Easy Engineering: What product ranges are sold and what types of services do you offer?

OELCHECK: OELCHECK is the leading laboratory for lubricant and fuel analysis in Europe. With our all-inclusive analysis kits, you get everything in one box. Every all-inclusive analysis kit contains an individually shrink-wrapped OELCHECK sample container (100 ml) with lid in kit colour, a sample information form with deductible laboratory number, a pre-addressed return envelope as well as the laboratory analysis with final laboratory report. In addition to hydraulic, gear, engine, compressor and heat transfer oils, we also test insulating and transformer oils, refrigerator oils, coolants and antifreeze, turbine oils, fuels and greases in our laboratory. 

Please find an overview of the scope of our tests here: 

E.E: How do these products/services differ from other types on the market?

OELCHECK: By speed

At our oil analysis laboratory in Brannenburg, we can deliver a report with a meaningful diagnosis for every analysed oil sample within 24 hours. 

Through first-class laboratory management

OELCHECK is the leading laboratory for lubricant and fuel analysis in Europe. Since 1991, our laboratory in Brannenburg/Upper Bavaria/Germany has been analysing and evaluating lubricants (oils and greases), operating fluids (diesel and heating oil) and coolants. The diagnosis of all laboratory results is carried out exclusively by our OELCHECK tribologists in Germany. 

Through quality “Made in Germany“

Quality is our top priority when processing all oil, grease and coolant samples. Customers from all industries have appreciated OELCHECK’s reliability and competence for over 29 years. Only through the best performance – and that every day – we achieve that our customers are always happy to order their lubricant and operating material analyses from us, whether for trend analyses or new machines. 

All processes in our laboratory are integrated into quality management and environmental management systems. Our company has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995 and also according to DIN EN ISO 14001 since 2001.

Through innovation

We consistently invest in new breakthrough technologies and optimize our comprehensive maintenance services. OELCHECK is the trend-setting laboratory for lubricant and fuel analysis in Europe and will continue to be the pioneer in the field of modern lubricant analysis par excellence.

Through sustainability
The all-inclusive analysis kits reveal everything about the machine condition. If the condition of moving components in the machine or system is monitored with lubricant and operating material analyses, sustainable use of the available resources can be achieved.

By detecting wear at an early stage, unplanned downtime can be avoided and effective machine utilization achieved. By avoiding lubricant-related failures, machines can remain in use longer and need to be replaced less frequently by new purchases.

E.E: Which customer profiles are you targeting?

OELCHECK: Our solution is of interest to all customers who use lubricants and operating fluids. No matter whether they are operators, manufacturers or service companies. 

E.E: What kind of work do users do who use these products/services?

OELCHECK: Customers from all industries appreciate the reliability and competence of OELCHECK. In modern maintenance and repair, OELCHECK analyses are indispensable. Whether power generation, transportation, automotive, etc. – the spectrum is as diverse as the requirements.

Lubricants ensure trouble-free operation of vehicle and gas engines, wind turbines, construction machinery, aircraft, industrial plants and virtually all machines that deliver top performance every day.

E.E: How do your products/services improve the work of users?

OELCHECK: With our oil analysis, grease analysis, coolant analysis or fuel analysis, the maintenance and change or relubrication intervals can be adapted to the actual condition of the machines. The energy and personnel costs associated with maintenance and oil changes can thus be reduced with regular oil analysis or lubricant analysis. 

The laboratory report, with its high-quality results and easy-to-understand comments from our tribologists, allows plant and service managers to correctly assess the condition of equipment, plan maintenance, prevent failures and maximise uptime at low cost. 

E.E: What are the innovative features of the products/services?

OELCHECK: OELCHECK is digitally ahead. Especially in the last year, our customers have increasingly benefited from the advantages of our digital services. The free OELCHECK app 4.0 offers our customers an easy way to enter sample data for trend analyses. Customer-specific information and details on the individual aggregates from which the samples originate are only stored once. The OELCHECK customer portal www.LAB.REPORT is practical because it contains lots of monitoring and control processes. Our customers simply log into the digital data world of OELCHECK with their personal password.

E.E: What are the most common problems and how have you helped to solve them?

OELCHECK: Every lubricant ages during its use. High operating temperatures and contact with oxygen accelerate this process. Contaminants, such as dust, water or wear particles, as well as more difficult operating conditions also have a negative effect on the lubricant.

OELCHECK helps to identify these risks at an early stage. In the process, the lubricant itself provides information about its own condition and that of the machine.

With a lubricant, operating fluid or coolant analysis from OELCHECK, the maintenance and change intervals are adapted to the actual condition of your machines and oil fillings.

In addition to greases, coolants and fuels, you can also have us analyse lubricants from gearboxes, engines, hydraulics, transformers, turbines, compressors, heat transfer systems and refrigeration machines. Each analysis is precisely tailored to the component to be examined.

E.E: What products/solutions will you bring to market in the future?

OELCHECK: As the leading laboratory for lubricant and service fluid analysis in Europe, we strive to constantly improve our services. This is because we want to continue to inspire our customers with the latest innovations and prove to them time and again that we are the technology leader. Internally, we rely on further training and state-of-the-art hardware and software as well as efficient laboratory and office equipment. 

With our lubricant and operating material analyses, we also want to achieve sustainable use of available resources in the future.

E.E: How do you assess the end of the year?

OELCHECK: During the Corona crisis, OELCHECK increasingly contributed to safeguarding the operation of wind turbines, power plants, gas engines or other energy production facilities. It became clear: OELCHECK is systemically relevant for the maintenance of power generation plants. 

Moreover, the Corona crisis provided no justification for not taking upcoming oil samples. This is because our all-inclusive analysis kits already contain everything needed for the uncomplicated collection and shipment of samples. Easy-to-understand instructions for optimal sample collection are included in the shipping box or are available at 

Equipped with the sample bottles, the sample information form and the return envelope, the collection is immediately successful even for an “inexperienced” person who may have to stand in for the usual service technician.

The Corona pandemic and its consequences present us all with extraordinary challenges. But even in this difficult situation, we are working flat out – while observing the necessary safety measures – to provide our services and customer service with the usual quality.

You are welcome to visit our website to find more information about OELCHECK: 

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