PN PRECAST SL has been developing its activity in the precast concrete machinery sector from the past 17th years.

PN PRECAST is a benchmark in the design, production and marketing for precast concrete machinery.

The company stands out for the high technology they offer to clients and the service they provide for design, production, delivery, installation and post-sales service. PN PRECAST has positioned themselves in different markets such as North Africa, Middle East, Europe, Russia and South America, participating in large-scale projects, both in civil works as in building.

Since 2010, the companyhas been developing prefabricated construction systems for clients – Systems with a high level of successful results.

PN PRECAST offers a global and comprehensive solution for precast concrete factories needs: they design, manufacture and install machinery and accessories needed to create concrete elements, bridges, residential and industrial buildings through a sophisticated system developed entirely by PN PRECAST.

Among the services, PN PRECAST takes care of the entire process. They provide production and assembly for prefabricated concrete machinery: they take care of the complete project, from technical advice, industrial design, development and the setup for a correct implantation.

Countries such as Portugal, Italy, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, already have our machinery to produce precast concrete parts.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

PN PRECAST: Production and assembly services for Concrete Precast Machinery.

Each installation is an individualized project, we provide the necessary services for the whole process to be a success.

After commissioning, we remain with our clients, supplying the prefabrication technology.

Our engineering team has extensive experience in prefabrication, in direct contact with the industrial implantation, the factory production and on-site assembly.

Therefore, we can offer services to achieve production and assembly at low costs, resulting in durable constructions of great quality.


At PNPRECAST we offer our technical advisory service for industrial construction projects. We provide solutions and techniques for designing or retrofitting precast concrete for factories or specific moulds.

Our technical service develops designs of the different moulds to adapt to our customer needs, whether they are common prefabricated or unique pieces. In addition, we provide a professional service for calculating prefabricated, both reinforced and prestressed and for any piece typology.


PNPRECAST has facilities adapted to the different manufacturing processes where each project is managed independently. In our workshop we industrialize the machinery construction for precast concrete, optimizing the different areas, design and technical office, cutting, stockpiling, welding and assembly, machining, final finishes and testing area. 

On one hand, we carry out the installation for precast concrete machinery, as well as the setup, until the desired production is obtained. On the other hand, we offer our clients the possibility of manufacturing their own warehouse with the moulds acquired from PNPRECAST, providing designs and calculations. This way We manage to reduce unnecessary investment.

Set up and maintenance 

We also offer our clients advise in production, either through the development and implementation of the processes and procedures generated in each project, transfer of Know-How, or through direct intervention of qualified personnel to pass their experience to our client´s personnel.

We offer our customers an after-sales service supply of all kinds of consumable and replacement material, as well as tools and auxiliary accessories for prefabrication.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

PN PRECAST: Distribution and concrete with our vehicle load PN-Panthera

Concrete distribution in a precast concrete production facility is a key factor for the overall system efficiency.

PN-PANTHERA is a motorized wheeled vehicle capable of loading concrete directly from the concreting installation and distribute it in the formwork. This vehicle is conceived to satisfy all the requirements regarding the transport and internal distribution of concrete.

Because of its versatility and maneuverability, it represents a very good solution and economical for fast transport and distribution of concrete within precast facilities, with a significant reduction in emptying times without the need for be equipped with external infrastructures.

A single operator can transport concrete from the concreting installation. The distribution within the formwork is guaranteed by a rotating anterior channel, which can rotate 360 ° in a mobilized ranch by a gear motor.

Distribution within the formwork is guaranteed by a rotary anterior channel that can rotate 360 ° in a mobilized ramp by a gearmotor.

The front chute / hopper group can be inclined to allow emptying at a height of more than 3 meters.

PN-Panthera Concrete Loader and Distributor Characteristics.

The PN-PANTHERA concrete discharge and distribution machine has the following characteristics:

Rigid and strong structure suitable for working on uneven ground.

Powered by a servo-driven hydraulics diesel engine.

Concrete Transport without any segregation of the inserts. Auger distribution and unloading system, which guarantees the correct amount of concrete needed in each situation. Reduced centre distance to ensure minimum bend radius allowing operation in tight spaces. Hydraulic power steering on the front axle.

Various types and wheels dimensions: tubeless or super elastic; Twin or single rear wheels, dimension according to customer requirements and type of bottom. 

