By creating the distinguished design of lighting fixtures, Nordlux has been offering a wide variety of quality lighting products at attractive prices without washing away over time.

The story of Nordlux began in 1977; back then, Nordlux was just a small lighting company in Denmark.

Today, with all the efforts and hard work, Nordlux has now become one of the most attractive lighting suppliers in the country and are expanding their business throughout Europe; nevertheless, they are still striving to become better and deliver the best quality lighting products to the market.

Besides, the company manages their marketing and on-the-ground sales team to create the best and precisive marketing schemes for Nordlux. Manufacturing end-to-end by operating with the LED leader in the world – Yankon – also gives us the biggest competitive advantage to stand out from the market.

Nordlux has been maintaining a combination of sourced products and in-house design. They consist of three brands – Nordlux, Energetic, and Design For The People. Each of the brands is manufacturing lighting items differently to provide a wide range of extraordinary functionality lighting fixtures. Nordlux expects to lift people’s quality of life with their lights.

Furthermore, Nordlux is proud to announce that one of their brands, Design For The People, which collaborates with contemporary Danish designers, has reaped several international design awards in recent years, like the Red Dot Award and iF Design Awards. They work continuously to keep this spirit up and create more stunning products.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

NORDLUX: Selling and manufacturing luminaries are the main business activities of Nordlux. To ensure the high quality of our products, we dictate every single procedure from designing to selling the luminaries comprehensively by ourselves. Every year, Nordlux releases a whole branch of novel luminaries collections in each category (bulbs, DFTP, Deco, Indoor, and outdoor assortments), collaborating with different skilled designers. Moreover, Energetic, one of the brands of our group, provides innovative product technology to us, primarily bulbs. Therefore, this is one reason we can successfully offer Nordlux Smart items to our customers.

Apart from manufacturing our products, Nordlux has elite and robust back-end teams to build strong relationships with our beloved customers. Our sales and marketing team offers comprehensive POS materials and online marketing support, including the Nordlux website, social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Channel and Pinterest mood board), catalogues, store displays, shelf danglers, etc. Those POS tools boost our brand’s awareness and preference among the public and make our customers’ marketing activities much more effortless. On the other hand, our back-office team assists in handling the issues from our customers in calls or on different channels to provide solutions for our consumers quickly and precisely. This incredible teamwork facilitates Nordlux to become one of the best lighting companies in Europe.

E.E: What is the news for 2021 about new products?

NORDLUX: Each year, Nordlux introduces more than 200 new great products at surprisingly affordable prices, divided into different categories: Design For The People (abbreviated “DFTP”), decorative, Smart, outdoor and functional lighting. To keep up with current trends, we started to establish our Smart range in recent years and enhance it with new functions and products each year. Other than that, we also increase focus on the design in both DFTP, decorative and outdoor.

After our first attempt to share the Nordlux Smart collection with the public in 2020, we received an excellent result on the smart collection. Therefore, in 2021 we enhanced our technologies to provide better user experiences and connections with our app by taking our customers’ feedback. We have released a Smart Plug device to our Nordlux Smart category this year. This product assists customers in controlling lamps or bulbs and integrating with our app without purchasing any new intelligent lighting products.

The most exciting piece of news on our bulb collection in 2021 is that we are going to introduce beautiful, decorative croissant-shaped bulbs into our bulb collection. These decorative croissant light bulbs not only add an ornamental touch to your own lamp with its elegant design, but customers can also adjust the dimmer level by themselves. Therefore, it offers alternative options for the customer to replace their old bulbs with more decorative and functional ones. Moreover, being environmentally friendly is very important, so we have changed all the packaging of our bulb range into recyclable materials.

Apart from introducing a brand-new Danish design series on outdoor assortments, Nordlux added new additions to the best-selling product ranges. Modern and timeless designs are going to bring an exceptional experience for people to enjoy the outdoor environment. One of the highlighted products is the “Take me anywhere” series; we successfully extend the portable products with more functionality and high-end design for customers.

The decorative assortment expanded significantly, and the fundamental idea of the new collection this year are natural elements of woods and soft shapes, clean industrial lines with an edge, and rethinking design on traditions – Art Deco and Nordic minimalism. These essential elements have brought the trend together in stunning and practical lighting.

