three areas of Car Wash, High Pressure Cleaning and Rotary Unions providing the perfect solution for almost all applications. All of our products are of high quality and durability.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Mosmatic: Since we are active in different areas there is no unified answer. The car wash market is an established one with lots of innovations. So we work on improvements and solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

The rotary unions market is increasing, more and more companies automate their processes and a lot is happening there. Special solutions and new innovations are needed. That’s where we come in and work with our customers to find the perfect solution.

In the high end segment of the high pressure industry we are the market leader. We stand out from our competitors, because we offer durable, high performance products, especially for industrial use.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Mosmatic: The COVID-19 virus has a big influence on the cleaning industry. Cleaning is a very present topic at the moment. A lot of asked for products right now are those that can kill bacteria and viruses. Mosmatic offers different solutions in this area, for example the Steaminator which cleans with steam and the heat can kill viruses and bacteria. All of our floor cleaners can be used with water temperatures up to 120°C.

E.E: We also focus on the topic of sustainable production.

Mosmatic: Switzerland is one of the countries with the strictest environmental regulations worldwide. We are not just following those regulations but going beyond them. As manufacturer of rotary unions, car wash and high pressure equipment we are well aware of our responsibility towards nature. The green leaf represents our dedication to the sustainability of Mosmatic products.

Finding innovative solutions, new developments, improvements of efficiency and working together with our customers remains one of our main goals.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Mosmatic: Among other things there would be our LED booms for the self-service car wash. The LED booms can be customized and adapted to our customers’ needs.

There is also our Mosmatic floor cleaner Aqua with an integrated water suction. Large areas indoors and outdoors are not a problem for the stainless steel floor cleaner. Due to the suction device on the hood of the floor cleaner no additional industrial vacuum cleaner is needed. The dirty water easily gets sucked up with the venturi principle and can be drained through a regular hose.

E.E: What estimates do you have for 2020?

Mosmatic: That is hard to say, especially during the Covid-19 crises. These are unsure times for the economy and a lot of companies have to take on new challenges. It is now more important than ever for companies to stay flexible and adaptable.

Mosmatic receives and covers their needs with local raw material to insure production and capability to continue delivery to the global market. As a manufacturer it is important to focus on our strengths and to provide a strong and healthy environment to be able to act accordingly in this crisis.

Mosmatic is on a good way and we take this crisis as a chance.