It all began back in 1969 with a small workshop producing work clothes; today Rossini is considered one of the most important players on the market, dressing thousands of professionals in durable, high-quality fabrics and accessories for more than 50 years. The Bergamasque company’s success stems from its in-depth knowledge of the working world and the needs of those who, day in and day out, need to protect themselves while simultaneously dressing comfortably. Over the years Rossini has expanded production, adapting it to the needs of workers and new technical advances, so as to offer accident-prevention solutions for even the most extreme conditions. First and foremost, the implementation of an automated and computerized management system for production. 

In addition, operations have been optimized, increasing productivity and ensuring more accurate and timely management. The Rossini warehouse is an example of innovation in logistics management. Fully automated and managed by radio frequency, it has been carefully designed to optimize space and facilities, control inventory, and track lots quickly and effectively, improving customer service. Rossini will also introduce a new automated warehouse in 2024, which will double the volume of goods shipped from the current 28,000 packages per day to 56,000. This innovation will ensure not only a high level of handling efficiency, but also improve the well-being of the operators involved.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

ROSSINI: One of the strengths of our offering is to present a comprehensive proposal that encompasses all 5 product families: gloves, head, clothing, shoes, fall protection. Within this vision is Rossini’s choice to meet the needs of the operator from head to toe with a special focus on the workwear, gloves and shoes range. As a workwear manufacturer, there is a full range on both classic and certified workwear. Finally also worth mentioning are the Hi-Vis products, high-visibility garments that comply with the EN ISO 20471 safety standard to provide maximum visibility at any time of day. Fluorescent fabric ensures visibility during daylight hours, while long, wide reflective details ensure visibility in the dark.

E.E: What’s the news about new products? 

ROSSINI: There are many new products in the past year. Rossini has expanded its catalog through the expansion of the Ultraflex and SerioPlus+ lines, which have been made even more versatile and complete with garments matched together according to different needs and weather conditions. The work footwear collection has been enriched by the introduction of the R-Generation metal free and R-Light ranges, dedicated to those who need reliability but above all convenience and comfort. Finally, the inclusion of the women’s line within the catalog demonstrated Rossini’s ability to respond to the needs of the market, offering a customized fit experience to all female workers.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

ROSSINI: Rossini provides all workers with an extensive catalog. ComforTech, a line of professional garments designed with a focus on style and design that allow the worker to feel comfortable in any work environment, while Rossini Tech’s UltraFlex range is the multi-season stretch canvas line designed to provide freedom and comfort in use. SerioPlus+, Rossini’s best-selling line, combines simplicity and wearability: the 100% cotton heat-shrinkable fabric, the true strength of the range, ensures resistance to wear and washing, resulting in garments that will last and maintain high performance. The essential lines are designed to offer maximum comfort throughout the working day, practical and sturdy clothing suitable for multiple uses. Finally, Multiprotection, a range of personal safety clothing with flame and heat protection features, and R-Generation and R-Light footwear that provide the perfect balance of safety and comfort. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

ROSSINI: The market is constantly growing. This on the one hand is favoured by the increasing attention placed by institutions and the strict regulatory framework regarding worker protection and safety. Regulations are constantly being updated, so it is crucial for us to monitor and analyze trends and demands so that we can always offer the most innovative solutions in line with Italian and European regulations.

On the other hand, growth is also driven by the workers themselves, who increasingly feel the need to use workwear in their free time as well, and this is directing the market toward designer products with more attractive colors and lines.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

ROSSINI: New trends include a search for ever greater comfort and lightness in footwear, to avoid the onset of physical problems (back, foot and ankle pain) related to prolonged work activity. This is why we have launched the R-Light line, a range of extremely comfortable and lightweight footwear certified S1 and S3.

In workwear, too, people are looking for products that are more comfortable and lighter to wear: the Rossini catalog includes several stretch pants, such as the best-sellers R-Stretch and Rainold. In addition, outerwear made of technical fabrics winks at the world of sports, such as the Soft-shell Smarty or the brand-new Siberia Jacket and Seattle Bomber.

Today, aesthetics also plays a key role, and the demand for “total look” is increasing. This is why it is essential for Rossini to have products that can match each other in color and finish, in both the men’s and women’s lines, to ensure that all workers have a customized fit experience. 

In addition, Rossini knows the importance of providing its employees with corporate uniforms that fit everyone. That’s why it has expanded its product range to make its offerings even more comprehensive. 

It has extended the size curve of our garments up to 5XL, to ensure practicality and comfort for workers with large sizes. 

Finally, it has put workers’ well-being and satisfaction first by offering a superior fit experience.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

ROSSINI: Among the most innovative products certainly the Rainold Trousers, from this year also available in a light version, which at only 115g/m2 is among the lightest work pants on the market, and the R-light footwear, which is extremely light and comfortable.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

ROSSINI: We are satisfied with the results we have achieved, the growth trend we have had is certainly important, but we do not want to stop, we want to grow and strengthen our presence in both the Italian and foreign markets. To do this, we are going to strengthen more and more the commercial structure so as to ensure more and more coverage in the market. In addition, Rossini is investing in the research and development of innovative materials, we are moving to become more and more a sustainable company and certify our processes and products to ensure higher and higher quality and standards. On the product side, we are working to make our lines more and more complete and coordinated with each other, pandering to the market demand for comfortable garments with sophisticated design.