Tatano is an international producer of pellet, wood chips, pruning waste and granular biomass boilers. It has been operating since 1975 ensuring cutting-edge products made according to the most innovative corporate sustainability systems. A family-run company where the values of honesty, loyalty, reliability and trust are strong at every company level and shared with collaborators, partners, suppliers and customers.

A complete range of products, with powers ranging from 15 kWatt up to 3MWatt, certified according to EN 303-5: 2012 in class 5 for residential and industrial heating, from individual homes or condominiums, commercial and industrial activities up to entire networks district heating.

“We are the 4.0 digital artisans of eco-compatible heating”. High technology at the service of the rigorous design of the “customized” product. The real plus of the company consists in the creation of customized systems, often unique pieces, with the use of the most advanced production techniques. The era of digitalization has given a further impulse to Tatano, opening the doors to a new corporate vision “Smart Heating” that the company put in the broader context of Smart Habitat: creating smart solutions, with the aim of creating relationships not only between man and the system, but also between the system and the environment in which it is located.

Smart Heating Tatano will allow to obtain more and more efficiency in energy management, transforming heating from cost to asset and bringing out immediate and tangible advantages: reduction of CO2 and unnecessary costs.

After all, well-being and the environment are two key words of Tatano’s core business.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

TATANO: Tatano was born as a company aimed at the international market and develops predominantly on particular territorial areas thanks to its own offices. The Italian production site is located in Cammarata (Agrigento-Sicily) while the commercial logistic offices are located in, Piacenza (Emilia Romagna) and Bucharest (Romania) as well as numerous sales offices guaranteeing excellent punctuality throughout the territory.

Thanks to the 3 offices in Europe, we follow the designer and the technician at 360 ° providing advice for the design of the system, regulatory and tax advice as well as the end user following him at every step in the construction of his “turnkey” system with high quality standards and respecting the environment

Over the years Tatano has established its “total green” products completely “Made in Italy” worldwide and today can count, alongside about 70 stores in Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Holland, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Denmark, Albania, Tunisia, Morocco, Latin America.

E.E: What are the news about your products?

TATANO: In the period of lockdown due to the pandemic, we imagined the future of eco-sustainable heating and thus conceived a line of boilers that we consider the Future of biomass heating.

The BLUEVO: a boiler with new combustion technology with an exclusive patent developed by Tatano. The new range of BLUEVO pellet boilers represents the latest dimension of gasification technique for pellets and is the first Italian boiler to have reduced the minimum emission levels allowed by law and to have exceeded the maximum levels of efficiency reaching 98.5 % yield.

It enjoys all the tax breaks and state grants in many countries

With the new BLUEVO technology, Tatano achieves its goal: heating without CO2 and particulates.

In a historical era in which global warming and air pollution have become inclement, the overall goal to protect the planet is to minimize CO2 emissions and improve air quality.

Our Blu Evo is a top solution for the heating of the future and that is confirmed by the Awards “Prize2021” for design and technology, which crowns our constant commitment and we are very proud of it 

Among the advantages that the product allows to achieve there are:

A lower consumption of pellets thanks to the fuel technique and an innovative combustion technique, CO2 neutral, which reduces the emissions of fine dust to a minimum.

E.E: What are the ranges of products sold?

TATANO: TATANO: Tatano designs and manufactures a complete range of certified products for environmentally friendly residential and industrial heating compatible with all types of biomass: pellet, wood and wood chips boilers, with powers ranging from 15 kWatt up to 3MWatt, hot air generators but also multi-fuel fireplaces and solar thermal systems.

The range of pellets and wood chips one of the most chosen by the market in which we operate. Pellets are an easily available and clean fuel, while wood chips, especially self-produced ones, are an immediate local resource. The kalorina k22 cl5 series in the pellet and wood chip versions are among the products that have allowed us to increase our turnover

E.E: What stage is the market in which you are currently active?

TATANO: Numerous regulations relating to air protection and various economic grants that the government has allocated for the renewal of heating systems on the domestic line have certainly contributed to a push towards increasingly efficient and performing technology. In this context, the market has greatly rewarded our efforts in research and development by preferring our brand. Ecobonus, Superbonus for Italy, but also grants allocated in Romania, France, Germany and Belgium have contributed despite the delicate period we are experiencing to maintain our development in the area.

E.E: What can you say about market trends?

TATANO: Increase in gas, diesel and fossil fuels confirms that the energy transaction has now become necessary. The use of zero km fuels therefore present in the local area was one of the great challenges that Tatano launched on the market. Today, more than ever, the issue of energy supply becomes a crucial issue and emphasizes the importance of using local resources for heating such as wood, exhausted olive husk, woodchips from the cleaning of the woods or waste from the agricultural supply chain

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

TATANO: Surely the Blu evo line, thanks to its efficiency of 98% and its low energy consumption (class A ++), ranks among the first places. As well as the kalorina series 22 cl5 boiler which allows the combined use of different fuels.

By now the technology is quite mature, our products are interconnected and interactive. With simple apps it is possible to switch on and off remotely and also to monitor the product or to receive notifications of operation or machine downtime.

We believe that the only way to provide the best heating solutions is to ensure that they are the best products for the environment that guarantee energy savings.

E.E: What are your estimates for 2022?

TATANO: An important commitment to internationalization is certainly one of the objectives that Tatano has set for 2022. In view of the important international fair PROGETTO FUOCO in VERONA, there will be a strong commitment to encourage an expansion of our current sales network and of our collaborators.

We want to build and promote long-term relationships with our customers and potential partners, expanding after-sales services and our network of professionals.