Thinknx is the official brand of Pulsar Engineering, a leading company in the Home and Building Automation field for more than 15 years.

The Thinknx project started with the aim to create a powerful supervision system for the KNX world to meet the majority of activities in residential, commercial, hospitality and education. 

A strong passion for technology and innovation as well as a constant research in the automation market drives the team to keep on working for improving products to meet the final users’ needs such as comfort, power management, building security and energy saving.

Over ten thousand installations in more than 85 countries around the world prove the reliability and security of Thinknx system today. 

The production of all the devices starting from the design & development to the assembling takes place in the headquarter of Milan by high-qualified staff performing every step with care for details. This ensures a full control on the quality and reliability of the products.

Easy Engineering: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

Thinknx: In any installation, the Thinknx server is the logical unit that controls all the equipment connected to the automation system. 

Unlimited number of client like any PC, touch screen, tablet or smartphone connected to the LAN via Ethernet or WiFi communicate with the server through the ThinKnx software or the Thinknx UP application compatible with any kind of platforms like Android, iOS, Windows touch screens and PC to control the plant. 

Over the last few months the Thinknx range of products has been completely renovated in terms of electronics and hardware restyling, with the results of much more performing devices. 

The devices can be divided into two major lines:

  • Pro Line a professional range of servers able to interact with complex systems and communicate with multiple protocols (Micro, Compact, Envision touch and Rack);
  • Trend Line an affordable solution tailored for simpler plants purely based on KNX, and has limited functionalities in terms of integration with other systems (King and Quick);
  • Thinknx Multiroom Audio System for the music control of the house.

Besides the complete KNX control, Thinknx offer numerous integrations of external systems such as Audio/Video, alarm devices, door communication or third parties buses (Modbus, Lutron, Philips Hue, Z-Wave etc.

Many planned news is on the agenda to be released within the end of the year, as the team is keep on working to always offer the market a reliable and appealing system.   

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Thinknx: The global building automation system market is projected to grow over the next years, especially thanks to the increasing requirement of energy-efficient facilities with enhanced security systems. 

Besides this, advancements in wireless communication technologies have reduced the complexity and costs of installing building automation systems.

The combination of IoT and building automation has enabled the exchange of information especially through the Cloud system, that allows the installer to check the status of the server from remote, without going on-site. 

On this side, Thinknx has released a dedicated cloud server, the Thinknx Portal as perfect solution to monitor and control multiple installations such as multi-branch retail stores or companies, clusters of villas or chain hotels.

It enables all the installed servers to be virtually connected regardless of their physical location, and controlled from a centralised ThinKnx user interface. 

Security and access control systems have become an important part of the safety and security systems of buildings. Restrictions and PIN-codes are applied to a particular user to respect hierarchy or the privacy of every single user. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Thinknx: The most innovative products marketed is the Envision touch panel.

It combines a native KNX server and a multiplatform graphical UI, which allows the user control home or building using a capacitive high resolution touch screen with a low power consumption.  Available with screen of 7” and 10”, as server or client version, Envision is distinguished by a modern design, high quality materials and high performances that make it the ultimate solution to suit any customers’ request.

Temperature, humidity and ambience luminosity sensors, already on board, allow the use of Envision as a thermostat without installing any additional devices. 

It also be used like internal intercom station compatible with many brands available today on the market, thanks to the embedded speakers and microphone. The embedded RS485 and one RS232 ports embedded, for a direct communication with Modbus protocol and as indoor station for anti-theft systems.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

Thinknx: The Thinknx market have been growing since the last few years thanks to the trust of many integrators, and of the number of daily active users that nowadays have reached the figure of more than 150.000.

The hope for the end of 2021 and next future is to continuously work together with the distributors to improve more and more the Thinknx system with new innovative features and gain new markets offering an increasingly high-performance and cutting-edge system to.