Radica Software makes an electrical CAD software (Electra Cloud) that is fully based on the cloud, and works on a browser without requiring any installation. Besides, the company also has an offline version (Electra E9) using the same architecture for privacy.

Being fully on the cloud brings many advantages including the ability to share stencils, symbols, and drawings easily, and have these expensive CAD resources available to everyone in the company for easier collaboration. Permissions can be customized to share with vendors and customers to ensure everyone stays in the loop and helps make a project successful.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Radica Software: Radica Software is focused on creating 2D software on the cloud, mainly in electrical, pneumatics, and hydraulics. We also create an advanced SVG editor that powers all our products and is a thought leader in terms of cloud based SVG editor and SVG usages on the web.

As part of our R&D, we created Nano, the world’s best SVG compressor which is able to reduce SVG bandwidth by up to 80% while maintaining quality.,

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

Radica Software: This year we launched Electra Cloud and Electra E9 which is the secure offline version of our software. In addition, we are working with partners to integrate our advanced cloud-based solution into their platform and greatly enhancing productivity for our users.

For example, we recently launched a new auto wiring feature that automatically connects wires for schematics resulting in huge productivity improvements for our users.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

Radica Software: Radica Software ranges from Electrical Schematic CAD software, vector graphic editing to SVG compressor software.

Electra E9

The latest version of our Electra E series. It’s an electrical CAD software built and designed to assist electrical engineers to accomplish more by doing less. The software provides automatic symbol & wire tagging, extensive electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic symbols set, and more.

The best part of the newest upgrade, our users can now enjoy our software without Microsoft Visio. Electra E9 is powered by, a full-fledged CAD editor designed in-house to ensure the best user experience the users can ever ask for, providing them with a far better alternative to Microsoft Visio.

Electra Cloud

The world’s first, fully cloud-based Electrical Schematic Software that allows users to work on their project on all platforms with a browser, including electrical, hydraulics, and pneumatics. Electra Cloud consists of similar benefits to Electra E9, but users can now bring their work online. With that, it offers the benefit of real-time collaboration between teammates.


Vecta is a next-generation web-based SVG & visual editor designed to create, use, and share complex shapes. 

It’s fully extensible with Javascript based plugins, which allows users to customize their plugins to draw a fractal tree or generate Bills of Materials with just a single click. Vecta also allows users to import their Autocad drawings, Visio stencils, and drawings for editing. Not forgetting to mention that it comes with a built-in SVG minifier that allows the SVG images to be very small in size, yet still works without losing fonts irrespective of how users embed them.

As it’s an online SVG editor, Vecta offers real-time collaboration for teams as well. We always believe that when we work better when we’re together.


Built and designed to minify & embed fonts to save 80% bandwidth, exports to multiple image formats, we believe Nano is the world’s best SVG compressor. It uses lossless techniques to compress inefficient SVG codes by removing unnecessary data, resulting in the same image, but large differences in file size. * On average, more than 80% reduction in size, when gzipped.

Nano is able to minify SVG 22% smaller than the competition. In addition to optimizing your SVG to a very small size, Nano also compresses users’ fonts (if any) and embed them in a single step, resulting in a reduced workflow, and very small SVG images that use less bandwidth and load faster. *On average, based on more than 2800 SVG test files

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Radica Software: Over the years, we’ve expanded our market to more than 50 countries all over the world. Our clientele includes NASA, US Army and Navy, Siemens, SpaceX, and many more. We believe that we’re at the stage of growth in the market, as we’re focusing on product upgrades and enhancements. We’re disciplined in working on new features for our users, as mentioned above, we’ve released the new auto wiring feature, which we believe will greatly benefit our users. We’re looking to prolong our growth cycle to as long as we could.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Radica Software: We see a market that is increasingly about working better and smarter through tighter collaboration, either in-company or with vendors and customers. Interest and adoption in cloud-based solutions are increasing and very encouraging.

Cloud-based software allows benefits that are normally not found on desktop-based solutions. For example, for many companies, producing CAD drawings is expensive and having these resources available to the entire company and easily shared with vendors and customers is an invaluable productivity gain that can improve the bottom line.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Radica Software: In Radica Software, our goal is to provide the simplest and most efficient solution to electrical engineers. We believe innovation roots from the need & desire to solve a problem. That’s the very core reason why Electra was born – to help electrical engineers complete circuits far faster and easier compared to conventional methods.

It is difficult for us to decide which is the most innovative product we’ve marketed because each product we have is born out of our insight and best capability at the time. We value the processes as much as the end product, as it helps to improve our thought process, idea, observation over time. We’re proud of each and every one of them – from Electra E9, Electra Cloud, Vecta to Nano.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

Radica Software: We foresee the coming years as a huge opportunity, especially when we are a cloud-based software solution. The need to work from home, and be able to share and create CAD diagrams from anywhere you are, is going to grow in importance.

For electrical CAD we are the only cloud-based software so far and is well placed to meet the growing demand in these solutions.