Phoenix Labeling is a private held company, founded in 1994, with headquarter and factory based in Bareggio (Milan area), Italy.

The company is world leader in the designing and manufacturing of smart electric Print & Apply labeling systems, modular label applicators and other labelling solutions for the automatic application of adhesive labels. Phoenix Labeling sells their own labeling equipment exclusively through a network of distributors, system integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Interview with Lucia Maronati, Marketing Specialist at Phoenix Labeling.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Lucia Maronati: Phoenix Labeling is expert in the identification of secondary and tertiary packaging through automatic labeling solutions. Our business core consists of the designing and manufacturing of smart labeling equipment for the End-Of-Line. Today, more than 30.000 Phoenix labeling machines are helping various manufacturing companies to identify their bundles, boxes and pallets while maximizing their logistics operations. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

L.M: Our products are unique of a kind thanks to four main key differantiators:

They are electric.

The main advantage of using electric applicators with our range of Print & Apply systems is the significantly reduced use of compressed air in comparison to pneumatic applicators:

By reducing the costs related to compressed air of 80%, the Total Cost of Ownership of our equipment will be drastically decreased, thus allowing any customer to have a very quick return from the investment. 

By eliminating the use of compressed air for the movement of the applicators, maintenance activities will be less frequent and more cost-effective. 

Electric Print & Apply systems give you precise control of any applicator parameter (stroke length, extension/retraction speed, etc.) and extreme accuracy and safety for the operators.


The modularity concept of all Phoenix Labeling machines allows the replacement of completely different applicators modules quickly and efficiently. As business and production grows, the machines are adaptable to ensure work is not interrupted.


Every Phoenix machine is designed to be intrinsically safe for the operators.

The use of stepper motors guarantees low-torque movements of every actuator. 

We provide documentation to easily certify our machines according to your local safety standard.

Remote assistance

Take advantage of a powerful software architecture to deliver remote assistance to your customers. 

Your customers can send you detailed reports and configurations simply by sharing with you a bidimensional code. 

Troubleshooting and remote assistance have never been so easy to handle.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

L.M: We produce both Print & Apply systems and modular Label Applicators for self-adhesive labels.

We have two different series of Print & Apply:

4050 series is dedicated to the printing and application of identification labels on secondary packaging (case shippers, boxes, bundle packs, …). These innovative machines are driven by a powerful electronic, with a unique software architecture, which allows the extreme optimisation of any parameter: 4050 is designed to be flexible, scalable, highly-reliable and to work with any compatible print engine. The electronic it’s enclosed into the powerful Unwinder/Rewinder unit, and connected to the print engine, powers different modular applicators. The 4050 series represents one of the most complete range of applicators  to help end-users’ maximize productivity goals through flexibility: pneumatic or electric axis, applications performed onto any side of products of different dimensions, either moving or steady, at a variable speed.

AP182 is an automatic print and apply system, suitable for the application of A5 labels on multiple sides of a pallet, in compliance with the international logistic identification standards(GS1). Both the system and axis are fully electric and programmable. AP182 is built to print and apply from one to three labels, in the exact desired position of the pallet. Safe and ergonomic for the operator, the system is enclosed into a robust aluminum cabinet to be protected from dust and dirty environments. The footprint of the AP182 series is small, allowing it to be positioned easily and sidewise the pallet roller conveyor areas. Its automatic electric door opens only when the pallet is in application position.

We also produce modular Label Applicators, the 122 series. The compatibility between our powerful electronics allows the integration of the same label dispensing units of our Print & Apply series (both electric and pneumatic applicators). Designed to be as compact as possible without compromising performance and reliability, this series covers most labeling needs. The 122 Series is perfect for a simple integration into OEM packaging lines due to its communication capability and its slim and smart design.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

L.M: In this very moment, the industry of Automatic Products Identification is growing esponentially. More and more manufacturing companies are deciding to automatize their packaging lines to decrease the costs an maximize the efficiency of their Supply Chain.  

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

L.M: We are receiving many requests for flexible, full-electric and high-performance labeling equipment, especially for E-Commerce and Distribution Centers applications. Nowadays, manufacturers from different industries are looking for: reliable machines able to operate 24/7; innovative solutions capable to decrease the operational costs and maximize the equipment efficiency; flexibility to easily adapt to fast-changing demands from the market. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

L.M: Our most innovative product is the EP4050 Electric pad applicator.

It is a full-electric Print & Apply system which doesn’t need at all compressed air for the management of the labeling cycle: labels are hold onto the application pad thanks to a full-electric van, the application onto the product is gently performed by contact with a Wipe-On systems.  

EP4050 is the perfect solution to apply labels on boxes with variable heights, typically in E-Commerce and Distribution Centers automatic packaging lines. The system can dynamically adapt the height of the applicator stroke using a smart laser sensor.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

L.M: This year we expect to grow by 30% in comparison to 2021. This sensational result is even more relevant if we consider that we will double the turnover of 2020, and we expect to continue this double digit growth also in the following years.