Interview with ROQ Laser

ROQ Laser is a European industrial company focused on adding value to the products and services that it provides to its customers.Technologically advanced and certified, it operates according to Kaizen methodology and invests in the continuous development of its employees and production processes. The company stands out for its differentiated capacity in terms of engineering, which ensures the know-how, vanguard and quality of production and services provided.

With a wide range of services in the metalworking field and equipped with modern machines and facilities, ROQ Laser provides a complete service, from project to final product, with strong welding, finishing, and assembly components.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most significant projects from 2021?

ROQ Laser: We help our customers do amazing and differentiated jobs with high precision and reliability. With our accumulated knowledge and experience, we create customized and innovative solutions to solve our customers’ most complex challenges.

ROQ Laser stands out for the quality and vanguard of the services it provides throughout its 10 departments equipped with tools and know-how that ensure our customers a product of excellence regardless of the complexity of the project at hand.

Throughout 2021 we aimed to always uphold our high-quality standards and steadily increase them day by day by introducing and guiding ourselves by Kaizen methodology.

During this year we also acquired a new tube machine, a new bending machine with automatic tool storage and changed our production layout, further optimizing our production capabilities and setting our goals increasingly higher, being able to respond to our clients orders faster than ever before.

E.E: What products / solutions were used in the projects?

ROQ Laser: Within ROQ Laser, we have 10 fully equipped and staffed departments ready to fulfil our clients’ requirements and cover all the necessary steps to provide a complete service, from idea to end product, regardless of how complex the project may be.

These departments are:


Our priority is to transform your ideas and projects into products.

The team is comprised of engineers and designers, whom make use of the best parametric 3D drawing tools in order to support and validate projects, providing the best solutions possible.


3D Parametric Drawing Tool – Solidworks

Finite Element Calculations

Laser Cutting:

Here at ROQ Laser we focus on upholding the highest quality standards. 

We can cut into a wide array of materials with high processing speeds, precision and flexibility, being able to respond to your specifications, demands, quality standards and production volumes with ease.

Our Machines:

  • 5 Optical Laser Machines
  • 1 10.000 W Fiber Laser Machine
  • 1 Combined Laser Machine

Max. Dimensions: 4000 x 2000 mm

3D Laser Tube Cutting

Our specialized laser cutting department also extends to tube cutting in various forms and materials. This section, together with the rest of our catalog, allows us to continue to offer our clients a complete service, able to respond to the most demanding projects.


1 CNC 3D Tube Cutting Machine 

(New machine coming next year)


Focus, Precision and Attention to details.

This department has a machine park with over 20 CNC Milling Machines that allow us to comply and perform high volume production.


CNC Milling Machines


Within our facilities we have the capacity to perform calendering with precision and low tolerance levels in a wide range of materials. Highly flexible and customizable, this service can be adapted according to your requirements. 


1 CNC Calendering Machine

2 Traditional Calendering Machines

Tube Bending

Experienced in the art of tube bending, this department operates a CNC machine whose software allows for a wide range of bending types, shapes and configurations.

This automatic program allows for increased precision and stability during bending operations, no matter the complexity of the job at hand.


1 CNC Tube Bending Machine

Maximum Diameter: 42mm


Within our facilities we have the means and know-how to perform all kinds of bending operations.

From normal bending to panel bending, our machine park is equipped with the best CNC machines that combine automatic bending with precision, speed and versatility which guarantees a consistent high-quality product.

Our Machines:

– 5 Sheet Metal Benders

– 1 Panel Bender


Our confidence in this department is grounded in the certification of our operators in MIG and TIG welding. Our facilities are also equipped with welding and collaborative welding robots that ensure a precise and consistent service.


  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Spot-welding
  • Welding Robots

From small to big parts such as: stainless steel, steel and aluminum


Finishing touches can make the difference between a good and bad end product.

Due to this, we bet in the continuous certification of our department and acquired a vast experience and knowledge in different types of finishing services, integrating them into our production cycle, thus increasing our ability to respond to the needs of each of our clients.


  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Zinc plating
  • Shot blasting
  • Others…


We offer an assembly department supported by a team with vast experience in the assembly of components in various degrees of complexity.

Through our production flow and planning we are able to respond to any order volume that our clients might require.

E.E: What are your forecasts for 2022?

ROQ Laser: Focused on continuous improvement, our goals for 2022 include the gradual increase of our area of influence in international markets within our area of activity and the constant improvement of processes, optimizing the pace and production quality of our departments.

During this year we will also do our upmost to increase our sphere of influence within our targets markets such as Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. Our strategy is to be present in several international fairs, for a direct commercial action carried out through our agents and export managers, while supported by our digital marketing department.

ROQ Laser

Export Manager: João Sousa

Phone Number: +351 914 463 666