NTK Cutting Tools occupies a special place within the cutting tool market. They specialise in the so-called advanced materials. These include ceramics, sialons, bidemics CBN and PCD as well as certain micro grain carbides.

Whilst they concentrate on only 5 or 6 niche areas the development of these materials leads to truly transformational improvements in machining technology.

Whether it is NTK’s silicon nitride used to double the tool life on a cast iron brake disc, or their bidemic range to machine Inconel 718 at cutting speeds of ten times that of carbide the potential improvements for your company are enormous.

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NTK Cutting Tools: High Speed Machining Of Cast Iron

New developments in the production of silicon nitride have resulted in very tough and resilient materials. Turning speeds of 1,000 m/min with feed rates up to 0.7 mm/rev has improved the production of components like brake discs, cylinder liners and flywheels beyond anything previously seen. This allied with improved tool life over carbide make it the ideal choice.

The milling of cylinders bocks, gearbox casings and turbo housings is equally transformed. Cutting speeds up to 1,000 m/min are common.

High Speed Machining Of Aerospace Alloys

The use of ceramic, sialon, whisker and now bidemic has transformed the turning and milling of aerospace alloys such as Inconel 718.

Turning speeds up to 10 times that of carbide are common place. We are now able to mill these nickel chrome alloys at speed up to 1,000 m/min reducing cycle times by many hours.


A whole new category of cutting tool material. The JX1 grade offers cutting speeds up to 500 m/min on aerospace alloys along with increased toughness. The coated JP2 grade has opened up new aerospace applications even allowing for finish turning of aero components.

JPO and JP2

These two new grades offer a whole new area of application in aerospace. They offer the opportunity to not only rough aero alloys at high speed but also finishing. These new grades have very secure edge strength to finish aero parts with no breakage.

Solid Ceramic End Mills

The Ceramatic range of solid ceramic endmills can transform the production times in slotting and shoulder milling of aero components.

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NTK Cutting Tools: Hard Part Machining

NTK Cutting Tools offers multiple solutions for the machining of hard materials. With both a range of mixed ceramic grades like HC2 and HC7, coated grade like ZC7 alongside a comprehensive range of CBN inserts.


NTK has recently released its best hard turning ceramic ever. HX5 is a new generation of mixed ceramic. It offers the tool life performance of CBN but with a price comparable to ceramic.

Sliding Head Machine Tooling

NTK’s Small Shank Tooling range is one of the most comprehensive on the market. The range features many inserts and tools with special features specifically targeted at sliding head machine applications.

Front Turning – including both micro grain carbide and cermet inserts with a range of special forms and chipbreakers. New development of front turning is TFX, The Front Max, which goes up to 5,0mm depth of cut.

  • Back Turning – depths of cut up to 7.5 mm;
  • Grooving – widths from 0.3 mm to 6 mm;
  • Part Off – smallest part off width is 0.5 mm;
  • Boring and Back Boring;
  • Broaching;
  • Threading.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

NTK Cutting Tools: The market trends NTK focuses on are difficult to machine materials such as, HRSA/ stainless steel / titanium, and high productivity solutions.

Automotive parts are getting smaller and lighter for down sizing. Medical parts are getting smaller for less damage to the bodies. Electric device parts are also getting smaller for more complex constructions.

All those smaller parts requires tougher materials which are more difficult to protect tool life, or control chips.

NTK developed new material grades like BIDEICS, new coating grades like ST4, and new chip breakers like TFX for better productivity and better tool life.