Shieldex represents the highest quality of German manufacturing for extraordinary and individual solutions, with their worldwide unique metallization process. For more than 40 years Shieldex has kept their traditional production in Bremen, Germany, metallizing textiles for the industry’s most diverse fields of innovation. 

Shieldex is the global market leader in the field of metal-plated fabrics and yarns. The worldwide unique 3D metallization process, in which every single filament is completely metalized, distinguishes Shieldex products from others and thus enables the ideal use of the properties of the different metals like silver, nickel, copper, and tin in textile form.

Shieldex fabrics and yarns are suitable for varied uses due to the combination of polyamide, 99.9% pure silver, and precious metals such as copper, nickel, and tin. 

Interview with Sebastian Wessels, Senior Business Development Manager at Shieldex.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Sebastian Wessels: Providing high-quality solutions in key industries such as automotive, aerospace, fashion, design, smart textiles, and wearables. Depending on the metal content and material properties, the products are suited for various areas of application, like sensors, EMC, wellness, and hygiene.

E.E: What is the news about new products?

S.W: Flame-retardant fabrics

A flame-retardant fabric is a special type of technical textile that reduces the flammability of the textile and hinders the spread of fire on the textile. The fabric’s special feature is the flame retardant properties underlying the material composition. 

Shieldex developed a product that can be further processed specifically for the field of flame retardant textiles. During the chemical treatment of Shieldex materials, the processed metals silver, copper, nickel, and/or tin penetrate each fiber of the textile. The flexibility of the textile is maintained and the positive properties of the metals are embodied by the textile. By laminating Shieldex textiles on one side, a fire-retardant material can be developed. One-sided lamination of the Shieldex textiles develops a fire-retardant material that can be processed like any other thermally and electrically conductive Shieldex textile for end-use applications.

Coatings and membranes

Shieldex textiles are plated with silver, one of the best-known precious metals, as silver has an antimicrobial, odour-inhibiting, temperature-regulating, conductive, antistatic, and shielding effect. Optionally, copper, nickel, or tin can be added. Due to their textile nature, the uses of these textiles are extremely versatile, and the properties of the metals can be used in any form and for any application. In addition to the precious silver and the additional metals, further processing is possible with polyurethane, silicone, and latex as well as all other textile coatings (avivage, anti-corrosion coating). 

Some of the membranes applied to the electrically and thermally conductive fabrics are ideal for sports activities and skin applications. Other coatings such as fire-resistant acrylic, high-performance polymers, and vinyl-based coatings are currently under development. 

Wrapped Yarns

Shieldex® Wrapped Yarn offers new ways and approaches in the field of technical textiles. While it was previously not possible to dye the silver-plated yarns, the wrapping process offers many new possibilities for wrapping dyed yarns with Shieldex’s electrically and thermally conductive as well as antimicrobial yarns. The properties of the silvered yarn are retained during this process, but the color outcome of the yarn is limitless. 

Shieldex yarns can even be used to wrap an elastic core, which was specially developed for elastic applications. Also under development is a textile coaxial cable whose inner conductor is wrapped in a protective outer conductor, shielding it against interference radiation.

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E.E: What are the ranges of products?

S.W: In addition to highly electrically and thermally conductive silver-plated yarns and multi-layered metallized fabrics, Shieldex offers individual solutions such as EMC shielding enclosures for pre-compliance testing, shielding pouches for IT Forensics, components for EMC shielding such as VELCRO® Tapes and braided tubes. In addition, our R&D department is at the cutting edge in the field of product development, process optimization, and textile finishing. Shieldex offers innovative, textile solutions for the challenges of today’s – and tomorrow’s – industries 

Shieldex products are suitable for a variety of applications. For instance, silver-plated yarns are processed in the technical clothing and textile industry, and the automotive sector benefits from the electrically and thermally conductive properties of the textiles. Fabrics finished with silver, copper, nickel, and tin provide shielding in the field of data security. We are also offering our services in contract manufacturing. Whether cable ties, screws, sealing rings, or other customized small parts: We finish all PA-6 or PA-6.6 products with 99.9% pure silver.

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E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

S.W: While technical textiles are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of industries, they are especially important in the field of sensor applications for Active Ambient Living and the shielding of electromagnetic radiation. When it comes to the topic of smart textiles, we notice that the networks of producers are becoming larger and more well-known. Manufacturers from a wide range of industries are coming together and sharing their expertise. The biggest challenge we are discovering is how to combine electronics and textiles. Ideas exist, only the know-how is missing. Therefore, the discussions amongst the expert groups are extremely important.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

S.W: Market trends in the field of technical textiles are also moving in the direction of smart solutions. Hidden buttons in cars that can only be controlled by touch, textile solutions in electronic devices and in robotics, and safety sensors throughout many industries. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

S.W: Our Shieldex products are very versatile in their areas of application and can therefore also be used flexibly. They are electrically and thermally conductive, shielding against electromagnetic radiation, antistatic, and antimicrobial through the silver. Shieldex fabrics are mainly used as technical textiles in the field of textile conductors, sensor technology, and shielding of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range 0.2 GHz to 14 GHz. Due to their low weight, the conductive fabrics are used as EMC shielding fabric in various technical products – including our Shieldex® EMC Enclosures and Shieldex® Shielding Pouches. 

Shieldex Yarns are used, among other things, as current conductors for sensors, for the manufacture of clothing and home textiles as well as smart textiles. 

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E.E: What estimations do you have for the rest of 2022?

S.W: For the remainder of 2022, we aim to be able to offer current developments as market-ready products to our customers and partners. The market for technical textiles is constantly evolving and we are happy to be a significant part of it.