OILSAFE is an innovative Italian SME based in Modena. Their core business is the supply of machines, systems and maintenance services to manufacturers and end-users in the field of hydraulic systems and lubrication fluids but they also supply systems working with other fluids, like water and water glycol.

Easy Engineering: Which are the main areas of activity of the company?

OILSAFE: Oilsafe operates in many sectors: power generation and oil&gas for maintenance services, hydraulic sector for test benches but we work also for automotive and transportation, industry. Moreover, our new product range, the Cleanliness Cabinet, will allow to extend our engagement in automotive sector to a wider prospects including the component makers and offer a new solution to all existing customers and prospects of hydraulic market.

E.E: What is your range of products?

OILSAFE: We have five product ranges: test benches, power packs and manifold, oil treatment machines, Maintenance services and oil analyses, Cleanliness Cabinet (brand new).

We have already talked about the Cleanliness Cabinet. Among the rest of products, I would focus on machines for oil treatment: oil filtration, water separators, varnish removal and flushing units. They are used mainly by end users or renting companies in power generation, oil&gas and heavy industry sectors. Customers can save a lot of money, if the oil is recovered instead of being changed and disposed. The greatest benefit can be found in case of big oil quantity like in gas or steam turbines or in rolling mill plant.

All our machines are designed based on our experience in maintenance. They are firstly tested by our technician on the field as they must guarantee not only the performances but they have to be enough fast to speed up the treatment process.

E.E: Which are the Oilsafe strengths?

OILSAFE: Well, even if we are not a big company, we have a very well integrated organization. More than two years ago we indeed established (machines and test benches) a new software department that supports mainly our machines division. Therefore, now we can exert a thorough control on the product development process and it enables us to accelerate the development of the custom projects based on our customer demand and provide a more accurate post sale services in case of troubles.

The standard machines have got a tangible benefit as well by this new organization as we are now able to propose options and new updates each time a customer ask for a different feature to solve their problems. Nowadays all machines are controlled by electronics and the demand of data acquisition management is going up every day and Oilsafe wanted to be in line with market developments.

E.E: What news for 2021 about new products?

OILSAFE: 2021 will be the year of launch of our new Cleanliness Cabinet. It is a disruptive machine able to perform a cleanliness component analyses according to ISO16232 or VDA19. We’ve already won many awards and received a contribution for innovative companies in the context of Horizon 2020 plan.

The machine integrates a full process of cleanliness evaluation including an extraction unit, a dryer, a microscope and a visual image system to release in full automated mode a certification according the above norms. Target customers are all component makers and OEM in automotive and hydraulic sector where nowadays the supply of cleaned component is a must. The machine is a portable white-room and it can replace a dedicated lab for ISO16232/VDA19 analyses. It is patented and doesn’t operate with high skill resources like a laboratory should require. This is an help to get the certification more accessible to medium and even small companies.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

OILSAFE: End of 2020 and beginning of 2021 were positive, at least if compared to the rest of 2020.

Now we see a standby of inquiries. Companies are very cautious because the future is not predictable but the outlook for the second half of 2021 is positive. We expect a partially recovery after 2020 losses and we are ready to catch all opportunities.

Oilsafe is strived to launch the new machines, the Cleanliness Cabinet and after the cancellations of all exhibitions up to the summer, we are confident we can start again from September onward. We have already planned two events, one in Italy, Geofluid, dedicated to drilling solutions and we will show are industrial solutions for this market, and one in Germany, the Parts2Clean, dedicated to components cleanliness and fluid treatment. It will be the first international showcase for our disruptive solution and we count on it as a springboard for all Oilsafe.