INTERVIEW WITH THEURER.COM C3 C3 is the leading ERP/MIS business management software for print and packaging. C3 covers every process of the business – from estimating and sales to production planning all the way through to logistics and controlling. C3 offers preconfigured Business Templates as „Best Practice” solutions for specialized companies like manufactures of labels, flexible packaging or folding carton.

With the newly developed t-screen dashboards, offers a unique and new way for company communication. On fixed displays, the customers can communicate any data they want, like gratulations for jubilees, the menu of the cafeteria or data from the production and logistics department.

With around 50 employees, supports its customers with their daily business in C3. More than 200 enterprises with over 12.000 users organize their processes with C3 every day.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

THEURER.COM: Main areas of are small and medium sized companies from the label and packaging industry. Focused especially on label printers, producers of flexible packaging and converting, also well as folding carton and corrugated products.

For t-screen dashboards focuses on small and medium sized companies that want to communicate easier and more focused to make sure the right information appears at the correct points in the company. This ensures a more efficient information flow through the whole production cycle.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

THEURER.COM: In 2021 is focused on improving and streamlining the processes of more and more companies with its market leading software C3. In addition to that the company is focused on bringing artificial intelligence in the production workflow to upgrade the production planning process. This makes planning easier and more efficient and frees time for the production planner to supervise and organize other tasks in the production.

With t-screen dashboards wants to enable companies to communicate easier and more efficiently. T-screen dashboards offer a modern and cost-effective way to deliver information to whom it may concern. This ensures that even in stressful situations or during times where not everybody can attend daily/weekly meetings everyone is still informed and can keep an eye on the important things.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

THEURER.COM: offers not only the market leading ERP/MIS-software C3 which covers every process of the business – from estimating and sales to production planning all the way through to logistics and controlling, but also offers consulting to improve and streamline all internal processes and make workflows more efficient.

Furthermore, has developed t-screen dashboards as a modern way for company communication. With t-screen dashboards the user can distribute important information from a central location to wherever in the company he needs it. The efficient distribution of information ensures a flawless information flow all through the company along the production workflow.

t-screen dashboards can be divide in four different product lines: Information Boards, Production Boards, Facility Boards and Management Boards. With Information Boards you can spread important information via the „digital white board” to make sure all your employees know what’s happening in your company. The digital white boards can be placed in highly-frequented rooms such as the break room or the cafeteria. The digital whiteboard is also useful if most employees stay in the home office, since they can be accessed from everywhere. With the Welcome Board visitors, customers and new employees can be welcomed in the company. Centrally located in the entry area a big screen is a great eyecatcher an portrays a modern image of the company.

With andon and workflow boards as well as machine monitoring the production boards offer the user a great opportunity to survey all things happening in the production. With color coded tiles it is easy to see if something is not working right, such as a machine running slower or not enough manufactured products to fulfill all orders. With production dashboards the whole workflow can be streamlined and optimized.

Management dashboards are mostly used in meetings or for presentations to show the current company data in a clear and modern way. This way the users are able to keep an overview over sales numbers or other important data from the company’s turnover. It enables all users to see the data which is relevant for them.

Facility dashboards enable companies to monitor important parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity to make sure that the production environment is perfect for all products and materials.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

THEURER.COM: targets mostly the print and packaging market which is an established market that grows further and needs to change from its classical „offline” processes to more digitized workflows and processes. Implementing smart factory digitalization with C3 enables companies to take the first step to a digital production workflow and more efficient processes.

For t-screen dashboards the company targets all markets where companies want to improve their communication and upgrade the way of information distribution through the production cycle and the company.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

THEURER.COM: One of the trends in the printing and packaging industry is the digitalization of processes and production to streamline workflows and work more efficiently. Furthermore, smaller orders with more and more variants become the norm. Since C3 is article based instead of order based different variants of the same article are easily implemented and characteristics can be changed via the template.

Generally speaking, it can be said that companies want and must improve their way of communication. In 2021 companies are forced to establish more home office working places which makes general communication more complicated and ensures that companies must find new ways to spread information where they belong. With t-screen dashboards the information workflow is streamlined and can be focused, to make sure every employee receives the information he deserves wherever he is.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

THEURER.COM: With t-screen dashboards offers an innovative and easy way to spread information all through the company. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep an eye on the production data and machine speeds or if you want to make sure everyone knows about jubilees or you want to welcome a new customer or employee. T-screen dashboards ensure that you can spread all information from a central point to wherever you need them: fixed displays, mobile devices or personal computers. No matter which displays size, t-screen dashboards are displayed clearly and offer a great way to bring the information to the employees.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

THEURER.COM:’s goals for 2021 are the further improvement of the software C3 to continue to offer the best processes and workflows for the customers as well as help with digitalization.

With t-screen dashboards wants to revolutionize the way of company communication. Centrally controlled they enable the user to direct all important data to where it’s needed. Even with the current situation, t-screen dashboards can be used to inform all employees about current events and developments without having to send multiple e-mails. The information dashboards show whatever you want them to show while the production boards allow managers and production planner to access all important production data even from the home office.