Easy Engineering: What industries do you think will grow in 2021?

SILVERTEX AQUA: We think the IT, Healthcare, Ecommerce will grow exponentially due to the current Covid situation. Also, the Camping and Caravan sector is going to grow this year because people were in home quarantine for the whole winters and won’t be able to go in big groups so we expect more small camping or private caravan trips this year than usual and this is a huge market for us. People need clean water when they aren’t home even more because of health and hygiene issues and this is where we come in with our product Goowaco Good Water. We help people keep clean water with them on the road and while camping. This could be a good opportunity for us to grow.

E.E: What solutions do you provide for these industries?

SILVERTEX AQUA: We provide a variety of solutions for the Camping and Caravan sector. We have a new range of products developed, especially designed to fit the needs of the fellow campers/travelers. We have the Goowaco Good Water in different sizes from xs – L, hence enabling people to preserve water in mobile tank sizes of 25l upt to 240l. Also, we have a new tank and drinking water disinfection for different sizes of tanks. This helps customers to disinfect tanks easy and then use Goowaco Good Water to keep clean water on the go.

E.E: Tell us about product innovations and what is their impact on customers.

SILVERTEX AQUA: Silvertex® can be used to preserve water amounts from 1l to 500.000 l. As it is produced on a roll it can be cut into pieces with size depending on amount of water to be preserved. So basically, there are a lot of possibilities for product innovations but the application is kind of the same. Besides the textile we offer complementary products such as chemistry based disinfections as well as a water quality quick test. Additionally, we distribute a portable filtration system call PAUL – the water backpack. PAUL, which stands for portable aqua unit for lifesaving produces up to 6.000 l of fresh water per day. As you can carry the filtration system as a back pack it offers a mobile solution to filtrate water, especially in case of emergencies caused by nature. To summarize, all products in our portfolio aim to enhance quality of water and to remain clean water clean.

E.E: How will you adapt your solutions for the future?

SILVERTEX AQUA: We work constantly on product development and bring solutions based on demand. However, it helps people to get clean water everywhere possible.

We are also working on new products to help people get clean water in swimming pools or in their shower (shower heads). Our team is constantly working on new ideas and we want to expand our range wherever there is a dire need of clean water.

E.E: How will these solutions benefit users?

SILVERTEX AQUA: It will make people’s life better in terms of hygiene and access to clean water and easier for them because our products don’t need any additional electricity nor chemicals. Our solution is an easy to drop in the tank and have clean water types.

We also introducing the Good Water Quicktest to test the quality of your water and see if its clean or not. This is a really easy solution and the first step towards living a healthy life to understand the water you and your family has access to.

E.E: The industrial internet of things is seen as the future. What solutions do you provide and how does this impact you?

SILVERTEX AQUA: We plan on adding a sensor to the net to monitor the progress and usability and the quality of the water and the silver ion release. This will change the whole dynamics of the game and it will make it easier for people to analyze their water purity and take required actions.