Burning instead of printing is the motto of Primo Stemp. As a specialist for branding ironss, they will advise customers in detail and recommend suitable designs for your needs if you want to use a branding stamp with a logo or with an individual text. When marking natural materials, you can completely dispense with the use of chemical stamp inks. Branding iron motifs that are interchangeable are ideal, whether you want to use the branding iron for wood, for leather, for cork, for cardboard boxes or for plastics and even for food.

Easy Engineering: What are the main fields of activity of the company?

Primo Stemp: On customer request we produce electric branding stamps, externally heated stamp creations for outdoor use, gas-heated branding stamps as well as the respective matching interchangeable stamps. Our range of branding presses is also impressive. We offer functional hand presses, pneumatic presses as well as powerful machine stamps.

E.E: What is new about new products?

Primo Stemp: With regard to the food industry, we have designed and established branding stamps made of stainless steel for meat or bakery products in recent years. Even though many customers have used food-safe inks for printing on their products so far, our idea is a better and more modern solution. In organic farms, for fruit or for vegetables, for cheese and meat products, branding irons are optimal. Our stainless steel branding irons are specially designed for food labelling and are suitable as electric or hand-operated branding irons for your logo or any other labelling. The way it works is no different from a branding iron, which is suitable for wood or for leather. Since it is a stamp for use on food, this model is made of high-quality stainless steel. 

Our ice stamps for finishing ice cubes in cocktails have also established themselves in the catering and event industry and enjoy great popularity. 

E.E: What are the product ranges?

Primo Stemp: As a specialist in marking systems, Primo Stemp offers various solutions for marking on a wide range of surfaces. In addition to our versatile branding irons and brand markers, we also manufacture spray stencils made of aluminium, plastic or magnetic foil in our own production.For the event industry, we offer milled single letters in different materials (e.g. wood, acrylic) and modern laser technology allows engravings in stainless steel or wood. Small runs are just as possible as large runs.For industrial use, we produce burning machines that are used in workshops and industry. This allows us to mark large quantities of products per day with motifs and texts.

E.E: What stage is the market you are currently in?

Primo Stemp: The demand for innovative marking systems is constantly increasing. As we are regularly present at trade fairs in the wood technology sector in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and France, we are expanding the reach of our products. Although we have been on the market for many years, we have noticed that brand stamps are not yet known everywhere.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Primo Stemp: In recent years, we have followed the ecological and sustainable thoughts of our customers and implemented them through our products. We have seen an increased demand for ice cream stamps and food stamps in the event industry. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products that are marketed?

Primo Stemp: Our branding machines and machine stamps can be classified as the most innovative products. Due to the component design, each machine can be adapted to the individual circumstances and requirements. Machine stamps can also be integrated into an already existing production process. 

E.E: What are your estimates for the year 2022? 

Primo Stemp: After Covid-19 and disruptions, the entire industry is slowly recovering. Earlier this year we saw an increase in projects on our branding machines. Likewise, interest continues to grow in our food stamps.