TM Technology is a Bulgarian heavy machinery manufacturer established in 2003. Their headquarters have total area of 87 000 m², including 65 000 m² sheltered area. The factory has a height of 40 meters with a highest point of crane 23m. There is 50+ cranes in the sheltered and opened areas with the maximum lifting capacity of 160 tons on the Bulgarian side of the Danube river with immediate access to railway, river port and conventional roads. The workforce of 230 full-time employees including 40-person engineering and administrative staff members.

Through years of dedication to quality and precision, the company successfully cooperates with industry leaders. This would include Caterpillar, SKF Marine, Ruhrpumpen and others from Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

TM Technology: The TM factory aims to be fully sufficient without the need of sub-suppliers. Because of this we ensure to have in-house machines and operators for shot-blasting, laser/ plasma/ oxy cutting, bending, rolling, bending, rolling, MIG/MAG/Column/Robot welding, boring/drilling/ grinding/ milling/ machining, annealing, applying primer/paint.
Internal and outdoor logistics and are aid by tracks and more than 50 cranes which have lifting capacity from 1 ton to 160 tons. This hints at TM Technology’s aim to produce large-scale carbon steel projects.

We always aim to further improve our capabilities and this is why we purchased custom-made machine for Plasma and Oxygen cutting with 3D rotary head and working surface area  4000 x 12000mm and a bending machine with a working length of 8000mm that can apply up to 800 tons of pressure. This investment was made in 2019 and worth 800 000 euros which TM Technology invested without relying on government programmes. Even though current times prove to be challenging globally we are planning on investing further 500 000 euros for new equipment within 2020.

One of our projects are controlled by the team of engineers with skills and knowledge which is hard to find these days.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

TM Technology: There a 100’s Billions of euros that are to be invested in sustainable energy within the next 10 years within Europe. This obviously good news altogether but it is especially good news for TM Technology as we produce large components for power generators (engine base frames up to 60 plus tons) and motor casings (up to 20 plus tons) for wind turbines. It is great knowing our labour is implemented in the future of sustainable energy in some form.

We also produce fin boxes, ship rudders and water oil separators for the ship building industry which was hit hard by the pandemic. Fortunately, things seem to be picking up pace as of September.

The newest industry we are touching upon is railway. We expect heavy investment in railway infrastructure as a way to combat conventional vehicle pollution. This is why we are proud to announce we were awarded certificate EN15085-2 for welding of railway vehicles and components. Hopefully we will be much more involved in this industry in upcoming months and years.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

TM Technology: As mentioned earlier TM Technology is involved in the production of large-scale carbon steel products such as power engine base frames. Currently the largest we have made is 60 tons for a 400-ton gen set.

We are also involved in making components for the shipbuilding industry and currently mostly focused on making fin boxes and fins with the top range currently being a 90-ton set (45 tons each).

We make motor housings for wind turbines and sea vehicles and stations with the most significant project consisting of 20 tons constructions.

We have the capability to make fuel storage and systems for separating and distillation of petrol and biodiesel up to 5 000 m³.

One of our newest market entrances is, of course, regarding railway transportation where we believe we can grow significantly.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

TM Technology: The markets have significantly slowed down throughout 2020 in large part because of the pandemic. This is why TM Technology aims to possess most necessary processes needed for a complete production cycle of our components without the need of cooperation. This in turn helps the company to expand its portfolio of products as different equipment may be more important for particular components.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

TM Technology: At TM Technology we believe in adapting to market trends, so this is why we think it is necessary to be prepared for the rise of railway transportation and investments in the energy sector throughout Europe and the world.

We do have confidence the shipbuilding industry will rebound as the world learns to work through the pandemic and an eventual vaccine gives an even more substantial boost to the economy of Europe and the world.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

TM Technology: There is innovation in the sustainable energy sector as the aim is to constantly improve efficiency. This is why it is also important for TM Technology to spread the word of its next gen equipment that can assist industry leaders in expanding their network.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

TM Technology: One of the sectors TM Technology is active is shipbuilding. We manufacture fin boxes, ship rudders and water oil separators. Most upcoming projects were indefinitely postponed as most concerned the cruise industry. Things, fortunately, have started to pick up pace in September. This will not be enough to compensate for the last 6 months of 2020 but it still a positive direction.

We believe 2020 will see the first steps in expanding infrastructure of railway and renewable energy.

Interestingly, we are situation on a great location with immediate access to a river port, indoor and outdoor cranes and conventional roads. We are constantly expanding our capabilities and workforce skillset even in a challenging year such as 2020. This is why it is our aim to be a part of the wave of production and innovation which will improve living standards throughout Europe the world.