Easy Engineering: Which are the most innovative products of your portfolio?

TVARIT: Tvarit is one of the pioneers in the Artificial Intelligence domain, catering the data science needs of manufacturing industries like, Automobile, Chemical, Aluminium, Steel, Oil & gas, etc. We have the finest AI based software solution for Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 in the form of our products TOM, TIM & TiA.

TOM is about Observing your Past, TIM is about monitoring your present and TiA is about predicting and controlling your future. All these three products have emerged from our platform, which we use effectively to develop the use-cases in less than 4 weeks.

We have developed a framework of 150+ algorithmic modules for the manufacturing industry. We consider these products as serving a full pipeline and transforming the journey of digitalization through Industrial Artificial Intelligence.

TOM stands as Tvarit Observant Module wherein we collect data and further validate the use cases. In short, it is considered as a first step towards digital acquisition of the production data.

TIM stands for Tvarit Intelligent Monitoring. It’s a full and integrated conditional Monitoring and a KPI analysis software.

TiA stands for Tvarit Industrial AI, it is a set of ready-to-use software for the practical application of industrial Artificial Intelligence in order to improve machine availability, OEE and yield high improvements.

E.E: How important is innovation in your field?

TVARIT: Artificial Intelligence, being relatively unexplored technology, there are many research papers published in the recent years. It is very important for us to keep us updated with the latest technological advancements to differentiate ourself as well as provide good value to the customer projects. For that purpose, we are working with research institutes like Fraunhofer in Germany, TU Darmstadt.

We have our own internal research in Cognitive Machine Intelligence (CMI), to build AI models with the basic parameters and transfer the learnings from the model to other similar applications.

E.E: What is the most successful product range?

TVARIT: In practice, all our product ranges are quite successful into their own segment, but looking at the innovations and the competence due to industry 4.0, today every industry is focusing more towards optimizing not only the production process but entire operations including supply chain. They are keen in foreseeing, anticipating and predicting the quality of their products and any future machine failures as this can cause them to serve huge financial & operational losses.

TiA is therefore, advancing more towards providing the maximum benefits to the users with its ready-to-use 150+ algorithmic modules to predict and control any inefficiencies in product quality, machine failures and optimizing the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). It is currently most sought-after and successful product in providing concrete recommendations and dynamic recipes for taking action.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products?

TVARIT: As stated, TiA is the most innovative and in-demand product looking at the benefits derived from it. The reason behind this, it provides a predictive and prescriptive analytics of production quality and potential machine failures with an icing of Edge Analytics that involves the data analysis at the sensor or device itself rather than depending on the cloud for data retrieval.

E.E: What are the characteristics of these products?

TVARIT: TIA has benefited its users with many of its key features like:

  • State-of-the-art data security and data privacy which is the primary aspect of any software;
  • Ready-to-use 150+Algorithmic modules to analyse any given data & to get a detailed insight of operational process, in order to take effective decisions based on controllable actions;
  • It enables users to take accurate and stable predictions based on the analysis;
  • Provides White box modelling and transparency;
  • Root cause analyses and recommendations for process improvements;
  • Fast and persistent implementation within 6 weeks;
  • Practical and user-friendly dashboards for monitoring and UI.

E.E: How do the products improve the customer’s activities?

TVARIT: The implementation of our products has resulted into remarkable improvement in the KPIs like:

  • Improvement in OEE;
  • Reduced Failure rates of Production of parts.

Significant reduction in Production cost. Eg: In Automotive Industry, through one of our Use-case of Predicting quality defects in Injection Molding Process, there was a noticeable reduction of overall production cost which led the users to achieve an estimated saving of 270.000€/year.

Similarly, in Aluminum Industry, with the application of the use case of Prescriptive Quality for Metal Casting, users have again witnessed an estimated saving of 250.000€/year.

Customers are able to take effective decisions on their inventories through controllable and pro-active actions. They can prevent scraps and breakdowns by identifying them even before they occur.

Through the dashboards they can determine the most influential parameters and root causes of the failures. This also results into accurate recommendations in terms of optimal process parameters setting.

E.E: What new products are you going to launch / have you recently launched?

TVARIT: Recently we have launch three of our products:

  • TOM was launched considering the requirements that showed up in the manufacturing operations to provide a solution where users can monitor their machines and get real & precise insights into the production processes through digitalized data acquisition & to recognize any deformity.
  • TIM was introduced with a vision to provide a complete smart factory solution to users, where not only they get real insights into the machines and processes by connecting it to a tailor-made, intelligent & centralize software but also empower users to optimize processes and increase the efficiency and profitability of the production.
  • TeeP. We have recently developed a new program called as, TEEP, Tvarit Early Engagement Program. It includes a framework where Tvarit provides a 4-days Consultancy wherein we capture the small set of data from the devices and provide a full-fledged report on the AI readiness.

For the future, we are upcoming with some of the most comprehensive and competent ready use –cases for impactful business cases in manufacturing (e.g., yield enhancement in aluminium block casting, yield enhancement in welding applications, predictive maintenance for milling/drilling tools, etc.)

E.E: In which directions do you think innovation should evolve in the future, given the current situation?

TVARIT: As we know, that Artificial Intelligence as a future is not limited to the technological front but also for Industry 4.0 as it is rapidly outgrowing in the manufacturing and operations sectors.

Hence, it is now a necessity to devise and come up with such Applications of AI which impacts the business use cases and yields the fastest and expected results. I would say, it is the low hanging fruit of this tree that one really needs to jump and acquire.

We need AI application in a manner that provides us with maximum numbers of use-cases in different industry processes, for the optimization and the automation of Production within industries.

And thereafter the applications should be implemented to connect these use cases to gradually transform the manufacturing plants into automated smart factories with the help of digitization as it promises more efficient production with reduced operation cost.

Hence, in the current scenario, Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence are going hand-in-hand. As industries, we should utilize them efficaciously for getting maximal benefits out of it in terms of better production process, decreased or null machine failures and ultimately letting the industries to achieve desired results and stand strong in this competitive edge.