Guide cabin with acoustic and thermal insulation, with windscreen wiper, ventilation system and adjustable internal air conditioning. Possibility of installing a video control to verify the rear area of the machine, with a video camera installed in the cabin.


Tilting tables allow the manufacture of reinforced concrete panels intended for cladding and bearing walls in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The precast concrete panels can be of different thicknesses and required dimensions.

The main components of tilting tables for production concrete panels are:

Concrete structure and formwork: The design is adapted to the needs and specific structural checks are carried out. Best results are offered with structural profiles traceability and quality control and homogeneity control of the veneers on the surface.

Sides Formwork and dividers: Concrete panel tables are provided with one or two side bands and dividers. Hydraulic drive, mechanical or with magnetic fixation. Height of sides and dividers can be modular. The form is adapted to the connection chosen by the Customer.

Tilting system: Turning tables for concrete panels incorporate systems for independent tilting of each of the halves (81º one part, 180º the other part). Tipping system is complete, formed by pistons to tilt the panel, hydraulic circuit and central drive.

Vibration system: The tables incorporate a vibration system composed of vibrators and a power circuit, with individual or joint drive. Vibrators can be pneumatic or electric. 

Heating system: The tilting tables can optionally incorporate a heating system to accelerate the concrete curing. The system consists of a circuit of pipes and insulation. The insulation can be thermal canvas or sandwich panel.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

PN PRECAST: We have a wide range of products to meet our clients’ needs, divided by type as follows:

Machinery for enclosures: Specific machinery for concrete panels and walls production. Fixed or tilting tables, vertical battery, table carousel and double wall tables.

Machinery for structures: Specific machinery concrete structural elements production. Column and reinforced beams moulds, casting bed and side formwork for prestressed beams, prestressed rib moulds and prestressed floor moulds.  

Machinery for special elements: Custom-designed machinery according to the client’s indications. Funerary moulds (niches, graves and columbariums). Agricultural sector moulds (livestock buildings, enclosures and special pieces, post-tensioned silos …), Moulds for sanitation (manholes, tubes and cones, frames and semi-frames …) and Monoblock or 3D moulds (electrical transformation centers, modular houses, container-type huts …)

Concreting Machinery: Specific machinery for concrete distribution. PN-PANTHERA concreting vehicle, gantries and semi-arches with hopper, aerial wagons and hydraulic cupolas of distribution)

Tools and accessories: With our accessories for precast concrete machinery, our customers will be able to look after the last detail in the preparation, transport and storage of concrete.

At PN Precast we take care of every detail to assure that the final product is of the highest quality.

All our accessories are designed and created by our team of engineers, taking maximum care of each component to offer you precast concrete machinery accessories without competition.

Concrete Panel Stacker, lifting rocker relaxing control power unit, magnetic side formwork, chamfer and sealing rubber, concrete smoothing screed, magnets and magnetic sides, turners of parts, tools for handling hollow core slabs, platform for concrete panel transport, digital tensioning unit, vibration pneumatic or electric concrete.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

PN PRECAST: Currently our market is in a stage of evolution, once the global economic crisis was over, our market adapted to the industrialization of construction to avoid costs and have a greater project control.

Many companies are investing today in concrete prefabrication, either starting from scratch, by remodeling factories closed during the crisis or companies wishing to expand their productive capacity due to the increase in market demand.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

PN PRECAST: In general, the entire construction market tends to industrialize or prefabricate construction elements, advantages over conventional construction, bring much more benefits to companies. Better quality control, lower labor cost, better work planning.

However, we are currently witnessing a significant increase in the industrialized residential construction and special concrete for renewable energy.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

PN PRECAST: Historically, the concrete prefabrication was carried out by manual layers for small elements and formwork with demoulding mechanical for all kinds of parts. 

In recent years, hydraulic systems have been implemented, electrical systems, vibration systems, … with the aim of automating as much as possible mould operativity.

Today technology is improving all machines, providing solutions to problems through electronics, robotics and telecommunications.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

PN PRECAST: By 2022 our goal is to expand our global business volume. With the increase in our workforce, we have the ability to supply all our current and future customers.

PNPRECAST will be present at BAUMA 2022 as we have been doing for more than 15 years. This is an important scenario for us, to analyze market evolution, to meet with all our clients and show our brand to other markets.