Smartfix is a company specialized in the manufacture, distribution and innovation of fasteners such as Rivet Nuts, Self Clinch Nuts, Self Clinching Flush, Rivet Studs, Weldable Bolts and other fasteners. As leaders in the Self-Clinching Fasteners Industry, Smartfix is dedicated to a sector that demands the high quality products, as well as increasingly customized products.

Easy Engineering: Tell us about your ranges of products?

SMARTFIX: We have a wide range of fasteners, from standard catalogue products to tailor-made products based on our customers’ drawings and needs, as we have a technical department that is constantly innovating and improving the solutions we offer to our customers.

E.E: What special characteristics do your products have?

SMARTFIX: We stand out in the market mainly due to the high quality of our products, which undergo various quality controls from the moment they are manufactured until they are installed in order to always offer the best possible product to our customers.

E.E: In what kind of projects are they used?

SMARTFIX: Our products have a wide range of uses, from traditional industry to the most advanced and technological equipment.

E.E: How do your products differ from others?

SMARTFIX: Our differentiation is the key to our success, as together with our customers we create technical solutions where apparently there were none or where none had been applied before.

E.E: How are they used by your clients?

SMARTFIX: Specific machinery is required for each type of product, as well as prior knowledge of the handling of the tool and the installation process.

E.E: What kind of problems do your clients face on the job site?

SMARTFIX: The lack of knowledge and, above all, the apparent simplicity of installing this type of fasteners often this leads to the fact that the performance of the fastener is not optimal and therefore a minimum of training is required before starting to install any of our products.

E.E: How do your products help them overcome these problems?

SMARTFIX: Our products cover an infinite number of technical solutions in the field of work, and with professional advice from our technicians we manage to reduce any problems our customers may have to a minimum.

E.E: Tell us about the future improvement of your products?

SMARTFIX: We invest a significant part of our resources in research into new materials and more efficient and controlled production techniques to improve the quality of our products even further. We also have a quality technical team that ensures that we make improvements to existing products and offer alternatives to traditional solutions.

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