Interview with JOACHIM HUNGER, Director Market Development EMEA at PVF Mesh & Screen Technology GmbH.

Easy Engineering: How was 2021 for your business, a short summary?

JOACHIM HUNGER: A lot of changes internally at PVF. New employees, new strategy, new mind set. All over we closed the year with a turnover increase of about 35% with Industry Component customers. We are now a high motivated team and able to set new standards in this industry sector.

E.E: What new products/services will be launched this year?

J.H: We develop and optimize further on our high performance fabrics Polyphenylensulfid (PPS); Thermotrop Liquidcristalpolymer (TLCP) and Tungsten (T). With these meshes you can reach industry sectors in the Automotive, Pharma, Medical, Hydrogen and Aircraft industry but as well in Household appliances and others.

E.E: How did the market change in the last year?

J.H: We have to say that Screen Printing market where PVF was born and grown is over the last years decreasing but the Industry Component market is a wide and growing market for the mesh industry. PVF will set new standards in service, quality and pricing in this area.

E.E: What were the best-selling products of 2021?

J.H: PPS material and Polyester (PET).

E.E: What sector of business do you think is expected to grow this year?

J.H: As described in section 3 (Industry Components) and within this we expect Battery recycling and Reinforcement materials as the biggest growing markets.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

J.H: We have a full project pipeline and will develop and grow with these new and potential customers as well convince them that PVF is a system supplier and problem solver specific at the customers product.

E.E: A short message for collaborators for the beginning of the year.

J.H: If you need precise Japanese quality and pricing below competitors directly from the factory combined with a German Headquarter and a warehouse at the Munich airport – give us a call!

After almost 40 years in Screen Printing business PVF has fixed the new alignment and set a new standard in the Fabrics- / Filtration industry.

Lean, fast, perfect Japanese quality combined with a lower price than the competition. 

Give us the possibility to optimize your purchasing targets and build up another source which was not recognized in the past due to focus only in Screen printing.

Homework is done and the fabric ranges are here for Automotive, Pharma, Medical, Appliance, Aircraft, Hydrogen & Reinforcement, drinking water industry and much more.

It’s up to you to make something out of it.

This is PVF Mesh & Screen Technology GmbH! Our image film 2020. – YouTube


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