Visy GmbH (Visual Systems) is a specialized technology company for safety and assistance concepts to support suppliers and final users with a strong focus on the heavy vehicle industry.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

VISY: We supply area monitoring solutions, especially for garbage trucks, which are often forced to turn or drive backwards while being surrounded by vulnerable road users.

In 2016, the German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) released specific requirements for driving backwards with garbage trucks. Based on these requirements, we developed closed to the requirements of disposers the first 3D based monitoring system with emergency break function -> our Visy RAS 2.0.

Based on the latest 3D-time-of-flight technology, the system is able to differentiate between dynamic and static objects. Equipped with acoustic and visual warnings and an automatic emergency-break-function, the ViSy RAS 2.0 is an exceptional tailor-made safety feature for all trucks.

Additional functions such as the 3D-turning assistant and the 3D-underrun protection are further enhancements to our portfolio.

Turning maneuvers became the number one cause of heavy accidents. Therefore, we offer a state-of-the-art monitoring system which fulfills all requirements of the German BMVI (federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) and provides an entire safety concept for trucks. The adaption of several safety features displayed on one monitor unit was always our development target.

The latest development is our ViSy-Web Portal. A modernized platform to gather and provide information. The user can access vehicle data and exploit it to its company’s needs. All data underlies strict data protection regulations and is only visible for the users itself.

We support the vehicle planner with our system by using the vehicle as a data carrier to transfer all vehicle data to our portal directly.

Additionally, we offer you flexible interfaces for your Weigh-, Identifying and Telematic Services Systems.

E.E: What are the new updates for 2021?


  • Enhanced and improved functions for our Visy RAS 2.0 like the inclusion of the steering angle for a better fitting of the safety area.
  • Multiple Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and Federal Office of Motor Traffic certification process
  • ViSy Portal upgrade to include our reversing cadaster and a container management solution

E.E: What are the ranges of products? a. Reversing assistance systems (RAS 2.0)


  • Turning assistance systems (ABAS 2.0)
  • Underrun protection device (ULS)
  • Online Services for the whole vehicle fleet in a web portal (Visy-Portal)

E.E: How active is the current market?

VISY: A lot of European countries have already launched an accident-free and road-safety campaign for the upcoming years. The fact that turning assistants will be mandatory starting in 2022 will expand the overall awareness for safety concepts like ours.

Our safety concept is a tailor-made solution for the waste disposal industry which is also facing a lot of barriers when it comes to reversing and safety in general.

Due to recent accidents, we expect an increasing awareness and a growing market for assisting systems in the future.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

VISY: The most innovative product is our reversing assistance system – it is the only system which not only warns the driver on dangerous situation but also avoid accidents autonomously by stopping the vehicle – in dangerous situations solely without interactions of the driver.