Easy Engineering: How was 2020 for your business, a short summary?

MP ELETTRONICA: MP Elettronica designs and sells circuit for vibratory feeders since 1985. It is a niche of the automation industry that, even during crisis, reacts quickly. No one could have imagined a year like 2020. It was a year that put business to the test, but it was also an opportunity to stop and look for alternative solutions. Despite the decline in turnover, we have designed new circuits that we will launch this year. Moreover, we have improved internal processes to offer an even higher quality service. For this reason, we cannot consider it a negative year despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

E.E: What new products/services will be launched this year?

MP ELETTRONICA: 2020 was a year characterized by research and development: we have designed new circuit and instruments that we will launch this year.

For example, we designed a frequency circuit at 80-250V. This means a single unit for markets with different Hz and tension. A great advantage for those who export all over the world and don’t have to worry about sending the right controller or mechanically tuning the feeders. For more info we suggest looking at

Moreover, we have improved the layout of high current controllers – up to 25A – to satisfy the tastes of our customers, while maintaining the high reliability and quality that distinguish our production.

Lastly, we have noticed a gap in the market and that is why we decided to develop a vibrometer, an indispensable tool for anyone who uses electromagnetic feeders.

How did the market change in the last year?    The market is more attentive to innovative but, at the same time, reliable solutions, all at a fair price. This is what we, at MP Elettronica, try to give, thanks to the continuous research for new but cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, integration between the different systems is sought to always have everything under control and prevent downtime.

E.E: What were the best-selling products of 2020?

MP ELETTRONICA: In 2020 we consolidated our presence in the light industry even more, with reliable but user-friendly products, both phase angle (model R3FC) and frequency (model RF4PWM). We have seen an increase in sales of this products despite the pandemic: a sign of our customers’ appreciation.

What sector of business do you think is expected to grow this year?     In 2021 we hope for an increase in the entire manufacturing industry, having a product that can be used in different industry (such as packaging, food, automotive, dosing and so on). Anyway, we will certainly benefit from the growth of the pharmaceutical and food sectors. Therefore, our specific dosing controllers like model RF4PWM will follow this growth trend.

We expect a growth of frequency controllers thanks to the possibility of being used in markets with different Hz without tuning the feeder. Essential feature for those who export to different countries.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

MP ELETTRONICA: Our forecasts for 2021 are positive. We hope to, at least partially, recover the lost turnover and consolidate our presence abroad, especially in the United States. We think we have good growth opportunities thanks to the launch of new products and the continuous study of solutions that improve the performance of our customers. We want to be a reliable business partner, not just a supplier

E.E: A short message for collaborators for the beginning of the year.

MP ELETTRONICA: In recent months we have repeated to our collaborators that in the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity. We need to get involved with positivity and learn from what is happening around us. We are a team and together we can achieve unexpected goals.

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