Project: BOSCH FE401, Stuttgart, Germany, 2018 Architecture: AIG Planungs- und Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Electrical planning engineering: ProPlan Beratende Ingenieure Part GmbB Sales Partner: Trieschmann Gmbh Photography: Konrad Zerbe Products: inVision One of the distinctive characteristics of BOSCH FE401 (Stuttgart, Germany, 2018) is the use of wood panels in the ceilings. inVision, with 600mm length, was chosen to illuminate this spaces and was discreetly adapted between the panels.


Manufacturing lighting fixtures for more than 60 years, O/M is a premium Portuguese brand that combines design and technology to create high-quality lighting solutions for diverse venues. Experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge expertise, supported by trusted professional relationships, are applied every day to create products of maximum efficiency.

Designing these solutions meant constant testing and iteration, resulting in the knowledge and experience that are the foundation of O/M today. Strengthening its capacity for new, tailored products, O/M’s team of specialists guarantees interpretation and implementation for each unique project.

Quality, certification and accuracy are on display at the state-of-the-art O/M laboratory. In addition to certifying products at key stages, it reduces development lead-time, and speeds customer support and requests for customization.

Beyond this, O/M’s lab allows rapid solutions to design challenges and real-time process control. Its measurement tools allow evaluation of all product parameters during development, and in support of production. This provides quick evaluation of prototypes, speeding up development internally and with external partners. Testing done in the lab results in data sheets, supporting response to ongoing activity and customization, and improving service to the customer. This quality is driven by human assets, involved throughout the cycle of design, development and sale. Besides collaborating with the greatest specialists in the world, O/M’s staff, working in multidisciplinary teams, ensure the efficient management needed to create the best tools for great lighting design.

In little more than a century, O/M evolved from a craftsman’s workshop, realizing partners’ concepts, into a structured company with factories in Portugal and Brazil, 28 sales partners in 25 countries and more than 14000 projects around the world. O/M catalogue offers customers a variety of options and comprehensive ranges, complemented by formats and modules that can adapt to different applications.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

O/M: O/M was established as a brand in 2012 after 60 years of experience manufacturing technical lighting fixtures for different market sectors, as Residential, Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, and others.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

O/M: During 2021, O/M will release new solutions and extend the product range of some of its best sellers.

Early this year, O/M launched Tubo Evo Super Spot. This external wall-grazer, with IP67 and IK08, increased its set of different optics and is now available with four beam angles (flood, elliptical, spot and super spot).

Recently, O/M has launched the Beam adjustable. Presenting different flux, colour temperature and beam angles, this versatile ceiling-recessed downlight can now be oriented on the horizontal and vertical axes.

In the next months, we will announce Surface and Pendant versions of our downlight One, known by its outstanding visual comfort and glare control.

And many other news will appear… Stay tuned for more!

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

O/M: O/M catalogue offers to the customers a variety of options and complete product ranges, composed by formats and modules that can be adapted to different applications. From downlights and spotlights, to made-to-measure linear and diffuse luminaires, complex customizable and modular Systems, diffuse solutions or emergency signage.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

O/M: O/M is now a structured company with factories in Portugal and Brazil, 28 Sales Partners in 25 countries and more than 14.000 projects around the world. O/M has a consolidated presence in the European market, with an exponential growth in countries like Germany, France and Benelux, among others. Over the past year, also extended its operations in new geographies, exploring markets as Korea, Singapore and other Southwest Asian countries.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

O/M: The changing nature of work is driving the transformation of workspaces. Today, work is flexible, collaborative and increasingly creative. Thus, workspaces should be inspiring environments that improve not only physical but also mental wellbeing. More than fulfilling functional goals, the contemporary workspace lighting meets new demands such as energy efficiency, emissions and light pollutions control, low maintenance and long lifespan, ergonomic and visual comfort, etc.

People in an agreeable room atmosphere are more motivated and more efficient since optimal lighting improves the performance of visual tasks and promotes communication. So, lighting is now a key factor to guarantee optimal working conditions with major influence to improve productivity – either in a residential or corporate environment.

In this sense, O/M is daily seeking for lighting solutions where you can find the perfect combination between design and technology. Maximum flexibility and efficiency, low UGR levels, heigh CRI values, tunable white and Casambi control options are some examples of our everyday technical challenges.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

O/M: Among other products, O/M has launched, past year, two great innovations: Octo and inFinit.

Octo is one of the smallest recessed downlights. A tiny chameleon for any application, its advanced optics provide the perfect balance of almost-invisible integration and visual comfort. Developed in partnership with Bartenbach GmbH the focal-lens with complex surfaces to provide a focal point throughout an 8mm aperture for low glare illumination. With IP65, it can be placed in wet areas or even in an exterior ceiling.

inFinit is a made-to-measure and elegant linear solution which optical system is the latest innovation from O/M’s partnership with Bartenbach GmbH. inFinit’s seamless, micro-LED elliptical optical system, recessed inside an aluminium profile, achieves unsurpassed glare control and visual comfort. With limitless extensibility and optional indirect light, its ergonomic performance makes it ideal for workplaces. Both Flood and Wide Flood direct beam angles allow for exceptional levels of visual comfort (respectively, UGR<13 or UGR<16 and UGR<19).

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

O/M: Over the current year, O/M desires to present innovative and tailored products that will meet the expectations of our demanding Sales Partners and clients such as Lighting designers, Electrical Engineers, Architects, etc.

O/M also aims to increase its recognition and sales in the consolidated markets, to strengthen its operations in the markets in the process of maturation and to launch its presence in the emerging markets.

Finally, O/M intends to consolidate its strategy in terms of sustainability with regard to reducing the use of plastic and its replacement with recycled and recyclable materials as well as implement other practices related to ecological behavior and sustainability.