Tamtron Group is an international manufacturer of scales and weighing information management systems. Tamtron is headquartered in Finland, and their companies are located in Sweden, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Furthermore, Tamtron is represented worldwide by certified distributors in over 60 countries.

From 1972, Tamtron has produced the most intelligent weighing solutions in the market. Supporting their customers’ businesses and working as an active partner with them, has been their cornerstone since the beginning.

Tamtron serves all the major industries and know their weighing needs. The company’s offering includes standard scales as well as comprehensive, integrated weighing solutions. Their scales, information management systems, and extensive services are designed to answer to our customers’ challenges, today and in the future.

Interview with Markus Ritala, Business Development Director, Tamtron Group.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Markus Ritala: We serve all the following major industries:

  • Construction & Mining;
  • Forest Industry;
  • Waste & Recycling;
  • Ports;
  • Transport & Logistics;
  • Process & Manufacturing Industry;
  • Tailored Solutions.

Easy-to-use scales and versatile weighing information management systems help our customers to make their operations more efficient and safer at the same time. With Tamtron’s weighing solutions, they can reach their objectives accurately and improve the future of their business.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

M.R: There has been a lot of new things from Tamtron in 2020 both for heavy weighing and on-board weighing for mobile equipment solutions. Three most important ones are described below.

One Timber Crane Scale

In the spring 2020, we launched One Timber Crane Scale together with our new “One Cloud” cloud service. One Timber has a modern touch screen display and robust and service free strain gauge weighing link. Together with the One Cloud, the scale enables remote support, automatic software updates and managing the whole weighing process from the forest to the mill and can be integrated for example to large forest companies’ own ERP systems.

Scalift Forklift Scale

In the summer 2020, we introduced a new member to our patented Scalift Forklift Scale family; Scalift 200 is type approved and hence suitable for legal-for-trade use in commercial weighing. Scalift 200 is the ideal choice for all environments, where power and precision are both key requirements – such as steel mills, concrete yards, wood mills, and port operations. It is designed for lifting capacity even up to 72 tons.

One Scalex – Cloud-Based Truck Scale Software

In the autumn 2020, we have brought a revolutionary One Scalex – Cloud-Based Truck Scale Software into the market. It is again based on our new One Cloud environment. One Scalex is a modern truck scale software that can be used with all new or retrofitted truck scales of any brand. It has own user interfaces for all stakeholders; truck drivers, operators, load inspectors and management. The web-based software enables, that the operator can work with many scales, even from many sites 24/7.

The real benefits and values of One Scalex are:

  • Business Values;
  • Less hardware due to mobile use; reduces purchase and maintenance costs;
  • Enables creating location-independent control center for many truck scales;
  • Enables 24/7 operation without personnel;
  • Improves quality, uniformity and traceability;
  • One Cloud combines the weighing data of truck scales, on-board scales, platform scales, etc.;
  • Digital service with a fixed monthly fee.

Improved Flow of Information

  • Better data flow between different systems reduces manual input;
  • Automatic data transfer to ERP removes the need for manual checks;
  • Real-time data always available;
  • Customer-specific user rights for different user groups.

Easing of Day-To-Day Activities

  • Remote access to weighing data (via mobile devices);
  • The new solution is working towards fully digital solution, thus getting rid of paper receipts and claim deeds;
  • Improved safety as the driver can conduct the weighing process from inside the vehicle;
  • Improved maintenance due to remote access;
  • Automatic software updates. Latest software always in use;
  • Enables offline use.

Even the year is soon to be ending, there will still come new things from Tamtron on the market this year, and more next year.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

M.R: Tamtron provides its customers end-to-end weighing solutions with type-approved scale systems and cloud service for weighing data management, with possible integration to customers’ own IT systems.

Our products are mainly legal-for-trade, type-approved (MID2/NAWI3) dynamic onboard scales for mobile equipment – e.g. for wheel loaders, container handlers, cranes and heavy weighing solutions like truck & railway scales.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

M.R: This year has of course been different for everyone due to Covid-19, but our strength is that we serve all main industries and we are well represented in all regions. The importance of our service capabilities and keeping our focus on our strategy has enabled us to stay competitive this year.

Generally speaking of different industries, construction and mining seem to have stayed on the same level, forestry industry had a fast drop, but as fast recovery. For the transport and logistics, it has been important we managed to keep our schedule when speaking of our new launches One Scalex – Cloud-based Truck Scale Software, and Scalift 200 – Forklift Scale for commercial weighing. In the ports segment there was also a temporary decrease seen in container handling equipment investments.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

M.R: Weighing data management and cloud services are becoming more and more important. However, Tamtron being the innovator and forerunner in this field for decades, has given us good readiness for this opportunity. We have had thousands of users on our first generation Wnexus Cloud Service for years, and the brand new One Cloud service clearly gives more benefits to our customers. The digitalization and sustainability is there and we’ll be strongly part of both.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

M.R: Definitely the most innovative ones this year are One Scalex – Cloud-based Truck Scale Software and One Timber Crane Scale.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

M.R: As said, the year is soon coming to an end, and we are fine-tuning our strategy for the next year and the coming ones. We can be satisfied on this year, when it comes to our new products and software launches. We have ambitious targets for the coming three years’ period. And I’m confident we will succeed.