Spring Protezione is an Italian manufacturer for 40 years of ventilated helmets and masks made to protect users during agricultural and industrial treatments as spraying pesticides, chemicals treatments, sandblasting, grinding, painting, welding.

The 38 years of experience acquired on the field and commercial relationships around the world, show that they have taken the right path, a path made of attention to every type of need, of continuous research and development of our products. The comparison with the needs of operators who work in different conditions and environments anywhere in the world, has allowed them to design cutting-edge helmets for technology, comfort and safety.

An effort that has been rewarded by the achievement of certifications international markets and a commercial success worldwide. Innovation, reliability and comfort are the characteristics that distinguish and make the entire range of Spring Protezione helmets, which have always been sold to companies in the agriculture, industry and services sectors. Continuous research aimed at improving and innovating their products leads them to use only the best and most suitable materials for every detail of the helmet, attention comfort during working hours makes them design the helmets starting from a fundamental prerequisite: compliance with the laws of ergonomics. For this reason, in addition to a reduced weight, allows to have an incredible field of vision and a very high comfort internal: contaminated air is filtered and conveyed into the helmet creating a positive pressure that totally eliminates any respiratory effort, the possibility of air entry contaminated and fogging of the visor.

Built respecting the safety standards at work, they guarantee: Great comfort, thanks to their lightness, ease of use and the intelligent distribution of weights. Maximum safety, the filters for air purification isolate the worker from the contaminated environment and also the material with which he is built and the new seals make it absolutely waterproof the helmet avoiding the accidental entry of liquids harmful to the eyes, the epidermis and the respiratory tract.

Applications: The great versatility of use of Spring Protezione helmets makes them necessary for the protection of workers employed in the following sectors:

  • Construction;
  • Spray painting;
  • Chemical treatment;
  • Laboratories;
  • Fiberglass treatment;
  • Agriculture (pesticide treatments);
  • Grinding;
  • Deburring;
  • Foundries;
  • Treatment of grains;
  • Disinfestations;
  • Shipyards;
  • Sandblasting;
  • Cementifi cers.

You can check their website for more info: www.springprotezione.com .

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

SPRING PROTEZIONE: Spraying pesticides in vineyards and orchards, but also in industry during sandblasting, grinding, painting.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

SPRING PROTEZIONE: We are making a new long life battery, new concept of Airfilter helmet, etc.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

SPRING PROTEZIONE: For Agricultural sector models MULTIFILTER with super version 1001 powered from rechargeable batteries or standard version 1003 powered from tractor battery, the same with Agrofilter model super 2001 and standard 2003. Airfilter is not a real helmet is a kind of visor studied for those needs shoulders free to wear knapsack or pumps.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

SPRING PROTEZIONE: Agricultural, but we met interest also on Industrial sector.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

SPRING PROTEZIONE: A part COVID-19 situation around the world, i see that there is much more interest around protection and this is right. Protection is not anymore, a cost, but is part of the budget and should be so.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

SPRING PROTEZIONE: Our model MULTIFILTER, is the most sold around the world of our range, in a one piece item to wear easily and laying on the shoulders leave head free to move and also a wide field of vision.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

SPRING PROTEZIONE: Positive, because COVID-19 has been a great lesson for everyone and protection has been finally considered.

Agrofilter is an innovative breather for the protection against dust and gas. It is equipped with a turbine which breaths in the air through the filters and directs it towards the peak, avoiding the steam. Also, the continuous flow of air generates a positive pression which avoids any breathing effort, ensuring comfort and preventing the contaminated air intake. All in one helmet fitted with a sun shade peak that protects the lift-up visor from the sun. This also enables the helmet to be rested in a position because the peak also protects the visor if it is accidentally dropped. The air circulates in a chamber and flows over the visor to prevent it misting up.


  • Agriculture;
  • Disinfestation;
  • Building;
  • Ship Building;
  • Cement factory;
  • Spray painting;
  • Laboratory work;
  • Fiberglass treatment;
  • Slobber;
  • Cereal treatment;
  • Chemical treatment;
  • Sandblasting.


Resting only on the shoulders allows to work comfortably for a long time with an exceptional level of protection. The head has complete freedom of movements. The large visor allows a large field of view. Studied especially for difficult work such as sandblasting. The Multifilter 1520 is equipped with an air regulator with a safety device that emits an audible alarm if the airflow drops below the minimum required. Also, on the air regulator is screwed an activated carbon filter that eliminates the solid particles and the oil smell.

Powercap Active ™: the innovative respirator for protection from dust and other particles Spring Protection features a device that guarantees ample protection for the eyes and respiratory tract of the worker

Powercap Active ™ is a lightweight and innovative positive pressure filtered air respirator for protection from dust and other particles. It is an extremely useful device for dust protection, for example for those who work using pneumatic hammers, as well as for restorers. The device (classified according to EN 12941 + A2 TH1P standards) is equipped with a turbine that sucks the air through the filters and conveys it (purified) to the visor, avoiding fogging. In addition, the continuous flow of air creates a positive pressure that eliminates any respiratory effort, ensuring comfort and preventing the entry of contaminated air.

A wide protection and eye protection for the worker is therefore guaranteed, in addition to the simultaneous possibility of easily wearing ear muffs or ear tips.

Bricklayers, installers, ceramics, painters, demolition and polymer cutting workers, modern chimney sweeps, architects and engineers who make site inspections on construction sites: these are the operators who could benefit greatly from using Powercap Active ™. The device is equipped with 2 high-efficiency dust filters, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, for an autonomy of 8 hours and a recharge time of 16 hours. Fully adjustable in terms of sizes, Powercap Active ™ has a polycarbonate visor certified according to EN 166: 1B for face and eye protection, and an internal helmet for head protection compliant with EN 812 + A1.