For our luxury brand – Design For The People – aside from preserving the unique set of characteristics, including a fixed color palette, made-to-last concepts, and so on, we also utilized the imperfect and organic shape from nature combined with the earlier styles of Art Deco and the present modern styles as the inspiration for the new collection of this year. Our contemporary designers have created lots of dedicated and unique lighting products for the market, making it hard to choose the best one to represent the best item of DFTP this year. However, the highlighted elements of this year’s new collection are soft, feminine lines and exclusive materials.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

NORDLUX: From bulbs to lamps, from outdoor to indoor, from chandeliers to floor lamps, we are dedicated to covering a comprehensive range of lighting products to provide a better living environment to people. Over the past years, our smart items have been invented to catch up with the global market. We have developed a user-friendly Smart app to unlock additional functions of our products via Bluetooth or WiFi, such as adjusting light intensity, changing the lights’ colours, scheduling the on and off time and much more. Meanwhile, we have reformed our luminaries, bulbs, and pieces of equipment to allow consumers to connect and manage them with our Smart app. We are very excited that our comprehensive range of Smart products is being expanded each year and are looking forward to creating more exciting and convenient products in the future.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

NORDLUX: We are now expanding our business throughout Europe and trying to carry it forward to the China market, which includes more than 50 countries, and goes on. Meanwhile, we are striving to become one of the top 3 companies in the European consumer lighting market in the future.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

NORDLUX: Throughout the lighting market, we have concluded two significant trends in the coming years.

Firstly, the ever-changing nature of technology has played a significant role in the rapid expansion of the global lighting industry in recent years. LED and Smart lighting, therefore, has become the successful outcome of the technological advancement in lighting because it is more energy-efficient, cost-saving, reliable, and sustainable. Furthermore, with the increase of public awareness of sustainability, governments have set up regulations to promote environmentally sustainable lighting, causing LED and intelligent lighting systems to become essential throughout the worldwide lighting market. Besides, the popular use of “smart home”, makes Smart lighting a trend in many households. Consumers can precisely control the lighting sources through their “smart” applications and offer more convenience in another way, like changing colour, scheduling the light switch on and off, and voice control.

In addition, since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, people spend more leisure time at home than usual, which has drawn their focus into their homes. These changes consequently remodelled the prerequisite on purchasing the lighting fixtures. People are starting to address how critical a cosy and exquisite home can bring, including lighting; everything at home needs to be practical while stunning to transform their rooms from drab to fabulous. Therefore, lighting design has become the most considerable factor that people choose a lighting product. Scandinavian design as known as minimalistic is one of the top design trends for years to come. The clean and straightforward, neutral colour palette design creates a spaciousness, absence of clutter, and a calm atmosphere at home. In addition, minimalistic design pursues spreading lights as effectively and widely as possible without creating complexity layout. This simplistic design makes the home environment filled with quality lighting fixtures while creating a harmonious atmosphere.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

NORDLUX: Due to the fast-paced and high-tech twenty-one century, ever-changing technology innovation is indispensable. Therefore, it has given rise to a hot lighting technology – Smart lighting, and this technology has become the primary domain throughout the lighting market. The reason that Smart Lighting is popular is that it increases practicality and efficiency in everyday life. It gives the users instant access to their light fixtures and offers tons of extra capabilities in their life, such as setting the scene, adapting to the weather to vary the lighting color, and scheduling the light.

Furthermore, the technologies are also integrated with existing applications to make them more versatile and convenient. For instance, the LED bulbs combined with Bluetooth speakers enable the space to entertain with incredible music without having to purchase extra equipment. Users can readily manage all the functionalities through smartphone apps, and this means that not an overabundance of remote controls nor devices muddling up our space.

Along with the universality of smart light innovation, the lighting industry tends to be more considerate of human health and well-being. Hence, the “Human-centric lighting” feature is invented and starting to be implemented in smart lighting technology. Human-centric lighting will provide specific changes on the dimming level and the colour temperature of the luminaries according to a particular situation. This function can provide positive support and benefit user’s emotional, biological, and visual needs.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

NORDLUX: In our daily lives, we are dealing with different circumstances requiring various types of lighting. Along with the changes in human’s living styles, people expected to be both multi-functional yet still preserving a pleasant atmosphere at their home. Therefore, we improved our Smart items (the functionalities of our Nordlux Smart app, smart accessories and bulbs), where users can more easily and feasibly customize, control and adjust their lights in a simple setting through their digital devices within 60 seconds. Furthermore, we continue to expand some of our best-selling series to create the most significant benefit to our consumers.

In addition, since the pandemic started last year, we have sharply made some changes to adapt to this circumstance for 2021. In this ongoing pandemic situation, most of the fairs are cancelled, and personal interactions are limited; therefore, we foresee that the online platform will be the most prominent tool for our business generation. At the beginning of 2021, we launched our first-ever “Digital Fair” of our 2021 novelties. It is a practical way for consumers to reach our latest novelties without attending the actual fair. They can enjoy our excellent presentation on all the newest products comprehensively through videos and images. Besides, the global business direction is shifting to online business, and consumers tend to browse the internet for ideas and inspiration. Therefore, we update our social media regularly to reach more customers. As a result, we have confidence that all the improvements and changes could bring contributions and substantial competitive advantages to the company in 2021.